Cochem, Almanya

Cochem is a picturesque town in western Germany located on the banks of the Moselle River. It is famous for its medieval architecture, charming old town, and the Reichsburg Cochem, which sits atop a hill overlooking the town. The narrow streets of the town are lined with traditional half-timbered houses, charming shops, and cozy cafes.⁠

Visitors to Cochem can participate in a variety of activities, including touring the castle, which dates back to the 11th century and provides breathtaking views of the river valley. Visitors can also take a relaxing cruise down the Moselle River, explore the region’s vineyards and wineries, or sample the local cuisine, which includes traditional German dishes like sausages, sauerkraut, and potato dumplings.⁠

Photo credit: Nick Hang⁠


Montenegro is a small Balkan country in southeastern Europe known for its beautiful natural landscapes. The country has a diverse range of landscapes, including rugged mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and scenic Adriatic Sea coastlines. Durmitor National Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with its glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks. The Tara River Canyon, one of the world’s deepest canyons, is a popular white-water rafting destination. Beaches in Montenegro, such as those in Budva and Kotor, are world-renowned for their beauty and draw visitors from all over the world.⁠

Photo credit: @baumnico

Hang Mua Ecolodge, Vietnam

Hang Mua Ecolodge is an eco-friendly resort in Vietnam’s Ninh Binh province. The resort provides one-of-a-kind accommodations such as tree houses and bamboo huts that are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings. The resort is near Hang Mua peak, a popular hiking destination with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Hang Mua Ecolodge also provides eco-friendly activities such as kayaking and cycling, as well as opportunities to participate in local farming activities and traditional craft workshops. The resort is dedicated to sustainable tourism and community support, making it a responsible and rewarding travel destination.⁠

Photo credit: filipephotographs⁠

Hie Shrine, Tokyo

Hie Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Japan’s Chiyoda ward. The shrine is dedicated to the deity Oyamakui-no-kami, who is said to protect the city from disasters and ensure its people’s well-being. The shrine has a long history dating back to the 14th century and was once a powerful political center in Tokyo. The shrine is still an important cultural and religious site today, attracting visitors from all over the world with its ornate architecture and beautiful gardens. The shrine is also well-known for its annual festivals, including the Sanno Matsuri, one of Tokyo’s largest and oldest.⁠

Photo credit: @will_justen⁠

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is a popular tourist destination that has been featured in numerous films and television shows. It is also a popular destination for photographers, who come to capture the iconic views of Manhattan and the East River.⁠

The Brooklyn Bridge is a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark as well as a National Historic Historic Landmark. It is also a designated landmark in New York City.⁠

Photo: @heather_shevlin

Merry Christmas

Robo wishes you a very merry Christmas!⁠

Photo: @rpnickson

New York, USA

James Barker says: “The L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan was undergoing construction so it only went to Union Square. I was trying to make my way to Penn Station and my only options left were to take a bus or walk. The snow had begun and the busses weren’t moving so I decided to walk. I put on some music and pulled out my camera and walked about 45 minutes to Penn Station. It ended up being one of my favorite afternoons in a while. If things don’t go your way, just grab your camera, put on a smile and enjoy life while it’s there.“⁠

He is right!⁠

Photo: @barkernotbaker

Tamarack, Idaho

Tamarack Resort is a popular ski destination in central Idaho’s mountains. The resort has over 1,000 acres of skiable terrain with a variety of runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. The resort is popular among both locals and tourists due to its powdery snow and stunning mountain views. ⁠

Tamarack Resort offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter activities in addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding. To ensure the safety of guests, the resort provides a variety of amenities such as ski rentals, ski lessons, and a ski patrol team. Tamarack Resort is an excellent choice for a winter getaway, whether you’re an experienced skier or a beginner.⁠

Photo: @karsten116

Rezidans Würzburg, Germany

One of the most significant baroque mansions in Europe is the former home of the Würzburg prince-bishops, Residenz Würzburg. Balthasar Neumann (1687-1753), a young and unproven architect at the time, started it for Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn. The palace’s exterior was constructed between 1720 and 1744, and its interior was finished in 1780. By the time the enormous structure was completed, the talented architect had also worked for Friedrich Carl von Schönborn, Johann Philipp’s brother and second successor, as well as the two prince-bishops of Würzburg that followed. Around 1.5 million florins were spent on the structure, which was a significant amount at the period when one florin was equal to one week’s pay for a day laborer.⁠

⁠Photo credit: @daniel.sessler

Bournemouth, UK

Welcome to Bournemouth, UK!⁠

⁠The bay, nestled beneath a spectacular cliff line, has its own microclimate, some of the warmest sea temperatures in the UK, and breathtaking views of the Isle of Wight and the Purbecks. You’ll find everything you need for a day at the beach here.⁠

⁠Whatever the weather or time of year, Bournemouth beach is the ideal spot for relaxing with the sand between your toes, strolling along the pier, relaxing in with an ice cream, making sandcastles, enjoying excellent food, or simply admiring miles of breathtaking coastline.⁠

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Insel Mainau, Germany

Mainau Island, the botanic garden in Lake Constance, is open 365 days a year. Mainau, the floral island with a Mediterranean character, has a park with a palace baroque ensemble going back to the 18th century, one of Germany’s largest butterfly houses, and a collection of over 150 year-old trees. In the park and gardens, tens of thousands of tulips, hundreds of rhododendrons, perfumed roses, perennials, and colorful dahlias blossom.⁠

Autumn begins in September, and the island takes on a particularly special atmosphere: leaves of the deciduous trees in the Arboretum and the Lakeside Garden gradually change color and shimmer in the most magnificent autumn tones.⁠

Photo credit: @aleunnnamme

Gaspesie National Park, Canada

Gaspésie’s four national parks are a must-see during your vacation! What you’ll learn (among other things): In Parc national de la Gaspésie, there are 25 peaks over 1000 meters high, including the second highest peak in Quebec and the sole herd of caribou south of the St. Lawrence.⁠

Visit Forillon and “Land’s End,” the Gaspé Peninsula’s easternmost point; Bonaventure Island, near Percé, home to a colony of 116 000 northern gannets; and Miguasha, a fossil-rich site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.⁠

Photo credit: @lureofadventure

Calpe, Spain

Calpe, also known as Calp, is a popular resort on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The town is a nice vacation spot for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and rock climbing during the relatively mild winters, and the warm summers make for the ideal beach vacation.⁠

Calpe’s history began in the Valencian Bronze Age, roughly 1,500 BC. Romans established the first town later, directly below the Calpe rock. Today, tourists can still visit archeological sites like Baos de la Reina. Additionally, it is believed that the Romans once used the Salt Lake, home to the famous Calpe flamingos, as a salt extraction facility.⁠


Siargao, Philippines

Siargao, also referred to as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” is famous for popularizing surfing in the nation. Siargao is accessible for other activities besides surfing, like rock climbing and cave exploration. ⁠

The main attraction on the island is surfing, and with good reason. There are more than a dozen surf spots with names where the waves are always pumping. Go to the Cloud 9 platform even if you don’t surf to watch the pros. ⁠

The tiny, uninhabited island of Guyam is reached after a brief boat ride from Siargao Island. Your personal paradise for the day will be this uninhabited island. You can walk all the way around it in just a few minutes, and while doing so, you’ll be surrounded by swaying palm trees and glistening water—a picture-perfect scene that almost seems unreal.⁠

Photo credit: @rolandsvarsbergs

Maceio, Brazil

On a breathtaking beachfront, the contemporary city of Maceió is located. Brazilians have rediscover Maceió as a vacation destination, and domestic tourism has boomed in recent years, despite the city still not being widely known to foreign tourists, at least not yet. The city is much less hectic than other larger cities and has a small but vibrant dining and drinking scene. It also serves as a gateway to some incredibly idyllic shorelines to the north and south.⁠

Photo credit: @raflfc

Santo Domingo

The Caribbean’s most populous metropolitan area is Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas. It was established in 1496 by Bartholomew Columbus, Christopher Columbus’ younger brother. The grid-style town plan used in the Colonial Zone served as a template for other colonial settlements throughout the Americas.⁠

Photo credit: @richardcordones

Weird Stuff Antiques, Kansas

You typically want to bring a strange gift that no one else has thought of when it comes time to bring gifts to a party. If not for a gift, perhaps you’re just looking for a peculiar new addition to your home’s decor? In any case, you should visit what is likely the strangest antique shop in Kansas City. Everything is there, including bicycles, mounted goats, and road signs. In addition to all of that, you can browse their selection of antique cars and other miscellaneous items while you’re here. If you need something of the sort for a filming project, they also rent out oddball props like enormous lightbulbs, telephones, and scissors.⁠

Terry Sanchez, known as the original recycler, has specialized in vintage vehicles, collectibles and historic real estate in the Kansas City area for over 35 years. Terry has owned Weird Stuff Antiques for 12 years. Prior to that, he owned Flipped Out Antiques and Rags Vintage Clothes. Terry is well known in the Kansas City region and has a specialty in anything unusual in the world of antiques. Due to his passion for automobiles, he also specializes in items related to them.⁠

Photo credit: @isthatbrock

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is renowned for its untamed terrain, historic castles, charming fishing villages, and breathtaking scenery. The largest island in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, Skye is connected to the country’s northwest coast by both the Skye Bridge and the Malaig-Armadale ferry.⁠

There are approximately 100,000 sheep of different breeds and about 10,000 people! Sheep can be seen freely roaming the streets quite frequently. There are just over 2,000 people living in Skye’s largest town. The capital of the island is called Portree. It is renowned for its vibrant buildings and laid-back village atmosphere.⁠

Photo credit: @therawhunter

Crystal Lake

NY has so many surprises within. Crystal Lake in Fremont has a brook trout population that is supported by natural reproduction. Along with the great scenery, Crystal Lake offers access to hiking trails and camping opportunities. The use of baitfish is prohibited to help protect the brook trout fishery.⁠

Photo credit: @clay.banks

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The tallest dunes in North America are found in Great Sand Dunes National Park, which is tucked away in southern Colorado and contrasts the untamed Sangre de Cristo Mountains with over 750-foot-tall dunes.⁠

The wind-shaped dunes shine against the untamed mountain backdrop. In 1932, this geological wonderland—which spans over 30 square miles of enormous dunes—became a national monument. Since the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Act was passed, additional resources have been added, such as alpine lakes and tundra, six peaks that are higher than 13,000 feet, old-growth spruce and pine forests, sizable stands of aspen and cottonwood, grasslands, and wetlands—all of which provide habitat for a variety of animal and plant species.⁠

Photo credit: @hudsonhintze

The Inn, Iowa

The Inn opened its doors in 1896, and at the time, newspapers referred to it as “The Hub of Society.” The Inn, with its numerous events, served as the focal point of Okoboji’s social life from the Saturday night dances to the Sunday orchestral concerts. To Lake Life Society, the Inn was essential.⁠

Over 120 years of entertaining visitors at the storied resort left a long-lasting impression on both locals and visitors. Even though the original resort is no longer there, the memories of the lavish balls, concerts, and family get-togethers that took place there along Lake Okoboji’s shore will last a lifetime.⁠

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Gili Air, Indonesia

Incredible peace and quiet, turquoise water, sea turtles and nemos at your fingertips, chilled beach bars and breathtaking sunsets. Welcome to the paradise of the Gili islands! This archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of three islands which are similar but each one attracts different kinds of people: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.⁠

Photo credit: Bernard Hermant⁠

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July to all the citizens of America, may the country cherishes the togetherness and peace within!⁠

Photo credit: @iamdavidko

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Possibly the most picturesque train ride in the world is the well-known “Jacobite Express.“⁠

Since 1984, The Jacobite steam train has been running every summer under various names and with various operators. It is also referred to as the “Harry Potter Steam Train” and the “Jacobean Train.” It is extremely popular with tourists and spans a portion of Scotland’s West Highland line. It effortlessly combines storied Scottish folklore, opulent travel, and breathtaking scenery.⁠

The Harry Potter movies may be the reason most people are familiar with the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and the Hogwart’s Express is just another name for the same route.⁠

Photo credit: @tim_woolliscroft

Botswana, Africa

Botswana is a popular destination for safaris. It is unique because its land is a combination of desert and delta which allows different parks to have very different safari experiences. ⁠

Turkish Tea in Istanbul

If you want to live the city like a local, you should drink chay, Turkish tea, while having a chat with your friends.

Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul

Bongeunsa Temple is one of the few temples open to visitors in Seoul, and it offers a very unique experience. The “Temple Stay Program” will allow you to live the life of a monk for a short period of time, giving you the opportunity to take a deep breath and calm your busy mind. The Worldwide Local photo by Julia Hergart

Bisbee City, Arizona

Bisbee is a city in the Mule mountains of Arizona. The town is once famous for its copper mining past. There are mining tours and history museums where you can learn more about it. With the close down of the last mine in 1975 artists from all around moved here to take advantage of the vacant and cheap homes. The town since has become full of life and art. The Worldwide Local photo by @jesskatt123

Surf Dog Competition in San Diego

San Diego hosts one of the most fun events of the year every summer, the annual Surf Dog Competition. Don''t miss the chance to see surfer dogs competing with their surfboards, and dancing with the waves!

Make Your Own Mask

How to prevent getting sick? -Washing your hands is a must. 6 feet distancing rule is important. On the other hand, studies show us using a mask even if you’re not sick or asymptomatic is important to prevent the disease. You can use surgical masks as well, but it’s not easy to find masks these days. Don’t worry, you can make your own mask at home! Here is the step by step introduction to making your own mask with a piece of cloth and rubber bands from the CDC. Stay at home, but if you have to go out, don’t forget to wear your mask. -For more info, you can visit the CDC''s official website.

Airports in the New World

Get ready for the new world! The airlines and airports are coming up with new ideas like limiting the number of passengers and finding creative ways to implement social distancing. Find out more on our "Airports in the New World" article!

Pier 17, New York City

Pier 17 is one of the coolest and most historic spots in NYC. From one side you can see as far as the Governors Island and Statue of Liberty. On the other side you can see the World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge. Pier 17 is located in the historic Seaport District of NYC. This area was very crucial in the growth of NYC during the 19th century as it was the port for import and export exchange. South Street was known as the “Street of ships”. The Worldwide Local photo by @mapeandthecity

Humble Pizza in London

If you’re a vegan/vegetarian but love pizza, then Humble Pizza in London is the right place for you. This very pink restaurant has plant-based pizzas. Humble Pizza is the perfect spot to take Instagram photos as well! The Worldwide Local photo by Helmi Pikari

Apple Pie in Amsterdam

Have a slice of dutch apple pie, a coffee, and a great view of the city at Amsterdam’s Cafe Winkel 43. It is a necessary pit stop after a long day of exploring. The Worldwide Local Photo by Sophia Molen

How to Adapt

He knows how to adapt... so will you with robo.

Gravity Haus, Colorado

Gravity Haus is the perfect winter hotel for adventure lovers who love to spend their time on the mountain exploring and pushing the limits. The hotel also offers all kinds of experiences like backcountry skiing for those adrenaline seekers. To accommodate their adventure loving guests, Gravity Haus has a bathhouse with 4 bathtubs, a cold tub and a sauna you can utilize after a long day on the mountain. The Worldwide Local photo by @gravityhaus

The Mirror House in Kuwait

The Mirror House in Kuwait is the only place in the world covered entirely with mirror mosaic! The Worldwide Local photo by Mirror House

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali is a true wilderness. Denali has a rich history for Alaskan Natives. The name Denali means “the tall one” in native Athabaskan languages. There are more than 39 species of mammals, 169 species of birds and over 1,500 species of plants. The 5 large mammals you can see at the park are moose, caribou, Dall sheep, wolves and grizzly bear. The Worldwide Local photo by @raarupadventures

Ubud, Bali

Top 3 Fun facts: Ubud is home to a sacred money sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to 700+ Balinese long tailed monkeys. You can visit the monkeys and learn about their natural habitat. Bali Bird park is an avian wildlife conservation park. There are more than 250 species. Agung Rai Museum of Art, has both a museum with Balinese art and a luxury resort with luxurious amenities. The Worldwide Local photo by @compass.couple

Wash Your Hands

The most effective way to prevent coronavirus is to wash hands properly. This is very simple. Don''t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds! The Worldwide Local video by anonymous

The Wicklow Mountains in Dublin

The Wicklow Mountains are an incredible destination to both grab a breath of fresh air, and to take your breath away. The Worldwide Local photo by Aud

The Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles

You may need to drive everywhere in Los Angeles, but in the case of the Pacific Coast Highway, you won’t want to get off the road. Known as one of the world''s most scenic rides. The Worldwide Local photo by Peggy

Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Japan is a great country to enjoy foliage for fall. There is even a Japanese word for red leaf hunting, “momijigari” and a word for autumn leaves “kouyou”. The Worldwide Local photo by @kyoko1903

Flying in the New World

Read about IATA''s proposal for security measures for re-starting passenger flights and actions taken by airports of the world.

Carmel by the Sea, California

Looking for a charming romantic oceanside getaway? Carmel by the sea is exactly what you are looking for. This little town is decorated with tree shaded trees and Victorian buildings. It almost looks like it came out of a story book. Get lost wandering in the picturesque streets, stumble into artisan boutiques, galleries, and delicious restaurants. It also is very pet friendly town! The Worldwide Local photo by @eapope

The Grand Kugel in Richmond

Pretend you are the strongest person in the world and move the Grand Kugel around at the science museum in Richmond! No matter the weight, kugel balls can be moved as if they weigh nothing when they are on a liquid surface! Photo by: Valeria Galban

Catskills, New York

The Catskills are only a 100-some miles from the big apple. Catskills has so much to offer from hiking to skiing. The Worldwide Local photo by @rytong

Zugspitze, Germany

The Zugspitze is Germany’s highest point! The visual grandeur of the summit, as well as its winter and summer activities, are well-known. On the mountain, there is a meteorological observatory. On August 27, 1820, by direction of the Royal Bavarian Topographic Bureau, officer Josef Naus, his survey assistant Maier, and mountain guide Johann Georg Tauschl set out to conquer Zugspitze for the first time. On the initiative of local priest Christoph Ott, the famed golden summit cross rising over the Wetterstein mountains was erected in 1851. The Worldwide Local photo by @pamelaxbar

Croton Gorge Park, New York

Looking for a day trip outside of NYC? Croton Gorge is only a 1 hour drive from midtown Manhattan and has trails, waterfall and even a beach. Croton Gorge Park is a county-owned pak that gives Westchester and surrounding residents a piece of heaven. The 97 acre land is home to the Croton Dam and a huge cascading waterfall. The Worldwide Local photo by @zineb.explores

The Rockefeller Tree

The Rockefeller tree lighting was yesterday! The tree is open to visitors daily between 6am to midnight!

Buenos Aires''teki La Carona Polo Club

Are you a sports fan and looking for fun in Argentina? Buenos Aires is known for its love for polo. You can have fun at La Carona Polo Club, it’s a Polo Day every day! You can learn about the sport, enjoy food and drinks, and even watch a match! It doesn''t matter if you''re a beginner, you’re also able to participate in a match of your own. The Worldwide Local photo by Britt Deyan

Burgermeister in Berlin

This place used to be the public toilet of the subway station Schlesisches Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg, but today it’s one of the best burger places in Berlin. Burgermeister has a very special place in the hearts of many Berliners too. The Worldwide Local photo by Yağmur Çoban

Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is a lesser-known island that doesn’t have as much mass tourism yet, it still has everything you expect and want from a Greece vacation. You can still enjoy the clear turquoise waters and the delicious Greek food. The Worldwide Local photo by @aworldofdestinations_

Havasu Falls, Supai

The Havasupai Falls are so blue because of the rich calcium carbonate and magnesium minerals in the water. As a result the view of turquoise blue water against the orange canyon is a breathtaking view. ⁠Havasu Falls is located in the Havasupai Reservation. Havasu Api actually means the people of the blu-green water. The Worldwide Local photo by @sandi.oluoch

Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Kampung Pelangi, also known as The Rainbow Village of Semarang, is a southern Indonesian village that used to be a typical low-income neighborhood that had drab and brown buildings. The township decided they needed a bold plan to attract tourists to the area. The 54 year old teacher Slamet Widodo came up with the idea of painting the entire village in rainbow colors! He was inspired by the similar undergoing that happened in Asian villages. ⁠

Faster than the Concorde

The Concorde may be fast, but Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird has held the record of the fastest manned jet aircraft since 1976, flying 2,193 mph (over 3,500 kph)! Blackbird was designed to be fast enough to outpace missiles.

How to Wait at Shorter Lines?

Go to the line on the left. People tend to choose right because they’re right-handed.

Stay Near the Universities

Cheap & tasty restaurants, small supermarkets for your needs and a good night life… You’ll find them all near the student zone.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion is a great park to visit in April because you will still get to see the snow on the highest peaks but can enjoy the warmth down in the canyon. The weather is perfect for hiking and any other adventure you want to partake in.

Thank You

James River Park System in Richmond

James River Park System in Richmond is one of the best locations for birdwatching. But if you’re not into that kind of thing, you can hang out as locals do, canoeing, kayaking, jogging, swimming, hiking, rock-climbing, fishing, and boating… The Worldwide Local photo by Theo Eugene Hudgins

PAN Treetop Cabins, Norway

This one is one of the most unique hotels you’ll ever stay in. PAN Treetop Cabins is a unique accommodation in Norway. These elevated cabins allow you to experience the wild nature of Norway in the most unique way possible. The steel caged staircase leads the way to the A-frame cabins. The cabins'' capacity is up to 6 people. They feature heated floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. They also have kitchens for you to cook as well as fireplaces for you to get cozy. The Worldwide Local photo by @chris.kunz

The Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen

The Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen originally started as a burial site for the poor but has transformed into a beautiful location to take a Sunday stroll via bicycle. The Worldwide Local photo by Sannie Nielsen

Orsova, Romania

The Danube River is Europe’s second-largest lake. The Danube River plays an important role in the settlement and evolution of Europe. The waters served as natural borders between empires. The Worldwide Local photo by @amawaterways

Sitting Upright

Why the plane seats have to go up while take-off and landing? Because most of the trouble happens while taking off and landing! According to the Civil Aviation Authority, it’s so much easy to adopt the brace position when you’re sitting upright.

Sightglass, San Francisco

Sightglass is one of the coolest coffee shops in SF. They offer a dynamic open coffee bar that creates a community gathering space for like minded people. Sightglass also offers free brewing classes. They’ll break down the steps to create the perfect coffee at home. If you are more of an espresso person they also offer espresso classes for a fee. The Worldwide Local photo by @desertedinurban

Yellowstone, USA

Did you know these facts about Yellowstone? Yellowstone is named after the major river running through it, Yellowstone River⁠. Yellowstone is a super volcano. The last time it erupted was 2.1 million years ago. The park is located in 3 states, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone has 1000-3000 earthquakes annually. The Worldwide Local photo by @natreynoso

Local Memories

She has the best local memories to tell... so will you with robo.

Skiing in Utah

The longest run at Park City is the Silverlode Express which is 3.5 miles long. Park City offers night skiing which is always a great experience! Snowbird Resort is most popular for its tram ride- a 125 passenger cattle car that takes you to the summit, up 2,900’ vertical feet, in under 10 minutes!

Carlsbad, California

Get lost in acres of flowers in The Flower Fields of Carlsbad Ranch. Imagine rows and rows of flowers in every color you can imagine. It’s become an annual springtime tradition from people in surrounding areas to visit the park during blooming season. These flowers have been growing in this area for over 85 years. Its history dates back to the early 1920''s. The Flower Fields have 50 acres of ⁠flowers but it’s not the only thing they have to offer. The flower fields are open from March until Mothers Day, May 9th. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time. The Worldwide Local photo by @beautyherbsandtea

Mother''s Day

Cipriani bakes the best cake for Mother''s Day, so will you with robo!

Han Solo Can Fly Again!

Harrison Ford had some trouble in April 2020. When the air traffic control at Hawthorne Airport in California told him to hold short, he accelerated onto the runway. There was no accident but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) opened a case about it. Mr. Ford completed a remedial runway incursion training course and the FAA closed the case. Now, he can fly again. Mr. Ford is a licensed pilot for decades and has more than 5000 flight hours.

Myra Ancient City, Antalya

Meet the ancient city of Myra, home to Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus. Myra is an open air museum and an active archeological site located in Demre, Antalya, Turkey. Myra was one of the six important cities of the Lycian Union. The discovery of the ancient city dates back to 1840 yet excavations lead to new information frequently.

Andre-Jacques Garnerin

On October 22nd 1797, Andre-Jacques Garnerin jumped from a hot air balloon with a frameless parachute at a height of 2,300 feet in Paris. This was the first human parachute descend. Check out our IG story to find more about him!

Local Food

He tastes the best local food... so will you with robo.

State Fair of Texas in Dallas

State Fair of Texas is the biggest fair in the country. While you’re there, say hi to Big Tex. It’s been there since 1952 and waiting for the visitors.

Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara is a small medieval city in Romania that is located in the historic region Transylvania. The small town is a great place to spend the day if you are in the region. The city looks like a fairy tale town came to life. It has cobbled streets, colorful streets, ancient churches, a walled town center and history that goes well back to the 1100s.

Folsom Lake, California

The lupine super bloom has come to the Granite Bay Region. The landscape has become covered in purple poppy. Residents from all around the area have come to see the beautiful sight. The area is likely to be in bloom for 2 to 4 weeks. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @glennleerobinson

Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay is actually know as the World Pumpkin Capital. Half Moon Bay is a small city on the coast, south of San Francisco. The city is known for its beautiful scenery, long beaches, state parks, coastal villages and more. The area is also known for its marine biodiversity. It’s the perfect place to go for a weekend getaway. The Worldwide Local photo by @s1aceyvisuals


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Nigardsbreen Glacier, Norway

Gear up with ice crampons, ice picks and helmets and get ready to hike a glacier! Nigardsbreen in Norway will be an unforgettable experience! The Worldwide Local photo by @toreflie

The Royal Opera House in London

The Royal Opera House of London is online…Tune in to their Youtube channel to watch their musicals, opera, and ballet shows.

Lençois Maranhenses in Brasil

Lençois Maranhenses is a beautiful white sanded desert with crystal clear ponds in Brasil. The whole place looks like "lençois" (bedsheet), especially, in June, July and August. The Worldwide Local photo by Flora Monod

Zhouzhuang, China

Zhouzhuang is a typical water town. It is famous for its canals and typical Chinese water town features.There are many ancient residential houses, around 100 classical courtyards and more than 60 brick carved arches. There are even stone bridges that date back to 1,000 years ago.

Lot 45 in New York

What do you get with a warehouse, a hot DJ, drinks, and an indoor food truck? (Yes, an indoor food truck.) Well, you get Lot 45 in New York City! Slip on your dancing shoes and get ready for a great time. The Worldwide Local photo by Elliott Ashby

Saint Petersburg, Russia

White nights is a period when the sun never fully sets and the sky stays bright. It’s an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs from the end of May to mid-July in St Petersburg.⁠ The White Nights Festival in St Petersburg celebrates this phenomenon and takes place annually from May 23rd to July 29th.

Dyker Heights in New York

Take a ride down to Dyker Heights and see the lights! This entire neighborhood is illuminated in the month of December… starting in the 1980s, this spectacle is only getting bigger. The Worldwide Local photo by Brooklyn Tours

Bloenmarkt in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is definitely a tulip paradise! If you take a stop at the Bloenmarkt, you will see floating market stalls selling tons of flowers and -of course- tulips!

Paneum, Austria

⁠The PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes is cool for 2 reasons. 1, the structure is very unique and admirable. 2, their exhibition is about bread! Learn about the invention, history and the culture of bread in human history. PANEUM’s structure is unlike no other. It is made out of two structures. A box shaped building with a foyer and an event room and a floating two story freeform exhibition area. The Worldwide Local photo by @i.tsimi

NOW Gallery

Galleries and museums may still be closed in some parts of the world but you can still see interesting pieces on the outside! The Worldwide Local photo by Bex Maini

Od, Urla

Od Urla is a farm to table restaurant that has based their dining experience around fire. The communal aspect of fire, cooking in the fire, and sitting around a fire is what inspired the name and concept of the restaurant. The food they serve is mostly cooked with open-hearth fire. All the recipes are made by seasonal ingredients and are grown on their property. You can walk their gardens and pick your own crops if you would like to. Their menu changes monthly based on fresh crops and never the same. Od Urla also sources local wine and creates cocktails seasoned with herbs from their garden.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @keremcky

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem is an island off Cambodia’s southern coast. It is not a tourist attraction and is not known by many, therefore there is no traffic and very little development on the island. You can paddle to explore the island but you can go boating as there are many boat operators available to take you on adventures. The boats can also take you to remote areas which might not be accessible with kayaks. ⁠

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is not only steeped with country defining tales but is also a charming city to explore. There is so much to do and see, from SeaWorld San Antonio to the happy chaos of a San Antonio Spurs game. The Worldwide Local photo by @ourglobetrotting

The Dripstone Wall in Prague

The Dripstone Wall at the Wallenstein Palace is the perfect stop for selfies. It looks like the inside of a cave, you can see creepy faces if you look at the wall with your imagination! The Worldwide Local photo by Oskura Studio

Central Park, New York

Central Park was built in 15 years and cost $14 million. The projects original budget was $5 million. Workers moved nearly 3 million cubic yards of soil and planted 270,000 trees and shrubs. All in all the park was done in order to give the city folks a place to find tranquility and rest of mind. 43 million people visit the park every year, making it one of the most visited urban parks in the country.⁠⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @chen_hassid_shain

Online Libraries

Some of the best libraries have free access for digital. You can find the list of those libraries in our popular experiences!

Lavender Bay, New South Wales

Lavender Bay is a Harbourside neighborhood located in the North Shore of Sydney. The neighborhood takes its name after George Lavender. Lavender was the deck officer at the prison hulk “Phoenix”. The Worldwide Local photo by @clarmonta

Fort Funston in San Francisco

Everyone goes to Golden Gate Bridge to see the great view of the Pacific Ocean but we have a different suggestion. How about hang gliding at Fort Funston? After that, you can explore the walking trails in the area and sit back at the beach and watch the sunset.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora has earned the nickname Jewel of the South Seas for a reason. If you’ve seen private huts on turquoise water it was most likely a resort in Bora Bora. It is mostly visited by people on their honeymoon. The resorts are great for a romantic getaway. The island offers a private oasis with turquoise waters and untouched nature. The Worldwide Local photo by @annatcook_

Arco del Tiempo, Mexico

Want to see the worlds largest naturally created arch?⁠ Arco Del Tiempo, Timer Arc, is 518 ft (158 m) high and is said to be the biggest naturally created arc in the world! It takes 3-4 hours to hike through the jungle to get to the arch. Once you are there you will have to repel down the Canyon Rio La Venta into the water below where you can camp under the arch on a small sandy inlet. It is said to be a magical experience! The Worldwide Local photo by @angeelgarcia

Restaurang Gabriel in Gothenburg

Ever tasted Swedish native oysters? There is a local market called "Fish Church" in Gothenburg with the freshest seafood in the city. You can taste Restaurang Gabriel''s freshly caught oysters. The Worldwide Local video by Laila Khan

Hintertux Glacier, Austria

If you love skiing this is the best place for you. The Hintertux Glacier is open for skiing 365 days a year! The glacier is almost 1000 years old in some areas! Austria is home to 800 glaciers. 8 of them are open for skiing but Hintertux offers the most reliable snow cover compared to all of them therefore it is the only one that is open all year round.

Costa Rica

Beautiful scenes, natural flora and fauna… If you wanna see heaven with your own eyes, Costa Rica is a preserved paradise on earth!

Seiser Alm, Italy

Seiser Alm (Alpe di Suisi) is Europe’s largest high-altitude Alpine meadow, covering 5.5 sq. foot (52 km2). This plateau, located in the western Dolomites, is practically studded with traditional wooden cottages and surrounded by the dramatic peaks of the Sassolungo and Sciliar. This stunning scenery is home to some of the Dolomites’ most renowned spots, providing landscape photographers with endless opportunities. The Worldwide Local photo by @isabelsvend & @martin.mitm

Ses Illetes, Spain

Ses Illetes is located in the northern part of Formentera Island. Ses Illetes is known for its pink sandy beach and turquoise waters. The water gets its color from the aquatic plant, Posidonia Oceanica. This plant produces so much oxygen that increases the transparency of the water. Therefore, it has a great ecological importance and is protected by the EU. Its presence in the area also means that the water is clean. The Worldwide Local photo by @cuadernodeviaje_

At The Chapel, Bruton

At The Chapel is a boutique hotel with a delicious bakery and restaurant in Bruton, England.⁠ The rooms are spacious and have walk in showers. The hotel only has 8 rooms. The staff is very friendly and helpful. One of the best rooms is the one in the basement with a huge bathroom and a private courtyard. For breakfast guests get a fresh croissants along with home made jam. They also leave complimentary milk for coffee in the mini fridge. The hotels restaurant is a local favorite as well and gets very busy. Enjoy wood-fired pizza with in a cool atmosphere. The Worldwide Local photo by @wakinguphere

Hever Castle, England

Dating back to the 13th century, Hever Castle was the childhood home to Anne Boleyn. It harbors one of the best collections of Tudors portraits after the National Portrait Gallery. It’s everything you expect from a castle, grand, historic and haunted. The Worldwide Local photo by @nikitabathia

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

The Batu Caves is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India. The caves are 11 km north of Kuala Lumpur, you can take the train from Kuala Lumpur to the caves. The Worldwide Local photo by @mao.amore

Pirates of Phuket

Do you know that Phuket was a pirate island once? There were explorers and traders too. But today, you can just visit and have a good time. It''s heaven with 36 beaches over 222 sq miles.

Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

No, this is not Mars! This is a volcanic activity in Danakil Depression. Heated up spring water brings up iron and sulfur to the surface. The result is a picturesque sight of colorful deposits. The Worldwide Local photo by Scott Tindal

Snowboarding in Finland

Levi, Vuokatti, Kuusamo or Saariselkä... There are many snowy wonderlands in Finland for a skier. Visit one and get ready for a dreamy experience! The Worldwide Local video by Sanni Oksanen

Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal, also known as the “sacred sea”, is actually the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake. In the winter the lake is transformed into a winter wonderland. The ice freezes and creates the largest ice skating rink you can imagine at 12,200 square miles. Some of the activities you can do on the frozen lake Baikal is dog sledding, snowmobiling and even ice diving!

Riffelalp Resort, Switzerland

Riffelalp resort 2222m is an upscale alpine resort in Zermatt, Switzerland. The Riffelalp offers ski-in/ ski-out lifestyle and the luxury of being away from the crowds is the best part of Riffelalp. The hotel has the most breathtaking views of the Matterhorn mountains. The rooms have whirlpool tubs, balconies with mountain views. The heated outdoor pool is the guest favorite.⁠ The resort’s concierge takes care of all the activity needs. From walking, biking, hiking to skiing they can arrange whatever activity you are in the mood for. The resort is located at the Zermatt ski resort where the ski slopes go directly pass the hotel. The Worldwide Local photo by @sharimycek

Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium redefines what it means to "swim with the fishes". It features one of the largest tanks in the world, and you will really feel like you are amongst the creatures of the deep blue sea! The Worldwide Local photo by Chin Soon Sun

Bathtub Gin, New York

Bathtub Gin is a NYC speakeasy bar that embodies the roaring 20''s. It is hidden behind the Stone Street Coffee Company and is an innuendo to prohibition days in the past. The term “bathtub gin” actually means a homemade spirit mixed with raw alcohol, essential oils, water and essences. The term “bathtub gin” became a thing with the alcohol prohibitions in the USA in the 1920''s. The prohibition lead to new ways to party. The Worldwide Local photo by @bathtubginnyc

Caminito Del Rey in Malaga

Are you a thrill seeker? Caminito Del Rey was the world’s most dangerous trail. It still looks threatening but safe thanks to extensive renovations.

The Neptune Memorial Reef in Miami

Visiting is a cemetery on vacation may not be a good idea but if you’re in Miami, it’s not. The Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater cemetery with beautiful undersea wildlife. Take a boat out and dive in!

Stay Strong

We will get through this together. The Worldwide Local photo by Adam Gray

Rocky Mountain National Park, USA

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado and is a big pak! It stretches 415 square miles and there is so much to see! The park has 150 lakes, 29 waterfall and 350 miles of streams. There is also a vibrant wildlife. Some of the habitants at the park are mule deer, moose, white tailed deer, mountain goat, cougars, bobcats, grizzly and black bears! The Worldwide Local photo by @madelynontheroad

International Women''s Day

"The world needs strong women who will lift and build others. Who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce; women of indomitable will." Happy International Women''s Day!

Car Forest, Nevada

Old cars in different shapes and sizes, painted in graffiti scattered in the desert. This is a car exhibit like no other. The Car Forest is one-of-a-kind outdoor gallery that features 40 unique cars. There are currently 40 vehicles in different shapes and sizes stacked on top of each other or balanced in some shape or form. The Worldwide Local photo by Julian Guerra Photo

Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day! Happy Fourth of July!

Japanese Garden in Portland

Dive into the Japanese culture in Portland! Visit the biggest garden of the city, Japanese Garden, and sip your tea with the beautiful mountain view!

La Ventana, Mexico

Want to go kitesurfing in a UNESCO world heritage site bag? La Ventana is a UNESCO world heritage site bay. The area offers a lot of yoga retreats and is also popular for mountain biking. The community that travels there and the people that live there are a part of the like-minded laid-back kite community. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @justingchatwin

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona is one of the most popular national parks in Colombia. People love it for it hidden beaches with azura waters. Tayrona National Park was created in 1964 in order to reserve the area’s history, biodiversity and cultural significance. ⁠

Stay Art Home Pejac

Spanish artist Pejac started an online challenge. Draw on your window and challenge the world! The Worldwide Local photo by Pejac

Buda Castle, Budapest

One of the marvels of Budapest is the Buda Castle. Buda Castle has been the palace for the Hungarian kings. It was built for protection against the Mongols and the Tartars. The Worldwide Local photo by @marinacomes

9 Dragon Pillar in Shanghai

Shanghai’s 9 Dragon Pillar is not a tourist attraction, but it is a local legend. In the 1990s, when the Yan’an highway was being constructed, the crew hit a hard stop. They believed a dragon was beneath the ground, making it impenetrable. Eventually, a priest was called to make a deal with the dragon, and construction was continued. The Worldwide Local photo by Pierre-Oliver Rouquette

Hooper, Colorado

Judy Messoline, a resident in Hooper, was very interested in extraterrestrial life and watched shows like “X-Files” and “Sightings”. Most of the shows she was watching all pointed at the “Great Sand Dunes” area. She had the idea to create the first ever UFO Watchtower where people can come together in hopes to see a UFO. The Worldwide Local photo by @lokahmotive

Washhouse in Manchester

Worldwide Locals love to search for the unusual paths, so if you''re in Manchester check out the Washhouse. It just looks like laundry from the outside with a little surprise. There is a hidden bar in the back.


Remember... The Worldwide Local videos by Travelinstaland, Shakira Janai, Brecken Carr, Justin Ward, and Roman Trujillo

Jekyll Island, Georgia

The iconic Driftwood Beach was formed as a result of erosion. What was once a maritime forest is now sand with weathered trunks and beaches. Jekyll Island is one of the Sea Islands of Georgia. Expect 10 miles of beaches, world class golf courses and an abundance of nature. The Worldwide Local photo by @shutter_styles

Superkilen in Copenhagen

Known as Europe''s weirdest park, Superkilen is an urban park in Copenhagen. Located in Norrebro, the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Denmark.
The park embodies the neighborhood''s diversity by housing Jamaican sound systems, an elephant slide from Chernobyl, and an outdoor Thai boxing ring, to name a few. The park was designed by the arts group Superflex with the collaboration of Bjarke Ingels Group and Topotek 1, a German landscape architecture firm. The Worldwide Local photo by Çiler Geçici

Magnetic Island, Queensland

The island is a great getaway with palm trees, national parks and hidden beaches. It is known for its diverse environment with granite boulders and coral reefs. It also has very picturesque landscapes where you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @lolahubner

Helix Park in Glasgow

According to the Scottish legends, The Kelpies are believed to haunt the travelers and take them into their caves in Scotland. But there’s no need to panic now, they’re just 98 feet high horse-head sculptures at the Helix Park. The Worldwide Local photo by Nulek Yongsakul

Cistern in Buffalo Bayou Park, Chicago

The Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park is a perfect example of repurposing space to create something beautiful. What was once Houston''s first underground reservoir the location has been transformed into a beautiful art installation. The Worldwide Local photo by Megan

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt dates back to the prehistoric times. The town gives its name to the Hallstatt culture. The term Hallstatt is strongly associated with the arrival of Celtic tribes from southern Russia to central Europe during the early Iron Age. The town was known for salt production and has the oldest salt mine in the world. You can ride inside the salt mine and experience it for yourself. The Worldwide Local photo by @maik_lipp

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn is an area that has been going strong since the 17th century. The are is filled lined with brightly colored 17th and 18th century townhouses. The area that was once filled with sailors and drinking is now home to delicious restaurants, bars and music venues. It also is one of the best spots to watch the sunset. The Worldwide Local photo by @nathalie_wanders

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Men sit perched far from shoer onto of long sticks and twine as they dangle fishing roads to catch fish. This type of fishing in Weligama is believed to be 70 years old. ⁠⁠

Info About Coronavirus

To get all the information about coronavirus and Covid-19, visit Stay safe!

Milocer, Montenegro

Milocer was once home to the royal family. Now it has beautiful restaurants, luxurious apartments and delicious restaurants. The Worldwide Local photo by @snastya_ua

Playa d''en Bossa in Ibiza

Ready to dance the night away? You know, Playa d''en Bossa is why you''re here. This is the place where the magic happens at night, this is the place where locals and celebrities all party together at the night clubs!

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley Of Fire is a place unlike any other you’ve seen. It almost feels like you are on another planet. The bright red formations formed over the course of 150 million years! When the sun shines on the red formations it appears as if they were on fire- which is where the park gets its name from. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @sofearlyss

Nice''s La Tete Carree

Although it’s not open to the public, La Tete Carree is definitely a must-see. The sculpture-building is a wonderful example of contemporary art in Nice and measures 30 meters high. The Worldwide Local photo by Ricky T

Grünerløkka in Oslo

Oslo’s Grünerløkka area is very interesting because you can travel to the past here. There are lots of vintage shops where you can find everything from furniture to clothing. Don’t forget to check out pin-up expert Miss Rockabully to get a new hair and makeup style!

Procida, Italy

Clear blue skies and clear blue waters await you at Procida. Procida is not known by many tourists, it is a small island off the coast of Naples. If you expect to find nightclubs and a party scene you are wrong. People visit Procida to learn about the culture and its long traditions.⁠⁠

Crooked Forest in Pomerania

Crooked Forest in Pomerania, like a magical forest in storybooks... It’s C-shaped trees make you feel like you’re living in a magical forest. Several theories exist about how they came to be, but no scientific explanation. The Worldwide Local Photo by Agnieszka

New Year Superstitions Around The World

Every culture has a different way of celebrating the new year. How do you celebrate it?

Yehliu Geopark in Taipei

Yehliu Geopark is a beautiful scape of natural sculptures, created by centuries of sea erosion. These massive geological marvels can be found right on the coast of the East China Sea in Taipei. The Worldwide Local photo by Chealsy Dale

Free Courses from Universities

If you ever wanted to study at Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale, Penn or Princeton Universities, here is your chance! These schools are now offering online courses for free.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Spring is by far the best time of the year to visit the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon became a national park in 1919. The weather is dry and temperatures are pleasant so it’s the best time to go hiking and explore the depths of the canyon.

Cycling in Copenhagen

Locals love to ride bikes in Copenhagen because its the easiest way to transport. You can rent a bike for sightseeing, and see landmarks like Christiansborg Palace on the way!

Google Translate

Many people don’t have a clue about this feature but it’s a lifesaver. Download and open the app and point your camera at menus, signs, posters, and anything else you need to read…

Pokhara Valley, Nepal

Nepal is one of the hubs of paragliding in the world! Enjoy the view of the world’s tallest mountains from the sky. Though snow-capped mountains are not the only things you will see, lakes and valleys that are breathtaking will be a part of your ride.

Fortnum&Mason, London

Celebrate the holiday season with friends, family or associates at the Fortnum’s Bar and Restaurant. The Fortnum’s Bar and Restaurant is located at the Royal Exchange courtyard. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8 am to 8pm during the week. Must try Fortnum dishes include Welsh rarebit, Glenarm beef and Knickerbocker Glory as well as caviar and smoked salmon. The Worldwide Local photo by @kate_in_london_

Thumbs Up Diner in Atlanta

Grab a plate of pancakes and eggs at Thumbs Up Diner in the heart of Atlanta and experience a retro representation of the classic American diner. The Worldwide Local photo by Camilo Buchanan

Saignon, France

Saignon is a medieval village in the south of France.The village is located on on a hill behind a large rock. The rock played a crucial role as a defensive role for the town. The Worldwide Local photo by @rooshazeveld

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest comes alive in red and orange colors in fall. The time when leaves turn gold can vary every year but mid-September to mid-October is usually a safe bet. This time of the year also happens to be when the temperature is perfect to take a walk and explore the city. the Worldwide Local photo by @themacaronigirl.travels

New Paltz, New York

Mohonk Mountain is a Victorian resort that was built in 1879. Mohonk Mountain is in a Victorian castle on Lake Mohonk. It is an inclusive resort that serves meals 3 times a day at the Victorian dining hall. ⁠

Clovelly Village, Devon

Clovelly is on a 400ft cliff in North Devon! The village is actually privately owned! The land has been in the same family for over 400 years. You can not buy a house in Clovelly, only renting is an option. The owner, John Rous, is very protective over the knit community. Therefore even if you want to move he likes to make sure the newcomers are a good fit for the village. The Worldwide Local photo by @helenabradbury

One World: Together At Home

Tune in for “One World: Together at Home” on Saturday, April 18th! The event is organized by WHO and will be curated by Lady Gaga.

The First Transcontinental Flight

The first transcontinental flight across America, NY to California, was completed in 1911 by Cal Rodgers today!

Mystic Beach, British Columbia

Sanded beaches with cliffs that border it… Mystic Beach is a forested trail and some of it is on the sand beaches where the cliffs meet the ocean. There are tide pools, wildlife viewing opportunities, campsites, cliffs and amazing views. Mystic beach is just one of the amazing spots on the South side of Vancouver Island. The Worldwide Local photo by @betterwithadventure

Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Need a different trip? Try going for a swim with jellyfish in a 12,000 year old lake in Palau. Don’t worry, it’s safe to swim with them because they don’t have stingers :) The Worldwide Local photo by Jesse Alpert

Vis, Croatia

Vis is famous for its dramatic cliffs, exotic and secluded beaches and delicious vineyards. Vis is the furthest island from the mainland and is located on the beautiful Adriatic waters.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @opprosti

Traditions in Oaxaca

There lies an old wedding tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico. The couple dances with a turkey, if the turkey survives that means the marriage will also survive all the ups and downs.

Rue Crémieux in Paris

Rue Crémieux is both a cobbled backstreet in Paris, as well as the perfect Instagram backdrop. The Worldwide Local photo by Wahedi

White Water Rafting, Colorado

White water rafting has been around since the 1840’s! It can really get your heart rate pumping. It’s a great sport to do with your family depending on the difficulty of the white water. There are also white water camping trips you can go to. These trips are really popular in Colorado and they can be anywhere from 1 night to 7 nights. Imagine experiencing a place by rafting in its waters by day and enjoying its silence and serenity by camping at night.

Black Cab Drivers in London

Did you know that black cab drivers in London must study nearly 320 routes and 25,000 streets and get to know them all by heart?

X-Plane Flight Simulator

Maybe you’ve been on a plane many times but have you ever tried flying one? Now is the chance, download X-Plane Flight Simulator from your phone’s application store and become a pilot.

The Monster Building in Hong Kong

Looking for a rich piece of history in eastern Hong Kong? The “Monster Building” in quarry bay is a highly photographed public housing unit. During the ’60s a wave of political refugees from China came into the city, and these 5 interconnected buildings were built, now known as “The Monster Building”. The Worldwide Local photo by Martins, Veronica

Dotonbori in Osaka

If you want to spend all your trip budget on food, the place you should visit is Dotonbori in Japan. There are famous restaurants and also small eateries on any budget.

Cafe Sperl in Vienna

No trip to Vienna would be complete without paying a visit to a local Viennese coffeehouse. Grab a bite and a cup at Café Sperl and soak in its rich history. The Worldwide Local photo by Nadine, Herzflimmern

Wynott''s Wandshop in Salem

Harry Potter fans gather round! Take a short train ride from Boston, and come to Salem. You can find many shops here but Wynott''s Wandshop is different. They''re selling wands and magical needs since 1692. The Worldwide Local photo by Skie Pearson

Washington D.C., USA

Washington D.C. is a metropolis full of beauty, history, architecture, and culture. If you are planning on visiting D.C., wear comfortable shoes! Whether you are riding the metro, taking a cab, biking, or scooting you are still going to be doing a lot of walking since the museums and monuments are all big. The Worldwide Local photo by @tangerine.kelleileen

Cerro del Tio Pio in Madrid

Music to your ears, and beauty before your eyes take a visit to Cerro del Tío Pío on your next visit to Madrid, with local music and one of the best views in the city. The Worldwide Local photo by MrFoxMad

NY Tough

New York is Strong!

Tri Trang Beach in Phuket

Thailand’s Tri Trang Beach is home to baby elephants that you can swim with! The Worldwide Local photo by Paula Raddatz

Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia

Everybody loves the hot air balloons of Cappadocia. But to have fun and a different experience, rent a classic car and chase the balloons! The Worldwide Local by Wynnie

Playa Del Papagayo, Las Palmas

Las Palmas is a municipality in Isla Gran Canaria. Las Palmas has restaurants, bars, beaches all within walking distance. It’s a great place to stay if you want to enjoy the Canaria islands. The Worldwide Local photo by @sofiapozuelo

Mauritius Island

Are you more of a beach person than a snow person? Then Mauritius is the perfect island for you. Located in the Indian Ocean and is home to the now extinct Dodo bird.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow

Scotland’s Glasgow has always been full of art. You can feel and see it in every corner of the city. You should definitely see the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Chapel of Silence in Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and has a lot going on. Maybe you want to sit back and relax a little bit? Then Chapel of Silence is the right place for you.

Bacharach, Germany

Bacharach is a small scenic town on the Rhine river. It is only an hour and half from Frankfurt. There are many towns along the Rhine with small towns and castles but Bacharach is the most scenic one of all. The area is known for white wines so Bacharach makes the perfect town to visit along your vineyards tour. Historic old buildings, cobblestone streets, big castle and friendly people, what else could you ask for in a town?⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @travelingmongolian

Plane Seats 101

Head to our IG stories for some tips to avoid choosing the worst seat on a flight!

Rifugio delle Odle, Italy

The rolling green meadows with rural farms and local farmers, the Dolomites… The Worldwide Local photo by @soytucielo

Akyaka, Turkey

Akyaka is where the mountains of the Aegean meet the sea. Akyaka’s nature is untouched and it is slowly gaining more and more recognition and interest. Akyaka’s architecture is also one of the most unique things about it, the Ottoman style dwellings were restored and it is the only style of architecture that is permitted in the area. The once made out of timber now concrete architecture is in harmony with the nature and culture of the geography. It is truly a magical place to visit.

Bear on the Runway!

S7 Siberian Airlines domestic flight in Russia was forced to make a go-around after a wild bear was spotted wandering around the runway of Magadan Airport. This delayed the arrival by 20 minutes. The aircraft managed to avoid the trespasser and landed safely without incident.

Graffiti Alley in Toronto

Murals may be the most fun part of the art, you can find good examples of it at Graffiti Alley in Toronto. The best part is, you can see different murals in each visit! Wear your comfortable shoes, take your camera with you and stroll down from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street!

Hotel Glacier, Switzerland

Welcome to Switzerland! Boutique Hotel Glacier may be the most romantic and relaxing hotel ever! On the terraces of the Glacier Signature Rooms, there are private outdoor whirlpools. Relax in contemporary-style, architect-designed rooms with bespoke furnishings, a palette of soothing charcoal greys and blues, hardwood flooring, and plenty of natural light. Mountain motifs on bedspreads and backlit headboards reflect the region. Each of the 28 rooms and suites is its own alpine haven, complete with a homey environment. The high-quality, amply sized beds are made with all-natural materials and are quite comfy. And of course, you can just ask the reception team to surprise your loved one! The Worldwide local photo by @boutiquehotelglacier

Peace Bridge in Calgary

Calgary''s Peace Bridge is a piece of contemporary architecture that sits perfectly within the city''s skyline. The Worldwide Local video by Brian, Timelapse Travels

Palais Garnier, Paris

The Opera Garnier was constructed from 1861 to 1875. Because of its location on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris’s 9th district, it was formerly known as “Salle des Capucines.” In honor of his architect, Charles Garnier, it was quickly dubbed “Palais Garnier”. The Worldwide Local photo by @jbperraudin

Old City San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are known for their warm hospitality and their lively music and dance scene. Walking around the Old City at night you can hear latin music coming out of the homes and bars lined along the narrow cable stone streets.

National History Museum in Tirana

When it comes to understanding a city’s history, it’s a good idea to check out the museums. National History Museum in Tirana is full of rich Albanian history. You can learn everything, even about Mother Teresa, she was Albanian!

Virtual Museums

Can’t travel because of Coronavirus? Then travel around the world online! Just search for “virtual museums” on Google and pick one of the best museums from London to Seul.

Don''t Be Afraid

We will get through this together. The Worldwide Local photo by Adam Gray

City Hall Station in New York

This historic New York City subway stop closed in 1945 and hasn’t changed since. Visit a blast from the past by passing the City Hall Station! The Worldwide Local photo by Eric M. Chu

Volcano Boarding, Cerro Negro Volcano

Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua is the only volcano you can go volcano boarding. The fastest record down the volcano is currently 60mph!! Think you can beat it? Head to León, Nicaragua to try.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia. It is surrounded by the Julian Alps. If you want an escape to nature, a serene setting and a breath of fresh air this is it. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @zybertj

Florence, Italy

Florence is a very old city that was once home to some of the most important people of its time, including Raphael, Galileo, Michelangelo, and Machiavelli. Florence is the capital of Tuscany and is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you want to experience Florence like a local, declaring yourself as an honorary Florentine, you’ll want to venture to less popular paths. The Worldwide Local photo by @ohhmmypassport

Soho Grand Hotel, NYC

Soho Grand Hotel is one of the most pet friendly hotels in NYC. There is even a dedicated dog park on site. SoHo Grand is also one of the funnest hotels in NYC. It has multiple venues where you can eat, relax or party without leaving the hotel. You can enjoy delicious food at the Grand Bar & Salon or Soho Diner. If you are in the mood for fun you can enjoy drinks or dancing at Gilligan’s or the Club Room without even leaving your hotel. The Worldwide Local photo by @sohograndhotel

La Sue in Barcelona

Head to La Sue, also known as Cathedral Square to meet the locals, sit back and watch the street performers. This place is home to The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

Michelstadt, Germany

Michelstadt Odenwald is exactly what you expect from a dreamy village, narrow cobblestone street, water fountains and timbered houses. The Worldwide Local photo by

Carbonated Drinks

It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself before your flight. The air in your drink will cause gas during altitude changes. It will make you and the person sitting next to you really uncomfortable.

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia

Want to experience some Japanese culture without going halfway around the world?
The Shofuso Japanese House and Garden is one of the largest Japanese gardens in all of North America. It is a serene experience where you can find all sorts of Japanese foliage. Feed some koi fish underneath a 75 year old cherry tree or partake in a traditional tea ceremony! The Worldwide Local photo by Aditi Khare

Souvenir Shops in Cancun

Cancun may be a holiday paradise but it also has interesting souvenir shops. Just don''t forget that every single price is negotiable in these shops.

Surfing in Munich

What is the most interesting thing you can do in Munich? Surfing! You can watch the surfers dancing with the artificial waves on the Isar River.

Smither Park in Houston

Smither Park of Houston has interesting sights to see while having a picnic. More than 300 artists got together and created mosaics using recycled materials such as broken dishes, mugs, and glasses. The Worldwide Local photo by Aysshenn

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is known for its mountains, national parks and prospering wild life. It is also home to the American Bison, the largest land mammal in North America!

Pig On Board!

A pig’s first attempt to fly with an airline took place in 2014. A woman got on the plane with her pig and the passengers thought it was just a duffel bag. It turned out that it was not a bag when the pig started walking. But the flight didn’t take off with the pig. The woman and her animal eventually deplaned.

Gold in Dubai

Gold may be a sign of wealth but did you know that Dubai is one of the cheapest places to buy gold? You can buy gold souvenirs for your loved ones back at home.

Scuba Diving in Honolulu

Seasoned divers can take a plunge into the Hawaiian waters of Honolulu for a chance to view a beautiful site. Years ago a WW2 Corsair plane submerged into the depths of the ocean and now serves as an artificial reef for an assortment of wildlife. The Worldwide Local video by Reef Pirates Diving and Ren Taylor

Pera Perou, Kefalonia

Pera Perou is your home away from home in Kefalonia, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The villas are located on the mountains of the island. They have beautiful decors that offer a dreamy and magical escape on a sunny island. The stone villas and its decor are a reflection of the nature around it. Expect earthy tones, minimalist design and a peaceful atmosphere. The Worldwide Local photo @peraperouvillas

Sailing in San Francisco

Set sail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and get a perspective of the iconic landmark unlike in a way you could never see on foot. The Worldwide Local photo by Juan Hinojosa


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Asheville, North Carolina

The story behind one of the biggest breweries in the USA… New Belgium Brewing was found, after the now founders went on a bike trip through Belgium. The founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch, were inspired by the traditional brewing techniques in Belgium and wanted to bring them to the USA. In 1991, they start experimenting in the basement of their home in Colorado. By the end of the summer they debut their first two beers at the Colorado Brewers Festival. From there on they start getting more and more recognition and grow. In 2016, they opened the Asheville brewery to the public. You can spend the day hanging at their lawn sipping delicious beer or getting a tour of their brewery. Dogs and kids are welcome. The Worldwide Local photo by @goodestboykota

Sway Hotels Erzurum

Hit the slopes, enjoy the cold weather and snow. Don''t forget to watch the sunset from the top and try the famous Cag kebab! The Worldwide Local photo by @miss.diana.a 

Mayday Mayday!

In the early 1920s a senior radio officer named Frederick Stanley Mockford was asked to find a word to be understood easily by all pilots & ground staff in an emergency. The distress call comes from the French word “m’aidez”, which means “help me”.

Magnolia Bakery''s Banana Pudding

Magnolia Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in New York City. They have many goodies such as cupcakes and cakes but their most favorite dessert is the delicious Banana Pudding!

Fuerteventura, Canarias

Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Islands. ⁠Fuerteventura gets its name from the word fierce (strong) and Ventura (fortune). It’s thought to have gained that name from the strong winds surrounding the island. The strong winds are great for sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing which are very popular on the island.⁠⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @carolsuarezz

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Turquoise colored lakes that are interconnected through waterfalls, Plitvice National Park is a magical place to experience every season!

Balconies of Italy

Music heals… Italians have united under quarantine. Every evening, at 6 o’clock, you’ll find them singing, dancing and watching movies together from their balconies.

Aperitivo in Florence

All Italian recipes are the best, but have you ever tried aperitivo? It''s a warm-up to dinner with a drink and a light meal. Try out the Golden View Open Bar for aperitivo with a beautiful view of the Arno River in Florence. The Worldwide Local photo by Marco Corbacchini

SF Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

Conservatory of Flowers is a botanical garden in San Francisco. They have a large collection of rare and exotic plants. The construction of the building was completed in 1879 and it’s not only the oldest building in Golden Gate Park it is also the oldest public glass and wood greenhouse that’s still open in the USA. Plan to spend around 2 hours, if you love plants then definitely plan to spend even more. There are plants from all kinds of environments in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The Worldwide Local photo by @lilykate66

Vienna, Austria

Cafe Central is one of the oldest cafes in the world. It is a traditional Viennese cafe that occupies the ground floor of the former Bank and Stockmarket building. The historic cafe opened its doors to customers in 1876. Through out the years it has been used as a meeting place for intellectuals, world leaders and artists alike. The spot was a favorite for Sigmund Freud. The Worldwide Local photo by @paullula

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Cadillac Ranch is located on the historic Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. There are 10 Cadillac Cars which are buried nose down in the ground in a row. The art was created in 1974 by a group of artists called the Ant Farm group. The cars are decorated in graffiti. The Cadillacs follow a chronological order, dating from the years of 1948 to 1963. The cars were buried In their original conditions and colors. The cars remained untouched until 1976 where visitors started to paint them with graffiti. The Worldwide Local photo by @kategri_mylife

Solvang, California

Solvang was founded by Danish immigrants in 1911. The early settlers were set to keep their heritage alive and turned Solvang into Danish town. Authentic architecture, thatched roofs, old world craftsmanship and traditional windmills. You can explore the town by foot, ride a horse, take a trolley tour or Segway.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @alyssalim

Castle Combe, England

Want to visit a charming quintessential English village? Look no further as Castle Combe is the one. This is also where the original Doctor Dolittle movie was shot! The village is located in the Cotswold Area and has been standing strong since the 1600''s. The town is filled with honey colored stone houses that are surrounded by the English country. The Worldwide Local photo by @tailormadeadventures

The Endless Staircase in Munich

Though you can’t walk up the Endless Staircase of Munich the view is worth the trip. This mind bending sculpture is full of twists and turns that create a unique illusion not seen anywhere else in the world. The Worldwide Local photo by Alejandra Cantik

Merry Christmas

Robo wishes you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

No 22 Riders'' Inn

Robo continues to surprise you. Kitesurfing with Robo includes 10% off on your stay at No 22 Riders’ Inn (incl. all food and drinks). Visit our homepage for details. No 22 Riders’ Inn photo credit: @denemenlazim

Coppa Club, London

There are 5 signature Igloos at Coppa Club. The Igloos all have individual heating and sound systems for a fun and cozy night. It’s the perfect place for a celebration with friends and family. Some of the items from the Igloo menus are truffled wagyu burger, truffled pizza and chocolate fondant. The Worldwide Local photo by

The Best Way To Fly

He knows the best way to fly... so will you with robo.

National Banana Bread Day

Today is National Banana Bread Day and we are celebrating! We’ve all been baking up a storm during quarantine but now here is another excuse for you to try one more time!

Alberobello, Italy

The most famous part about Alberobello is the “trulli”. “Trulli” are cone roofed structures that are made out of limestone. These structures date back to prehistoric building techniques. While the structures can be found scattered around Puglia, Alberobello has the most concentrated version of the structures.⁠⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @wanderlusterprincess

Love Bridge, Cyprus

Meet the bridge of lovers. The bridge of lovers is a 20 feet long natural bridge that connects the sea and the land. It has been there for centuries and has earned the nickname Love Bridge. It is believed that if you kiss your loved one while standing in the middle of the bridge and make a wish your wish will come true. the Worldwide Local photo by @overpackedsuitcase

Lake Baikal, Siberia

The worlds oldest and deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, turns into a winter wonderland when the lake freezes!

Kuznetsky Most in Moscow

You can find inspiration in fashion in Kuznetsky Most. It''s the fashion district of the city and locals come here to shop for fashionable outfits.

San Clemente Palace Kempinski in Venice

Looking for a destination vacation like no other? Try The San Clemente Palace Kempinski. It’s a hotel located on a private island only accessible by water taxi. It’s only 10 minutes away from the bustling areas of Venice. The Worldwide Local photo by Pink Lemonade

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Path in Nuenen

The path where Vincent Van Gogh once walked in Nuenen, Netherlands is a glowing cycle path today. Brought to life by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Path is illuminated with patterns inspired by Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. The Worldwide Local photo by Luis Felipe

Gemma Restaurant, NYC

Gemma is a stylish Italian restaurant located attached to one of the hottest hotels in NYC, the Bowery Hotel. The Bowery hotel is one of the most famous hotels in NYC and it is almost certain you will see a celebrity at the hotel. Gemma is known for its romantic atmosphere and earth design. Large candle chandeliers dimly light the restaurant. Cool and stylish locals frequent the restaurant, its a great place to people watch. The restaurant has delicious Italian food and a good menu. The pizzas are famous and the cocktails are refreshing. The desert menu even has strawberries with whipped creme. The Worldwide Local photo by @maddietsang

Holi Fest in India

Holi Fest in India is the most colorful festival across the globe. You will always remember the unforgettable experiences long after the dust settles. Starts on March 9th, don’t wear anything that you are attached to! The Worldwide Local photo by Sierra Mendonsa

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Milwaukee, USA

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was one of the most well-known and long-lasting clock manufacturers. Their items were always of a higher-than-average quality. Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut in 1785, began working for clockmaker Eli Terry in 1807, purchased Terry’s factory (together with Silas Hoadley) in 1810, and purchased Heman Clark’s clockmaking firm in Plymouth Hollow in December 1813. The Worldwide Local photo by @wistomsin

Entertainment District in Dallas

Get ready for a sensory overload in Dallas’s entertainment district. See beautiful murals, hear amazing live music, taste (and smell) the best tex-mex food around.

 The Worldwide Local photo by Deena Vincent


They tell the best local stories so will you with robo.

Exercising Before Flight

It’s always a good idea to exercise before your flight. It boosts your endorphin level and makes it easier to sleep on board!

The History of Christmas Tree

Decorating trees go way back to the pagan times. Trees are a symbol of life and decorating them in winter has been a practice for decades. The tradition is thought to have started in Germany in the 16th century small evergreen trees were decorated with apples, berries and candles which were also known as paradise trees. The Christmas Tree tradition started in America much later in the 19th century by German immigrants who settled in America. The first Christmas Tree display was in 1800s in Pennsylvania.

Madison Blue Spring State Park, Florida

Madison Blue Spring State Park is a popular spot for swimming and cave diving! Located in Orange City, Florida, Madison Blue Spring State Park was actually voted #1 swimming hole in the USA! It’s about 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep. The Worldwide Local photo by @jupitermaui

Piran, Slovenia

Piran was actually originally a part of the Republic of Venice! Until the mid 20th century its official language was Italian. It’s only been a part of Slovenia since 1991. The Italian influence can be seen everywhere. The architecture, the food and the culture is heavily inspired by the Italians.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @narcissz

Scarborough Bluffs, Canada

Scarborough Bluffs is the perfect day trip from Toronto. It is a geological feature resulting from the accumulation of deposits over 12,000 years ago. They were formed by the natural process of wind and water erosion from Lake Ontario. There are 11 natural parks where you can go hiking, sailing or paddle boarding around the area. The Worldwide Local photo by @wanderwith.wally

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

If you are looking for a weekend getaway with a glimpse to history Taos Pueblo is the right place. Taos Pueblo is located an hour and half drive from Santa Fe. It’s a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This area gives you an idea of pre-colonization history of America. The Worldwide Local photo by @awaywithdeniz

Train Street in Hanoi

Dive into locals'' life in Hanoi, visit Train Street and explore the locals'' culture by the railroad while eating street food or having a coffee. The place has a lot of energy.

The Black Box

The black box, also known as the Flight Data Recorder, is actually painted bright orange. The heat-resistant paint makes it easier to find the box in case of an accident.

Coral Castle, Florida

Coral Castle was created by one man from 1923 to 1951. It is a limestone structure created by the Latvian-American Edward Leedshalnin. The structure is located in Homestead, Florida. Coral Castles was single handily and secretly carved over 1000 tons of oolitic stones. The castle has walls, carvings, furniture and a tower. The mystery about the place is that no one knows how he was able to work with such heavy rocks during a time when modern construction conveniences didn’t exist. During his life, Ed joked that he knew the secrets used to build the pyramids. His process is to this day still unknown⁠. The Worldwide Local photo by @there.she.goes.ginny.rose

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson and Jackson Hole are practically surrounded by the Grand Teton National Park’s rugged beauty and thousands of camping options. It’s about an hour’s drive from Yellowstone National Park and a popular camping location all year. The Worldwide Local photo by @cole.mgkra

MFO Park in Zurich

MFO Park is an abandoned machine factory and one of the best places to visit in Zurich. If you visit in the fall season, you will be greeted with beautiful autumn colors creating a unique experience between its natural and its industrial structure. It''s the meeting point of architects and nature enthusiasts. The Worldwide Local photo by Daniel Mladenovski

Burcu Esmersoy Is A Worldwide Local

Turkish model, presenter, producer and youtuber Burcu Esmersoy is a Worldwide Local too. She saves with robo and travels the world as a local!

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Make a wish at the colorful Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India! The Ganesh Idol Lalbaugcha Raja is on public display for 11 days and fulfills all wishes.

Two Harbors, Minnesota

The now iconic Betty’s Pies dates back to 1956. ⁠Learn about its story below, Betty’s father built a fish shack on by the Stewart River on Highway 61. Betty thought it would be a good idea to have donuts and coffee for the fisherman to enjoy when they stopped in. As the shack became more and more popular Betty added hamburgers and hotdogs to the menu. The shack was later turned in to a cafe, Betty’s Cafe. Eventually the cafe expanded to include more items and serve lunch and seated service. The cafe’s pies selection expanded and became very famous. The Worldwide Local photo by @maddyswain

Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge

The “castle on the river” is one of Louisiana’s richest historical experiences, located in Baton Rouge. With a winding spiral staircase and a breathtaking stained glass roof, the original statehouse is sure to give you a new perspective on the culture of the city. The Worldwide Local photo by Matt Landry

Arlo SoHo, NYC

Arlo SoHo includes two popular bars, including the Arlo Liquor Bar on the ground level, which hosts a popular happy hour every night. Both office workers and tourists congregate for reasonably priced drinks and live jazz music. There are numerous seating locations, so depending on your mood, you can have lively or intimate gatherings. Another communal room, the Library, offers books, board games, and even record players, as well as an outside terrace in warmer months. The hotel’s second bar, Good Story, has a terrace with views of Lower Manhattan. Movie nights and wine tastings are also popular activities. Harold’s Meat+Three serves the hotel’s breakfast buffet and serves down-home southern foods. The Worldwide Local photo by @wearekurieus

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik

Unknown by most, the Blue Lagoon is actually an all inclusive resort. It has multiple restaurants that are top notch, some more casual and one dressy, and the food is delicious. Their spa is also well known, you can even get a massage in the water. The Worldwide Local photo by @bambi.thalia

Burning Man Showcase

Can''t find tickets for the Burning Man festival this year? Then check out "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man", at the Oakland Museum of California from Oct 12, 2019, to Feb 16, 2020. You can see pieces of the event at this traveling showcase. The Worldwide Local photo by Ivy

Badacsony, Hungary

Badacsony is known for its white wine. A special grape grows on its hills that is used to make Badacsony wine. The wine is usually white and dry but you can also find sweet ones made from shriveled grapes. The Worldwide Local photo by @themacarongirl.travels

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park is unique in its way to experience all four seasons. The most popular time to visit the park is during foliage season and in summer but spring is actually a great time to visit especially because it’s not as busy. In spring you can see all the wildflowers come to life and the trees are in full bloom. The waterfalls are newly fed by the melting snow so they are very powerful. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @joelmulbah

Hugo''s Restaurant in Houston

When Mexicans came to Houston, they brought their food culture with them, that’s how Tex-Mex food is born. You can try the best examples at Hugo’s Restaurant in Houston.

Good Coffee/Tea

Forget about it. There is no such thing as “good coffee/tea” on board. :)

Wine in Vietnam

Vietnamese Cobra wine is consumed by locals all over Vietnam. It’s an alcoholic beverage that is prepared with rice wine guessed it: Cobra. The snake venom is nothing to worry about, as ethanol strips the poison. The Worldwide Local photo by Ignacio

Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Time to spoil yourself! Get ready for the new year at Kananaskis Nordic Spa! It has multiple pools with different temperatures that mimics the ancient hydrotherapy tradition. the Worldwide Local photo by @cay.myhre

Blood Falls, Antarctica

99% of Antarctica is covered with ice but there is still so much to see and the Blood Falls is one of them. This is a bright red waterfall that is located in the Taylor Glacier in McMurdo’s Dry Valleys. The color is due to the tiny iron packed microbes that were frozen when the glaciers closed around them around 2 million years ago. The Worldwide Local photo by Peter Rejcek

Honk Festival in Boston

To spend your time in Boston like a local, try to catch one of the most interesting music festivals: Honk Festival! Witness the social activist street bands and hear their protest to make a positive change in their communities through music, on the streets from October 11th to the 13th. The Worldwide Local photo by Constant Memoirs

Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

Reading time in Mexico City! Dive into a sea of knowledge at the Biblioteca Vasconcelos at the capital of Mexico. Explore the library, spreading over 38,000 meters with balconies and mismatched floors. The Worldwide Local photo by Edel Kondofersky

New Year Supertitions

Cleaning the house, breaking the dishes or throwing out old furniture... What''s your way to start a new year?

Chicago, USA

Chicago has some of the coolest historic architecture. This type of architecture is called a Gingerbread house. It gets its name from the embellishment known as the gingerbread trim. These types of trims were very popular in the 1860''s and 70''s and were an extension Gothic stye. The style became popular in Chicago in the 1860''s but didn’t last long due ot the Great Chicago Fire that destroyed many of those buildings in 1871. The Worldwide Local photo by @nathanielintransit

Fyriplaka Beach, Greece

Fyriplaka is the 2nd most popular beach in Milos. The beach is known for the large rock that’s been detached from the mountain. The magnificent cliffs of Milos were created by volcanic activity back in 90,000 BC. There are more than 70 beaches where you can enjoy the Aegean Sea and the warm waters. The Worldwide Local photo by @izabel.philippa

Santa Monica, USA

Surfing is a quintessential part of the Souther Californian geography and culture. With 75 miles of coastline there is plenty of beaches to ride waves. Here are some of the best spots to go surfing if you are visiting Los Angeles.⁠⁠

The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant is different than other seafood restaurants because you can have your dinner on top of a rock in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Zanzibar. When visiting Tanzania, you must experience this magical place, the tides change depending on the time you get there! The Worldwide Local photo by Francesca Turchi

The Best Airbnb''s

There are unique Airbnb’s all around the world that offer stays that will make it an unforgettable experience. Our top 3 so far are 1-Malibu Dream Airstream, an airstream at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in Malibu, 2-Amethyst Crystal Dome Ubud, experience an all green home in Bali, 3-Underground Hygge Twin Falls, travel to the lord of the rings Hobbit house in Idaho.

Ceceva, Rize, Turkey

While Turkish coffee might be more known worldwide than Turkish tea, locals consume çay (tea) much more than Turkish coffee. From breakfast, lunch to dinner it is unlikely that you will see a Turk pass the offer of çay. The Worldwide Local photo by Merve Avci

Papaya Studio in Bangkok

When you''re in Bangkok Thailand, rent a tuk-tuk and head towards "Lad Phrao ha sip ha". Be sure that you have hours to spend at Papaya Studio because this place is like a treasure chest. You can find anything from creepy mannequin dolls to retro racing bikes. The Worldwide Local photo by Withkro

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

The White Sands is the largest sand gypsum in the world, it is so large that it can be seen from space! The Worldwide Local photo by Baxter The Miniaussie

Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii

The Byodo-In temple is a non-practicing Buddhist temple. People go there to meditate or to appreciate its beauty. The Worldwide Local photo by Jenny Ayumi Umbhau

Vale da Lua, Brazil

Vale da Lua meaning Valley of the Moon is one of those unworldly places. It is called the Valley of the Moon because people say it feels as if they were walking on the moon. Vale da Lua is located near Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Goiás. The Worldwide Local photo by @felipe_fs

E-Scooters of Los Angeles

Los Angeles does not have a city center so you should rent a car to get around. But if you don’t want to deal with traffic, you should rent an electric scooter!

MIL Restaurant, Peru

The chef of the MIL Restaurant is the world-renowned chef Virgilio Martinez Veliz. His previous restaurant was regarded as the 4th best restaurant in the world in 2016. The place is located 11,500 above sea level. MIL is only open for lunch. It offers a communal dining concept by produce that is sourced locally. The Worldwide Local photo by @chantagold

Art District in Denver

Are you in Denver for art? Well, then you’re in the right place! Santa Fe’s Art District has 30 galleries and artist studios. After you tank up with art, you can eat at a restaurant here.


The Flying-V made its maiden flight successfully at an airbase in Germany. It will be able to hold about 314 passengers who will sit across its two aisles over the wings. The plane will be the same length as the Airbus A350. Most importantly, the plane’s unique aerodynamics will allow it to reduce weight and save massive amounts of fuel!

Avenue of the Giants, California

Avenue of the giants gets is one of the most famous scenic roads in the world. It gets its name from the giant titan trees that line the road. The area is mostly flat with gentle curves it is the drive of a lifetime. It is a part of the historic highway 101drive. It is a slower and longer alternative to the modern Highway 101 but it’s worth the experience! The Worldwide Local photo by @itsloganmarie

Livraria Simão in Lisbon

You could visit a giant bookstore and get lost in the words for hours, but at Livraria Simão is quite the opposite. This former tobacco shop is one of the smallest bookstores in the world, and it gets straight to the point: books. The Worldwide Local photo by Lereese Atkinson

Cano Cristales, Colombia

Nicknamed the “liquid rainbow”, Cano Cirstales is famous for its colors. Cano Cristales is only 62 miles long but it is one of the rivers of the world that is a must see.⁠

Himare, Albania

Himare is set on the Albanian Riviera with turquoise waters surrounded by hills. The area is great for a relaxing sun, beach, and sand getaway. The area is blessed with a historic old town that is great to wander around in, it has Mediterranean tavernas and delicious seafood. Dhermi Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Albania, the area also has lively nightlife. The Worldwide Local photo by @adelaosmani_

Turnip Rock, Michigan

Turnip Rock is called turnip, as you guessed, due to its shape. The rock was separated from mainland in prehistoric times. It is made out of limestone and the shape was created over time by the constant waves. There are some trees and squirrels but nothing else inhabits the island. The Worldwide Local photo by @lisa_in_detroit

Ladakh in India

Once a part of the Silk Road, today a dry but beautiful hidden place decorated with colorful prayer flags… Ladakh is the highest plateau in India located over 9800 ft. Definitely a must to see! The Worldwide Local photo by No Kunzang

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas

The Seven Magic Mountains is an exhibition in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada with 30 foot fluorescent totem poles. The Worldwide Local photo by @through.the.llyns

Supertrees of Singapore

Garden By The Bay’s “supertrees” aren’t actually trees at all. They are man-made sculptures that house greenery, and they are in the biggest glass greenhouse in the world. The Worldwide Local photo by Jennifer World Traveler

Happy New Year from Roboair

Roboair wishes all a very happy new year! May all your dreams come true in 2020!

Digital Concerts from Berlin Philarmonic

Looking for different things to do at home? You can now enjoy Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra’s concerts online! Use the code BERLINPHIL, to watch them for free!

Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

The Baobab trees are unique to Madagascar. They are huge! The trees you see on this avenue are thought to be around 2800 years old!

Terra Nostra Park, Portugal

The entire Furnas valley is a volcanic crater that last erupted in 1630! Furnas Valley is an island in São Miguel Island. You can visit hot springs, thermal pools and beaches. It is one of those places on the planet where you feel Mother Nature. ⁠Although the volcano has not been active for quite a time now you can still feel its power and existence through out the island. The Worldwide Local photo by @marianagabiatti

The Ramble Hotel in Denver

One of Denver’s newest hotels in the River North Art District is The Ramble Hotel. It’s a great place for drinks and a cozy stay. The Worldwide Local photo by Nicole Marcelli

The Best Routes

He knows the best flight routes... so will you with robo.

Willemstad, Curaçao

Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island. It is most known for its colorful old town center with colonial architecture. The construction of the buildings were done by the bricks scavenged from ship ballast. In order to make them cohesive they decided to paint them by using crushed seashells which were white. The mayor of the town claimed he had frequent headaches from the intense white colored buildings and mandated buildings to be painted other colors. The community therefore started coloring their houses in vibrant colors. It was later found that the mayor was actually a shareholder to the only paint shop in town…⁠⁠

Estes Park, Colorado

Spend Halloween in one of the most haunted hotels in the USA. The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado. It was actually the inspiration behind Stephen King’s masterpiece The Shining. The Stanley Hotel takes Halloween celebrations seriously. For Halloween, the Hotel is lit red and they host 3 events, Murder Mystery dinner, The Shining Ball and a Masquerade Party. Costumes are required for the events.

The Den in San Francisco

Get super intimate at The Den, the smallest bar in San Francisco. It’s a quirky spot with an overload of jungle treasures and great drinks, it''s almost a surprise that all this fun can fit in one elevator sized room. The Worldwide Local photo by Christine

Canyoneering, Zion National Park

Repel down canyons to get your adrenaline pumping. Canyoneering is an outdoor activity that consists of repelling, swimming, hiking, and problem-solving. Basically, find any way to move through the path you have set for yourself. Zion National Park has become one of the most popular places for sport.

Robo Suggests...

Looking for a fun weekend activity? How about watching a funny movie? “Airplane!” is an American parody film shot in 1980 and it stars Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty and Leslie Nielsen. Do you have any favorite flight movies?

Markets in Palermo

In some places, you can live the past and the present at the same time, Palermo is one of them! Visit Ballarò, Capo, Vucciria, and Borgo Vecchi, the city''s four ancient markets and shop some fresh produce and odd trinkets. Don''t forget to wear your comfortable shoes!

Loyal Wingman

Say hello to the first prototype of the stealth unmanned aerial vehicle known as the Loyal Wingman, developed by Boeing Defence Australia. The 11.7-meter (38-foot) long vehicle would be capable of providing fighter-like performance. Its range will be over 3,700 kilometers (2,000 nautical miles).

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan is surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, tiny villages and blooming wildfires. The lake has 7 small towns around the lake that are home to a primarily indigenous community. Each town has its own signature clothing. The Worldwide Local photo by @probablytrey_

Virtual Museums: The British Museum

You can explore virtual museums online from the comfort of your home! Go back in time to explore the Parthenon Marbles that date back to 447 BC. The marbles were dedicated to the Goddess Athena.

Nevado Tres Cruces National Park, Chile

These ice formations form due to the high altitude in the desert located in the National Park Nevado Tres Cruces in Chile. The park is located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. It is famous for being the home to migratory flamingos that arrive in the summer. The park is fascinating for the different kinds of terrain and unique array of environments it has to offer. Check out the Negro Francisco and Santa Rosa lagoons, the Maricunga salt flats, Oos del Salado active volcano and these unique ice formations you see above. The Worldwide Local photo by @oneoceanaway_

December Snow Activities

What to do with the first snow storm? You can build an igloo or a snowman or make snow angels! Sledding is a great option too. Maybe you can go for a hike in the snowy forest! Don''t forget to bring your hiking spikes with you because there will be icy spots too!

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

New England is most famous for its foliage not only in the USA but around the world. Starting in September the red maple leaves are there until late October. The Worldwide Local photo by

Turtle Playground in St. Louis

St. Louis’s Turtle Playground takes “jungle gym” to a new level! The whole park is constructed of turtle, snake, and reptile sculptures! If you want to see real ones, cross the street and go to the zoo! The Worldwide Local photo by Ciara Smith

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

To Sua translates to “giant swimming hole”. This is one of the biggest swimming holes, nearly 100 feet deep.The large pool is salt water, it is connected to the ocean by underwater caves. The waters are crystal clear and filled with tropical fish. The Worldwide Local photo by @die_voyageurin

Freemont Troll in Seattle

Have you ever met a famous troll? Freemont Troll under the Aurora Bridge is one of the mascots of Seattle and starred in many films and TV shows. The Worldwide Local photo by Ayda June

Murat Guloglu is a Worldwide Local!

Turkish journalist, news anchor and traveler Murat Guloglu is a Worldwide Local too. He saves with robo and travels the world as a local!

Mrs. Ralph Van Deman

On October 27th 1909, Mrs. Ralph Van Deman flew with the Wright Brothers, for 4 minutes at College Park and that made her the first female passenger in United States history!


Banksy’s take on love in the corona age... No matter what, art will continue to be the source of life.

Magic Gardens, Philadelphia

Imagine a street decorated entirely out of mosaics in the heart of Philly! Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an indoor and outdoor mosaic sculpture garden that spans half a block on South Street. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a permanent art installation that is open to visitors year round. The space is also used to host art events, workshops, exhibitions and more.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @mary_wolff

Cherry Blossoms, Washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom festivals are held all around the world and they celebrate the welcome of spring and the Japanese Culture. Some of the places you can enjoy Cherry Blossom are Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC and Stockholm.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, China

Every year massive ice and snow structures are built for the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China! You can visit this beautiful festival from January until February.

Catskills Mountains

Located in southeastern New York, Catskills Mountains were named by early Dutch settlers. A haven for artists, musicians and writers… You can go hiking, skiing or try out the sandwiches of the local favorite, Maggies Krooked Cafe! The Worldwide Local photo by Finn the Jindo.

Drone Tours

Bored at home? Search “drone tours of national parks” and wander in the sky like a bird!

Santa Maria Gualter, Spain

This beautiful Romanesque monastery Santa Maria is just a 2 hour drive from Barcelona.If you’ve explored the city of Barcelona why not explore the towns around it? Lleida is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, dating back to the Bronze Age! ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @dontworrybecamper

Rainbow Mountain in Vinicunca

Rainbow Mountain in Vinicunca, Peru is home to these cute alpacas. Due to global warming, the once snowy mountain has now become a sight to see. The Worldwide Local photo by Lily Muneton

Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot Air Balloonin'' is just one of the things you can do at Cappadocia. The Hot Air Balloon rides usually take 45 to 65 minutes long. There are many hikes where you get to walk around the unique rock formations that are almost otherwordly. There are multiple open air museums, which include ancient cave paintings!, that have audio guides that teach you about the history of the region. If you love history or just traveling to new places there is something for everyone here. The Worldwide Local photo by @federicacristina

Waimea Bay in Honolulu

Take a plunge into crystal clear water at Waimea Bay, one of the best island beaches around… and an en excellent place for cliff jumping. The Worldwide Local video by Elishama Jeshurun Beckford and Gabe Caswall

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Antelope Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo tribe. There are two different slot canyons. The Upper vs the Lower Canyon. If you are a photographer go to the Upper, if you are an adventurer go to the Lower. The Worldwide Local photo by @thetravelization

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New York, USA

Hudson Yards is the newest addition to NYC skyline. There are over 100 shops, work buildings, residential buildings and gardens. The top two attractions of Hudson Yards is the observation deck and the Vessel. The Worldwide Local photo by @theishitaedition

Birds Of Central Park

Did you know that there are 275 different species of birds living in Central Park, NYC?

La Casa Estrecha in Puerto Rico

The cutest house you could ever see, and it measures approximately 5 feet! La Casa Estrecha (The Narrow House) was designed by Antonio Alvarez on an alley leads into the courtyard of surrounding buildings! The Worldwide Local photo by Sentido Velocioni

Cafe Medi in New York City

Beautiful decoration with a Spanish tile mural in the main dining room, but Cafe Medi in New York City is much more than that. Try their Mimosa. You won’t regret it. The Worldwide Local photo by Sofia Schena

Jjimjilbang in Seoul

Jjimjilbang is a Korean word for “spa” which you must try. Locals like to come to these places to relax and socialize. You can also indulge yourself with delicious food too.

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

Want to see the tomb of the Homeric hero Odysseus? Kefalonia is known for its unique biodiversity and lively island life. Melissani Cave is one of the main attractions of the island but there is so much more to see and experience. Sight seeing, historic exploration, beautiful beaches or vineyards, abundance of choice lies in Kefalonia. The Worldwide Local photo by @silvia.rce

Winter Park in Orlando

Orlando is not only about Disney World and Universal Studios. There is plenty to do! Visit Winter Park and explore its acres and acres of lakes! The Worldwide Local photo by Clear Kayak Tour Company

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Streets of Nice

Nice’s old town is full of shops and unique restaurants. You’ll find lots of things to do, visit artist galleries, try delicious bread and stroll around the old streets.

New Year''s Gifts!

Just a friendly reminder that there are 4 days left to 2021! If you haven''t bought your gifts yet, now is the time!

Simrishamn, Sweden

Simrishamn is a picturesque coastal town filled with charm and history. It is located in the southeaster tip of Sweden. Imagine cobblestone streets, half timbered houses in pastel shades adorned with rose filled gardens. The area dates back to even before the vikings ruled Sweden! The Worldwide Local photo by @irkkuliri

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is completely surrounded with defensive walls. The walls go uninterrupted for 6365 ft (1940 mt).The entire walk along the ancient walls of Dubrovnik take about 2 hours, don’t miss it as it is sure to be a highlight of your visit. The Worldwide Local photo by @themacarongir,travels

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa offers consistent strong winds and sunny weather. The season starts in April and goes until October. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a good kiter to kite here. The conditions are good for beginners and advanced kiters alike. While Tarifa is technically a good spot to learn how to kitesurf it can get very crowded which can be very overwhelming.

A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and that includes getting married. At A Little White Wedding Chapel, guests can get married for a price as little as $50. The Worldwide Local photo by Wanderlust

Lake Macdonnel, Australia

Lake Macdonnell is a salt lake that is located along the eastern tip of the Eyre Peninsula. Lake Macdonnell is located 535 miles from Adelaide to Ceduna and followed by a 45 to 1 hour drive to the Peninsula. At the end of the road is the renowned surf beach, Cactus Beach. Lake Macdonnell was previously a salt mine. It is still the largest gypsum mine in the Southern hempishere and can produce more than 1 million tones of gypsum a year.⁠ The Worldwide Local @jrodcaptures

Pride in Denver

Celebrate the Pride on the outskirts of Denver! There is a little town called Breckenridge with a population of under 5000 people but they have one of the strongest LGBTQ+ pride communities in the states. Enjoy your time skiing on the mountain and celebrating the Pride! The Worldwide Local photo by Mario Hernandez

Wadi Rum in Jordan

Wadi Rum; Star Wars, The Martian, Transformers and many Hollywood movies were shot here…You can also experience Bedoin’s life in Wadi Rum, Jordan! The Worldwide Local photo by Diego Carven

Blackberry Farms, Tennessee

Blackberry Farms is a sustainable retreat tucked in the Great Smoky Mountains. Location, food, and top class service is only the tip of what what makes this place special. The Worldwide Local photo by @mrs.jessicaedwards

Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs is located on a 0.2 mile trail. It’s good for all skill levels. Hot Springs is open all year round. The hot mineral water is 168 Fahrenheit. Enjoy soaking in the hot mineral water as you take in the scenic views of Utah. The Worldwide Local photo by @paradise_of_travel

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands is set along a mountain plateau above the river valley. The area was occupied by indigenous Malay tribes who called the jungle and high peaks their home. With the settlement of English in Malaysia the area became a popular summer retreat among the British because of the favorable temperatures. They created roads that cut through the jungle and turned the area not only to a colonial retreat but also into a successful agricultural area. They planted tea, strawberries, colonial cottages and narrow village lanes. The structures are still there and the agriculture is still thriving. The Worldwide Local photo by @ssdronescapes

Les Sources de Caudalie, France

Les Sources de Caudalie is the perfect getaway from Bordeaux. The hotel is surrounded by the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Rooms have terraces looking over the vineyards. Family suites have their own kitchenette to feed the kids. The hotel also has a fine dining restaurant, cozy bistro, lounge bar and wine bar to enjoy at night. The Worldwide Local photo by @paula_menendez_

Minimüzikhol in Istanbul

Get up close and personal with a new friend while at Minimüzikhol in Istanbul. This intimate bar is known for its eclectic DJ choices from local DJs to DJs from around the world, you probably won’t hear the same one twice. Stop by from Thursday to Sunday to get a glimpse of this nightlife. The Worldwide Local photo by Irena Stanisic and Jimeno Arnaud

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island is far from ordinary.⁠ Mackinac Island was once the center of the world’s fur trade. Now is a romantic island getaway.⁠ Cars aren’t allowed on the island. It has the only state highway that prohibits automobiles. You can boat to the island and use a bike or take a horse drawn carriage ride if you need to get from one place to another. But don’t worry walking is just as efficient. The town is also very pet-friendly! The Worldwide Local photo by @greendrinks

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is a small village tucked away in a valley with beautiful trees, enders nature and massive mountains. It is the charming mountain village that you always dreamed of going. It is quaint but there are streets with shops, restaurants, lodging and homes. It’s great for visitors and locals alike. The Worldwide Local photo by @cindysophie_

The Airbus ZEROe

Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035. All of these concepts rely on hydrogen as a primary power source so we will be able to fly clean!

Brattle Bookshop in Boston

Brattle Bookshop is an old bookshop opened in 1825, in Downtown Boston. You can find books, maps, prints, postcards and more here.

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Havana, Cuba

Havana’s colorful buildings and architecture is a product of its history and culture. Havana has undergone many architectural changes that were a result of the changes in the country. Cuban culture relishes their colorful buildings. ⁠⁠

Doha, Qatar

Doha is most famous for its mosques and modern buildings. The two create a juxtaposed sight to see. Although the region dates back to the Stone Age and even further back, Qatar was officially founded in 1971. Qatar has eclectic museums, historic sights and modern architecture. Qatar also has man made islands, such as The Pearl-Qatar, that is interesting and worth while to see. The Worldwide Local photo by @traveljeanieous


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Gwangjang Market in Seoul

Enjoy classic Korean street food at Gwangjang Market in Seoul. It is a cultural institution that no modern market can compete with! The Worldwide Local photo by Barrett

World Art Day

April 15th, World Art Day, is an international celebration of fine arts. It is celebrated on the 15th because it is the birthday of the world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was chosen as a symbol of freedom of expression, multiculturalism, innovation and world peace. Leonardo da Vinci was not only an artist but an innovator and thinker that changed the world around him and beyond by his discoveries, inventions and improvements in painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, mathematics the list goes on. He is mostly known for his paintings Mona Lisa and Last Supper.⁠

Porto Moniz, Portugal

The most famous cable car connects the Old Town of Funchal with the top of the Monte hill and Monte Palace Tropical Gardens. The cable car gives you amazing views of the entire bay of Funchal. The Worldwide Local photo by @lenajosefineb

Badeschiff in Berlin

If you are looking for things to do in Berlin, try one of the best Berlin attractions, the Badeschiff! It''s a great place, even for the city breaks! In the summer season, you can enjoy the open air bar and a sunbathing area. In the winter season, a temporary roof is built, where you can still enjoy the pool and the saunas. The Worldwide Local photo by Dany H. Bitar

Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Tired of Las Vegas'' bright lights and want to sit back and watch the stars in the dark? You still can do that in Vegas! Go to Red Rock Canyon, you can even camp here all night, just don''t forget to bring the right equipment with you.


SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection. If you book your flight last-minute, book a one-way ticket or return from a high-risk country, you’re more likely to be assigned the code. It’s not a big deal but search of your bags, extra body scans, questioning of your travel plans and a full-body pat-down may be a little bit annoying.

Ocean Drive, Miami

Miami is one of the world''s greatest and most iconic tourist destinations due to its warm climate, beautiful waters, great party scene, great restaurants and more! ⁠⁠

Sushi in Tokyo

Want a quick sushi bite without having to watch a chef cut and prepare every dish you have? Tokyo is filled with conveyor belt sushi restaurants, where you can grab and eat your heart’s content...without waiting. Plates are color-coded by price so you know what you’re getting into! The Worldwide Local photo by LMK Where To Eat

Hautes Gorges de la Riviere Malbaie National Park, Quebec

The park is located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, Canada. It is a part of the UNESCO Charlevoix biosphere reserve. The park was named after a series of valleys that cut into the mountain range. You can go for a hiking trip or in the winter a dog sledding trip at the highest peaks east of the Rocky Mountains.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a method of brewing very finely ground coffee made from Arabica beans. A traditional drink and a way of socializing in Turkey... A must-try!

Chai Tea Latte

Chai tea latte is a sweet drink that is made with milk, black tea, and mixed spices. Chai meaning “tea” has its roots in India. The chai dates back to 5000 to 9000 years ago to an ancient royal court. The original recipe was created as a healing beverage and thought to have medicinal value.

Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Fagradalsfjall had its first historic eruption on March 19, 2021. Fagradalsfjall had been lying dormant for 800 years until last march. The volcano is still spewing lava and expanding. Grindavik is a small fishing town in Icelanand’s southern coast. Now the area has become a volcanic tourist attraction.

The New World

This is the new world...

Santa Catalina, Spain

One a fishing hub now a hip town, Santa Catalina is a great place to hang out if you are visiting Palma, Spain. The streets are lined with painted cottages, art nouveau mansions and boutiques. You can also find dive bars with live music and delicious restaurants with global cuisines. The Worldwide Local photo by @style_and_scalpels

Queens Bath, Hawaii

This swimming hole isn’t called Queens Bath for no reason. This area was once reserved exclusively for royalty. It’s an extraordinary secret paradise where you can find tidal holes that make for a unique swimming experience. The Worldwide Local photo by @aimbo17

Caffe Levinsky 41 in Tel Aviv

Have you ever tasted “gazoz”? While the original gazoz consists of soda and artificial syrups, Caffe Levinsky 41 makes with soda and local herbs picked that morning. Take a look inside the store too, it looks like a mad scientist’s lab! The Worldwide Local photo by Jennifer Wallart

Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

The Santa Monica Pier has been a staple of Los Angeles since the 1900''s. Every year more than 6 million visitors travel to Santa Monica Pier from all over the world. The pier opened to the public on September 9, 1909 after 16 months of construction.

Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas

Take your bets off of the tables and on your fighter pilot skills with Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas. You’ll be supervised by a professional as you soar through the amazing deserts in Las Vegas. Be sure to bring your adventurous side! The Worldwide Local photo by Angela Kuan

The Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta

Remember old movies? People went to drive-in theatres in those movies. What if we say that you can have that experience in a historical place? The Starlight Six Drive-In is a 70 years old drive-in theater in Atlanta. It’s running 7 days a week. And also, there’s a flea market here on Saturdays.

Porto Moniz, Portugal

Porto Moniz is a charming little town surrounded by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The town historically specialized in whaling. The Madeira Islands never get too hot or too cold, therefore you can always enjoy their beaches. The Worldwide Local photo by @_sara_kowalsky_

Christmas Activities

Get into the holiday spirit! Pick your own tree, decorate it, visit a Christmas tree in your city or visit a holiday light show! If you can’t find one near you, you can always watch the Annual Saks Light Show online! The Worldwide local video by Aytakin Asgarova

Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom

The Scottish Highlands is an iconic region with lochs and forest. There is so much to see in the Scottish Highlands. The northern part of Scotland gained a global audience after being the backdrop of Harry Potter movies. The Worldwide Local photo by @joebhall_

16th Avenue Tiled Steps

San Francisco is filled with amazing hidden outdoor spots. Head to the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps for an Instagram moment. The Worldwide Local photo by Chloe

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is equally as German as it is Polish. In 1945, it was annexed by Poland following World War II. Gdansk was always coveted by Germans because it was a powerful city with easy access to the Baltic Sea. Gdansk is a popular tourist site for German visitors. You can always hear individuals speaking Deutsch. It is not a major issue for Gdansk residents, as many of them are fluent in this language. The Worldwide Local photo by @pixelpann


Best known as the home of the colossal temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia is a must-see for the Worldwide Locals.

Fort Worth Gardens, Texas

Take the cue from Adam and have fun at the Forth Worth Gardens. Head to our Instagram stories to explore the area. The Worldwide Local photo by Adam Roberts

Sibelius Monument in Helsinki

An ode to a legendary Finnish composer, this massive sculpture is meant to resemble a sound wave! 
This homage to Jean Sibelius is made of over 600 steel organ pipes and is over 27 feet tall. The Worldwide Local photo by Cam Mateos Betancourt

How to Celebrate

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St. Mary''s Glacier, Colorado

Saint Mary’s Glacier is actually not a glacier. It’s a permanent snowfield but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful! It’s a great day trip from Denver or a great way to getaway from the city bustle for a relaxing and challenging day. The Worldwide Local photo by @krismariawanders

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is one of the most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is spread out to 800,000 acres of temples, gardens and remains of the once sacred city, Incan. April is a great time to visit because it is right at the end of the rainy season, which means you might get a little wet but it also means that it won’t be too crowded. The trails will be less crowded.

Proximity Hotel, Greensboro

Proximity Hotel is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The area is situated halfway between the mountains and the ocean.⁠ The hotel was the first ever to earn the LEED Platinum certificate in the USA. During the construction phase of Proximity Hotel, on average 40% less energy was consumed and 30% less water consumed. The solar panels at the roof of the hotel allow it to produce its own hot water. Moreover, the elevator can use and make electricity from a built system that allows it to recycle energy. The Worldwide Local photo by @fabiana.trinca

The Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

The Airplane Graveyard in Ramkhamhaeng neighborhood may not be an official tourism site, but you can haggle with the owners of the land and get in for a small fee. The whole place is surrounded by long weeds, so don’t forget to bring some mosquito repellent with you! The Worldwide Local photo by Ibrahima

The Empty Bottle in Chicago

What started as a hole in the wall, The Empty Bottle is now a nighttime staple for indie musicians to play, and fans to drink for cheap. The Worldwide Local photo by Alexa Viscius

The Dead Zoo in Dublin

Located on the first floor of the Natural History Museum of Ireland in Dublin, you’ll find "the Dead Zoo" one of the most comprehensive displays of Irish wildlife, spanning over two million distinct species throughout the museum. The Worldwide Local photo by Mark Gray


If you are visiting LA be sure to visit LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. LACMA is actually the largest art museum in the Western US. It houses around 150,000 works of art. LA county residents can enjoy free admission from Monday-Friday after 3pm. “Urban Lights” has arguably become the face of LACMA. Urban Lights is Chris Burden’s work and was produced in 2008. Composed of historic streetlamp dating back to the 1920''s and 30''s these lights. The Worldwide Local photo by @reina.evangelino

Venetian Pool in Miami

Once a 4-acre coral rock quarry, the Venetian Pool in Miami is the largest freshwater pool in the U.S. Designed by architect Phineas Paist and artist Denman Fink, the pool takes architectural notes from Venice Italy with a Venetian style bridge and classic mooring posts. The Worldwide Local photo by Jessika Winnie

The Sidewalk Harp in Minneapolis

With just a wave of your hand, you can bring the sidewalk alive with “The Sidewalk Harp” , an interactive street art in Minneapolis. The Worldwide Local Photo by To Travel Is To Live

Wallace Falls State Park in Seattle

If the hike to Wallace Falls State Park 260 foot waterfall doesn’t take your breath away, the view will! The Worldwide Local photo by Brian Bohe

Don''t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen protects you from UVA and moisturizes your skin. Airplane windows have the ability to block UVB rays however, UVA rays can still come through the windows and keep in mind that you’re closer to the ozone layer while on board!

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Bonneville is one of the most unique places and environments on earth. The salt flats were formed when the ancient Lake Bonneville dried up. The lake is thought to be the size of Lake Michigan. It is thought to have covered most of the Great Basin area. The Great Salt Lake is a remnant of Lake Bonneville. During the last ice age about 15,000 years ago the Bonneville Salt Flats were a lake and it was the size of Lake Michigan. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @mallorysterrett

La Grande Roue de Montréal in Montreal

While some French architecture is known to be low in height, La Grande Roue de Montréal is anything but. Check out a spectacular view of the city from the tallest ferris wheel in all of Canada! The Worldwide Local photo by Itsjimerang

Karl The Fog

Did you know that the locals of SF named the fog in their city "Karl"? Karl has its own social media accounts too!

Christmas Market in Salzburg

The Salzburg Christmas Market feels like traveling through time. Besides seeing the Cathedral and a Fortress as a perfect backdrop to this picturesque location, you will find the fragrance of fresh baked goods, the sound of folk music, and much, much more! The Worldwide Local photo by Stefanie Landstetter

Quedlinburg, Germany

Quedlinburg is a quintessential medieval German town lined with medieval half timbered houses. Quedlinburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its halt timbered houses and Art Nouveau villas. The town is also considered as the heart and birthplace for Germany. The Worldwide Local photo by @where_is_daniela

Ko Samui, Thailand

Crystal clear water, beachside bungalows, a paradise on earth... Visit Ko Samui and witness the relaxed atmosphere!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Waterfalls, swimming holes, vineyards and olive orchards wait for your arrival in Dripping Springs, Texas! The Worldwide Local photo by @spacemoonyoga

Hobbitenango, Guatemala

Hobbitenango is inspired by the Lord of the Rings sets of New Zealand. It was started by 2 Guetamalans who are interested in eco friendly structures. The place is an eco retreat with two hobbit homes. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hobbitenango is a 25 minute drive from Antigua. It is exactly 7,800 ft above sea level. In such high altitudes you should always be prepared for unpredictable weather. It’s a great trip for nature lovers. All you need to do once you are there is relax, enjoy the nature, take in the scenery and experience the unique hobbit house. The Worldwide Local photo by @bucketlistbri

Grand Tetons, USA

Grand Tetons is one of the most famous mountain range in the world. The Tetons were the birthplace of American extreme skiing. They are not only famous for the extreme activities you can such as skiing and backcountry but more so for its wildlife that is preserved. The Tetons are home to a wide range of wildlife. Some of its habitants are grizzly bears, wolves, bison, bald eagle and more. You can go on a Yellowstone or Grand Teton safari tour to see all the wildlife. The Worldwide Local photo by @lukekellytravels

Breckenridge, Colorado

Skiing time for Breckenridge! Located in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County, Colorado, Breckenridge is one of the state’s most popular resort destinations!

High Line in New York

New York’s High Line is a place where you can spend a wonderful time. Originally built as a railroad is now a place to mingle with the locals. You can read a book, lay out in the grass or walk around.

Some Good News

Go to John Krasinski’s Youtube show for “Some Good News”!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, New York

Blue Hill is a farm to table restaurant set on an 80 acres estate shared with Stone Barn Center, a non-profit educational center for food and agriculture. The restaurant is set in an enchanting farm. The Worldwide Local photo by @clarecirillo

Traveling in Hong Kong

The first advice when you’re traveling is to choose public transport but if you’re in Hong Kong, it’s different. Taxi cabs are cheaper in Hong Kong than the other major cities around the globe.

Bodrum, Turkey

Have you heard of Halicarnassus?⁠⁠ If you have you’ll be surprised to hear that the ancient Geek city of Halicarnassus is actually Bodrum. You can still visit the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, also known as the Tomb Of Mausolus, whose name is the origin of the word “mausoleum”. ⁠⁠

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Virginia

⁠The Great Smoky Mountains are on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is the most visited national park in the USA. The park and the waterfalls are at their best in April. The park attracts visitors year-round and it’s actually one of the most popular national parks. The Worldwide Local photo by @victoriaann25

Georgetown in Washington

Washington D.C. has a lively neighborhood called Georgetown. It lies along the Potomac River and full of history. In Georgetown, you can shop, you can eat, you can have a great time!

Tianzi Mountain, China

Meet the forest that inspired the movie Avatar.⁠ Tianzi Mountains became the first national forest park in China in 1982. In 1992 it was officially recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The mountain gets is nam after Xiang Dakun, also called Tianzi, which means “son of heaven”. Xiang Dakun was a successful local farmers revolt who called himself Tianzi. The Worldwide Local photo by @annietime.yvr

Istanbul, Turkey

Have you heard of the The Maiden’s Tower⁠⁠? The Maiden’s Tower dates back to the 4th century. It is located on a tiny islet off the Asian coast of istanbul. The tower has been used for many reasons through out the centuries, such as lighthouse, watch tower and even a quarantine hospital during an epidemic. The tower has many myths and stories that have accumulated in the years.

Baita Segantini, Italy

Passo Rolle to Baita Segantini is an iconic hike in the Dolomites. The hike is around 4 miles and usually takes around 2 hours to complete. This of course depends on how many times you stop to take in the views. The chalet offers lunch for those who want a break. Make sure to call ahead of time and check their schedule before you plan your lunch. Dolomites is one of the most impressive and diverse mountain range in the world. They are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. The Worldwide Local photo by @folowski

12th & Porter in Nashville

Nashville is the capital of country music so you can hear it everywhere. 12th & Porter was a place where stars are born but now, it is a small venue where you can see live shows with good music. Definitely worth a visit!

Air in the Cabin

Did you know that humidity is around %12 in the cabin? That means the air is drier than most of the deserts! So don’t forget to stay hydrated on board.

Toronto, Canada

Best places to see foliage in Toronto⁠: Glen Steward Ravine, explodes with color mid October. High Park, in the fall the entire park turns to shades of orange and red while in the spring it''s covered in pink cherry blossoms. Scarborough Bluffs, hike the trails to emerge yourself in the fall leaves. Toronto Islands, the best part of visiting the islands in the fall is that its significantly less people then in the summer. Discover the countless tree species on the islands. The Don Valley, peak color is just around Thanksgiving so you still have time to plan this trip. The Worldwide Local photo by @mspix_

Yosemite Park

Rock climbing in Yosemite… It’s a real experience to try. Some people are a bit braver though… The Worldwide Local photo by Daniel Young

Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Rangiroa the largest atoll in French Polynesia, and the second largest in the world. An atoll is a ring shaped island/s formed by coral. It is located about 200 miles northeast of Tahiti. There are two passes in the Rangiroa Tiputa and Avatar. The passes are along the two villages. Avatar village is more commercial and is the governmental center for the Tuamotu islands. Tiputa village is more for tourism and exploring. The passes are lined by sandy beaches and palm trees. The Worldwide Local photo by @etiennesausau

Everglades National Park, Florida

Did you know that the Everglades is America’s largest subtropical wilderness? The Everglades National Park has been declared an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage site and a Wetland of International Importance. It is 1 of 3 locations to appear on all the lists. ⁠⁠

CLEAR and TSA PreCheck

Try signing up to CLEAR or TSA PreCheck. You will save serious time!

Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally has officially started! It is an off-road endurance event. This year, the races take place in Saudi Arabia until January 15. Get ready for full excitement!

Igreja do Carmo, Porto

Get to see one of the oldest buildings in historic Porto and one of the narrowest buildings in the world. Igreja do Carmo is a combination of two buildings, one from the 1600s and the other from the 1700s. It was build by the Roman Catholic Church to be used as a convent. The Worldwide Local photo by @thefruitgoddesss

Superbowl LV

Super Bowl Weekend has officially begun!

Kitebase Gokova

Robo continues to surprise you! Kitesurfing with Robo includes 25% off on your first kitesurfing lesson or equipment rental with Kitebase Gokova. Visit our homepage for detail.

Fu Chun in Shanghai

Xiao Long Bao is a delicious Chinese dumpling soup. You can try this delicacy''s Shanghainese-style version at Fu Chun, just like the locals of Shanghai.

The Eiserner Steg in Frankfurt

Have you ever heard that Frankfurt is another city of love? See for yourself! The Eiserner Steg or the Iron Bridge is the only walking bridge over the Main River. Another special thing about this bridge is the love locks! People in love come here and lock padlocks, then throw the key to the river. This bridge is also the right place for the skyline view.

Bosco Verticale in Milan

Bosco Verticale is a prototype building that experiments with metropolitan reforestation. There are 800 total trees planted on these towers. In any given weather or temperature, you can find about 1600 species of birds or butterflies calling the space home. The Worldwide Local photo by Tatiana

Murat Guloglu

Turkish journalist, news anchor and worldwide local Murat Guloglu gives free tickets! To get a chance to get one of the 5 tickets (domestic and one-way) follow Roboair’s Instagram account (@roboairofficial) and comment airplane emoji under the Murat Guloglu post on Roboair’s Instagram account. That’s all! Results will be announced on on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver

Get what some locals call a “squirrel’s eye view” of the beautiful Capilano River, just 20 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. Take a walk along the Capilano Suspension bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view of the greenery beneath you. The Worldwide Local photo by Paulina Cuevas

Kayaking in Sydney

Looking to see Sydney from a different perspective? Try kayaking on the harbor! There a number of tour companies to help you sightsee Sydney, like Sydney Harbor Kayaks, or OZ Paddle! The Worldwide Local photo by Paige Baileyy

Haga in Gothenburg

Strolling through Gothenburg’s oldest neighborhood Haga might drain you, so be sure to stop for “fika” (a Swedish coffee break) and “Hagabullen” (giant cinnamon buns)! Café Husaren is where you will find locals re-fueling. The Worldwide Local photo by Irene BM

Seealpsee, Switzerland

Seealpsee is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Switzerland. It is located in the Alpstein region of Appenzell. The lake is crystal clear and fresh. The Worldwide Local photo by @martinskylife

Wat Pho in Bangkok

A giant reclining Buddha, one of the oldest temples in Thailand, and… massages? What? More like Wat Pho. A must see destination in Bangkok, Thailand. The Worldwide Local photo by Cori

Catacombs in Paris

In the 17th century, Paris’ cemeteries were too overflowed to accommodate the deceased. As a result, they buried the bodies of about 6 million Parisians under the busy streets in the Catacombs. The Worldwide Local photo by Anna

Bayard Cutting Arboretum State Park, New York

Bayard Cutting Arboretum is a museum of trees. While a state park it is very different than a typical “park”. Activities such as biking, picnicking, sports and pets are not allowed. Instead it showcases different types of plants. Bayard Cutting Arboretum is 691 acres. It is a state park located in Great River, New York.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @jaszzhang

Niki''s Oasis in Johannesburg

If you want to have a great vacation, you should eat good food and listen to good music. Niki’s Oasis, the oldest music venue in Johannesburg, is an ideal place for great music.

The Burano Houses in Venice

The Burano Houses are brightly colored homes off the coast of Venice. The entire town is painted every two years to keep the color as fresh as possible. The Worldwide Local photo by @uragan_veter

Westminster Kennel Show

The Westminster dog show starts today! The 2 day event features more than 2,700 dogs competing to be the best!

Happy Thanksgiving

Robo wishes a very happy thanksgiving with your family!

Cereal Killer Cafe in London

London''s Cereal Killer Cafe is a place for cereal enthusiasts to devour over 50 types of cereal served in unimaginable ways! The Worldwide Local photo by Ela Guri

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular drinks of the holiday season. To spruce up your hot chocolate this year try making your own hot chocolate bomb with all of your favorite treats hidden inside! The Worldwide Local photo by Michu Bakes

The Writer''s Block Rehab in Philadelphia

You can bring friends if you want but your greatest writer companions line the walls of this laidback bar. The Writer’s Block Rehab in Philadelphia has interesting cocktails and celebrates writers in every nook and cranny. You’re sure to spot a book you recognize. The Worldwide Local photo by Roman

Allan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s Allan Gardens Conservatory is a beautiful blossoming escape from the city. Plants bloom here year-round! The Worldwide Local photo by Sydney Dingman

Borghetto sul Mincio, Verona

One of the most romantic and charming villages of Italy. Borghetto sul Mincio is a small village with around 200 residents. Its peaceful and charming with ancient houses. The village is so small that it doesn’t even have a pharmacy, so be sure to pack everything you need! The Worldwide Local photo by @wheremichelagoes

Beaver Falls, Arizona

Beaver falls is a set of small falls that are located close to each other. It is located in the Havasupai Falls in the Havasupai Reservation. The trail to Beaver Falls is 3 miles long. The hike follows Havasu Creek downstream. On the hike you will be required to waddle through knee deep water through the crossings so be sure to wear water shoes.  The Worldwide Local photo by @allysondorsey

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kaneohe lies between the Ko’olau mountain range and the Kāneʻohe Bay. Find yourself in the beautiful waters of the bay or the forested mountain range.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @sarahfoxxx

Ilha Grande, Brazil

The marine life, Parnaioca Beach that is only accessible by a boat or hiking, ancient arcs in the rainforest... Visit Ilha Grande. You''ll thank Robo later.

Salinas Grandes in Jujuy

Salinas Grandes is a desert with over 12,000 hectares of salt in Jujuy, Argentina. On sunny days, the area gets really bright, so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you. The Worldwide Local photo by Matias Sentis

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. It’s the second deepest lake in UA and top 10 in the world. To put into perspective how tall it is, you can fully submerge the Empire State Building! The lake is 1644 feet deep. The Worldwide Local photo by @jenuinely.lost and @iamcurtdelia

Unity in Burning Man

It’s really hard to live in the desert on your own. You should join a camp before going to the Burning Man Festival. That way, you can live this experience at its fullest, because unity is the keyword of the festival!

Opera House in Oslo

While the interior of Oslo''s opera house may be a breathtaking sight to behold, you can get a whole new view from the top of the building as well. The Worldwide Local photo by Fahira Fazlic

Charleston, South Carolina

Rainbow Row is one of the iconic sites of Charleston. There are 13 brightly colored houses along the waterfront. The houses are all in pastel colors and are located on East Bay Street along the Battery. The Worldwide Local photo by @lostinlaurelland

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir also has a dreamy coastal ambiance, with views of picturesque seascape, and a slower pace of life. Discover the charming city of Izmir with this insider’s guide to Turkey’s hidden gem. Worldwide locals can delve deep into Izmir’s laid back atmosphere, with locals who have roots dating back to ancient eras, while seeing Roman architectures that have stood the test of time.⁠

Rolls Royce''s ionBird

Rolls Royce unveiled its ground-breaker plane on late 2019 and now tests of the plane has been completed. ionBird has a 500 HP electric powertrain and a battery with energy to supply 250 homes.

Merry Christmas

Robo wishes everyone a very merry Christmas!

Quarantine in Spain

The world continues to unite for COVID-19. People in Spain under quarantine, organizing communal workouts to keep their morale high. The Worldwide Local video by Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales and Gonzalo Gbroto

The Broken Shaker in Miami

The perfect place for a dip and a sip is The Broken Shaker at the Freehand! Escape the heat, enjoy a cocktail, and take a dip in the pool on their patio! The Worldwide Local photo by Broken Shaker

Fashion in Milan

Italy is the capital of fashion but you don’t have to spend all of your money on luxury brands. There are outlets and vintage shops in Milan where you can find cheap but fashionable items.

Kootenai Falls, Montana

Kootenai Falls is the largest undammed falls in the state of Montana. The swinging bridge connects the two sides of the river. The Worldwide Local photo by @chrismegoodbye

Liquidrom in Berlin

Who knew that techno and relaxation worked so perfect? Liquidrom did. 
Liquidrom is probably the only place in the world where you can lie in a bath and listen to techno. Amenities include outdoor baths, Finnish dry and steam saunas, massages, and techno!

 The Worldwide Local photo by Andrea Port-Denes

Le Morne, Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful place to kite because of its spectacular views. Mauritius is a great place for beginners and pros as there is the best of two worlds. The beaches are expansive and the water is shallow which is a great combo for beginners. The best season to go is between May and November.

Jumeriah Public Beach in Dubai

Ride the waves or ride a camel at the white sanded Jumeirah Public Beach in Dubai! The Worldwide Local photo by Sophie Westerink

Neuer Zollhof in Düsseldorf

Neuer Zollhof is the modern face of Düsseldorf. The 3 giant sculpture buildings were designed by American architect Frank O. Gehry. You can have a nice meal at one of the restaurants on the ground floor. The Worldwide Local photo by Gaia Moretti

Portillo''s in Chicago

Every kind of food is a friend. That’s why Chicago invented the “depression sandwich”. They top it with mustard, relish, chopped onions, and tomatoes at Portillo’s. You should try one. It brings joy.

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day...

John Muir Trail, California

John Muir is the reason why there are national parks and forests in the USA today. He is credited to the creation of the National Park System. The JMT takes about 3 weeks to complete averaging 10-12 miles a day. The trail runs through 3 national parks and is one of the hardest trails.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @wishfornatureandtravel


Did you know that LA locals are called "Angelenos"? You will be an Angeleno with robo.

Harbin, China

Winter may be both snowy and peaceful, as well as colorful and bustling. However, you must go to the correct location. If you’re seeking for a winter experience, you should visit the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. You may not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of pure white snow and ice, but also engage in a variety of fun activities and events. The festival’s opening ceremony will take place on January 5, 2022. Bring your passport, as well as fur-lined shoes, ear muffs, fur-lined leather gloves, a down jacket, multiple pairs of socks, padded leggings, a hat, scarf, and a mask.

Fioraio Bianchi Caffe in Milan

Fioraio Bianchi Caffe in Milan is also a flower shop. Have a wonderful traditional Italian breakfast, then take a bunch of flowers to take home. The Worldwide Local photo by Blagovesta

How To Start The Day

A traditional Turkish breakfast consists of olives, homemade jams, honey, cucumber, tomatoes, menemen (Turkish scrambled egg), simit (sesame bread) and Turkish tea. How do you start your day?

He knows...

He knows where to sleep, so will you with robo!

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is most popular for its impressive underground caves. The park became a national park in 1930. There are so far 117 caves known in the park but more are constantly being discovered. “The Big Room” is the largest accessible cave in North America. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @coloradotoelsewhere

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodian flag is the only one in the world with a building on it. The building is “Angkor Wat”. Angkor Wat is the world''s largest religious building!

Spitalfields, London

Evidence shows that people have been living in Spitalfields h since the late 1300s. Spitalfields was originally rural but later slowly developed to become what we know of it today. Fun Fact, In the 19th century Spitalfields was one of the most dangerous places in London. This is where the notorious serial killer⁠ Jack the Ripper spread his terrors. The Worldwide Local photo by @paul_withbread_photo

Peabody Conservatory of Music Library in Baltimore

Peabody Conservatory of Music''s "cathedral of books" stands 6 floors high! The Worldwide Local photo by Xena Raw

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville

Sometimes, the best view isn’t always from a rooftop or a skyrise window. The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is the best place to find a view in Nashville. The Worldwide Local photo by Caroline Sanchie


If you are visiting Taiwan here are 5 places to see before you leave the country. ⁠Sun Moon Lake, Tainan, The Penghu National Scenic Area, Beitou Hot Springs and Jiufen! The Worldwide Local photo by @s.yin.h

Matakauri Lodge, New Zealand

Matakauri Lodge is a small lodge located outside of Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu.The lodge has only 11 rooms and is known for its amazing staff, delicious food, spectacular scenery and discrete luxury. Some of the things to do in Matakauri Lodge include adventure sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving, river rafting and heli-skiing. The Worldwide Local photo by @taramilktea

Sedona Vortex, Arizona

Sedona Vortex is believed to be one of the most magical places on earth. Many people feel the calming and peaceful energy that the vortex releases. The vortex also has ground breaking scenery that is unique to Sedona!

Avanos Carpets in Cappadocia

Visit Avanos in Cappadocia and see how local women weave carpets... You will see startling carpets made of wool, cotton, and silk... all hand made! The Worldwide Local photo by Melanie Everywhere

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah

Formed by erosion of pink Navajo Stone, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a fun place alongside its beauty! You can camp, hike, drive ATVs and even surf on the sand! The Worldwide Local video by Cassandra Sandström

Cat Village in Taipei

Houtong is a former coal mining village that had some unlikely migrants: cats. 
That’s right. Half of the village has been overrun with hundreds of cats. They have definitely influenced the culture as well. You will find pet bowls throughout the streets, street signs with cats on them, cat cafes and even a cat shaped bridge!
 The Worldwide Local photo by Andrea Denise Jurilla

Turbulence on Flight

Choose early morning flights! The weather gets hotter during the day and that causes more turbulence on air. One more tip, if you don’t have the chance to choose the time, you can choose your seat! You’ll feel less bumpy on wing seats.

Bran Castle, Romania

Celebrate Halloween at Count Dracula’s castle. Transylvania is home to the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula. If you are a Dracula fan you can actually now celebrate Halloween at Bran Castle. There is a night tour of the castle as well as a costume party. Be sure to put your best outfit on because people dress to the nines. 

Goulash in Budapest

Traveling to Budapest around Christmas? You can try the country’s most famous food Goulash in a bread bowl in the annual Christmas market.

Happy Halloween!

Check out our IG stories for Covid-free Halloween ideas!

Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore airport was already chosen as #1 airport in the world, now its going to be really tough to beat! Jewel Changi s a mall like no other, it Is located in the Jewel Changi Airport and connects the 4 terminals to each other. The Jewel Changi cost $1.25 billion dollars to build and was designed by Moshe Sadie. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @blushblushtomato

Mam Xoi, Vietnam

Mam Xoi is a hilly place that is known for its rice terraces. It is one of the most cultivated topographies in the world. It attracts hikers, photographers, travelers from all around the world to view this unique topography. ⁠The Worldwide Local photo by @jessicatran.jpeg

Habitat 67 in Montreal

With 146 apartments stacked on top of one another, Habitat 67 of Montreal is truly a sight to behold. An architectural marvel that actually serves a purpose, housing Montreal locals. The Worldwide Local photo by Valeria Bentele

Koko Crater Trail in Honolulu

At the top of Koko Crater you''ll find the perfect view of Honolulu, but getting the top is no easy feat! You must first climb over 1,000 steps made of an old railroad track to reach the peak. The Worldwide Local photo by Kendal Barlow Richey

Vermont, USA

Vermont is known for its natural landscape, big mountains and beautiful foliage. Vermont is home to more than 100 19th century covered wooden bridges. Foliage in Vermont is from mid-September till late October. There is a period where every hillside and mountain will be covered in burnt orange colors. The Worldwide Local photo by @timothy_blake_felix

Allen''s Boots in Austin

When you''re in Austin, you''ll see a big red boot sign at the South Congress Avenue. Step in and enter the world of boots! There are thousands of boots from the floor to the ceiling. Maybe the next pair is yours... The Worldwide Local video by Julie

Saville Dam, Connecticut

Saville Dam is a great place to experience panoramic views of foliage. It was completed in 1940 and was filled to capacity 1948. Saville Dam is 135 ft tall and 1950 ft long. The dam overlooks the reservoir by the forest. The Barkhamsted Reservoir is still the primary water supply for the city of Hartford and the surrounding area. Barkhamsted is a historic town that actually was one of the last towns to be occupied by settlers in the 16th century. The Worldwide Local photo by @birchandbambi

Aurora Borealis

Did you know that the Northern Lights are a phenomenon that has been observed since the 1600s? But how does it work? When charged particles from the Sun strike atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, they cause electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Kayaking inches away from massive glaciers is only one of the things you can do at the Kenai Fjords National Park. Other than that you can hike at Exit Glacier or watch whales!

Nonbei Yokocho in Tokyo

A tiny alley filled with lanterns and even tinier bars, Drunkard’s Alley in Shibuya has lived up to its name!
 The Worldwide Local photo by Ivy Chu

Magura, Romania

They say, “Paradise is a place on Earth, it’s called Magura.” Magura is a sweet escape from the city, a Romanian village without tourist crowds, souvenir shops and large guest houses. This is a place for families with children, cyclists, mountain explorers, climbers and photo ethusiasts. The Worldwide Local photo by @ovidiulazar74

Gokayama, Japan

Gokayama is a UNESCO protected area tucked under the Japanese Alps. Gokayama is located in the coldest region of Japan. It is one of the best places to experience rural Japan and the Japanese Alps. The UNESCO protected 3 villages cover 170 acres. The area is famous for its farmhouses that are designed in “Gasshō-style”, one of the most important and rare types of farmhouses in Japan. These farmhouses have steeply slanting roofs that are designed to shed snow. They were historically designed to house big agricultural families.⁠

Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

This cenote was once upon a time reserved for Mayan royalty. They believed the place was sacred and frequently had religious services here. The swimming hole is a 30-minute drive from Valladolid City and a couple of hours’ drive from Cancun.

Boat Ride in Stockholm

Did you know that Stockholm consists of around 30.000 islands? The boat ride is the best option for sightseeing. There are many companies offering a boat ride around the city.

Echo Park Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles

Ready for a time travel in Los Angeles? Echo Park Time Travel Mart is going to blow your mind with its old products of the future like robot milk! With every purchase, you are going to help their nonprofit creative writing programs. The Worldwide Local Photo by Bea Katrina

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington

One of the best times to be in Washinton DC is during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Surround yourself with the trees that only bloom for a short amount of time during the year. The Worldwide Local photo by Hope Marshall

Gavle Goat

A Swedish kind of Christmas… Gavle Goat is displayed annually at Slottstorget, Gavle. It’s a giant version of a Yule Goat! The Worldwide Local photo by @pennylane_floofster

The Ceramic Fish in Belfast

The tiles on the 33 ft (10 m) long ceramic fish in Belfast’s Donegall Quay portray the city’s rich history. The Worldwide Local photo by Feryareli

Welcome 2021!

Robo wishes everyone a very happy new year!

Superbowl LV

Are you ready for the big game? Don’t miss out The Weeknd’s halftime show!

Nile River, Egypt

The Nile River is the world’s second-longest river. Located in Eastern Africa, it is 4132 miles long. One of the most interesting things about the river is that it flows from South to North. It flows from the African Great Lakes towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Vis, Croatia

Vis is a beautiful town on the Adriatic waters. It’s famous for its dramatic cliffs and exotic beaches. The one down side is that it is harder to get to since there are no direct flights but it also comes with its advantages, less tourists. Although it has gained much popularity in recent years there are still many beaches untouched and coves undiscovered.

Apostle Island, Wisconsin

Renting kayaks and visiting amazing sea caves are just some of the things you can do at the Apostle Islands... The Worldwide local photo by kiracosta

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Once one of Berlin’s poorest areas now has become the hub to museums, galleries, indie cafes and restaurants. Due to the large Turkish community in this area you can also find authentic Turkish food. The Worldwide Local photo by @nesemcelikkaya

Fried Maple Leaves in Osaka

Looking to show your taste buds a new leaf? Take a trip to Minoo National Park and try a Japanese delicacy: fried maple leaves. They’re pickled, battered, and deep-fried! The Worldwide Local video by Val

Street Foods of Turkey

Turkey has a rich culture, beautiful nature and also delicious street foods! Boiled/grilled corn, roasted chestnut, sesame bagel, stuffed mussels, sheep''s intestines, baked potato, steamed burger... You should taste all of them! 

Annabel''s, London

Annabel’s is known for its unique facades that take over mayfair. In September the facade of Annabel’s in Mayfair was a vibrant tableau of botanicals with giant parrots. The project was done in partnership with the caring family foundation aimed to raise awareness to the deforestation crisis. If you are in London be sure to walk by Annabel’s to get a chance to see their newest facade. The Worldwide Local photo by @liolaliola

Dia De Los Muertos

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that celebrates life and death. It is believed that, the spirits of the dead come back on this day!

God''s Own Junkyard in London

On the weekends you can visit God’s Own Junkyard. This warehouse is lined from the floor to the ceiling with handmade neon lights so there’s always a need for a second glance. The Worldwide Local photo by Lola Williams

Love Is Contagious

Spread the love, not the disease. Stay home, keep your spirits up! The Worldwide Local photo by Elisa


Although this isn’t the only place you can ski, it is definitely one of our favorites. Visit Vermont and see for yourself!

Les Jardines D’Etretat in France

Les Jardines D’Etretat is a worth-visiting place on your trip to France. The breathtaking view of the Normandy Coast is a big plus! Villa Roxelane’s startling garden of modern art was crafted by Madame Thebault who was a good friend of Claude Monet. The Worldwide Local photo by Elizaveta Kuznetsova

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is a paradise of hidden lagoons, white sanded beaches, adventures and stunning islands. El Nido is located at the northern tip of Palawan Island. Plan to spend 3-5 days here if you want to truly explore its beauty. The Worldwide Local photo by @saidatulathrah

Social Distancing Fest

It’s festival time! Join in on the fun at the social distancing festival.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Aroaki/Mount Cook is the tallest mountain and longest glacier in New Zealand. Approximately 40% of the park is accounted for by glaciers. The area is home to 8 of the 12 glaciers in New Zealand.Fun fact, The first summit attempt to Aoraki/Mount Cook was made in 1882 but the first summit was in 1894. You should go the area for at least 3 days if you want to experience everything the region has to offer, from mountain ranges to alpine lakes. The Worldwide Local photo by @travelswithkenz

Beltline in Atlanta

Beltline is more than a park, it''s a living place. There are murals to see, long trails to explore, skateparks, green areas, cafes and much more! Visit Atlanta and see for yourself!

Pocitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Neretva River flows from Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the Adriatic Sea. The most famous thing about the Neretva River is the Mostar Bridge located in Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The bridge was constructed by the Ottomans in the 16th century. In the summer, at the end of July, there is a diving contest that is organized from the top of the bridge. It has become a tradition for the young people of Mostar to show courage by jumping off the bridge. The Worldwide Local photo by @lunjalook⁠

Salinas Grande, Miramar

Miramar, Nicaragua is a small fishing village with warm waters, not so crowded waves, amazing local food, and beautiful scenery!

Rue B in New York

The best night of live jazz and handcrafted cocktails you can ask for is at Rue B in New York City. The Worldwide Local photo by Emiliano Lasansky

Kas, Turkey

Kas is a seaside town on the Mediterranean cost of Turkey. The town was built on the land of the ancient city of Antiphellos whose ruins still remain visible. The 4th century Lion Tomb with 2 carved lion heads is one of the many Lycian tombs in the area. The area is rich with history, ancient artifacts and beautiful waters. The Worldwide Local photo by @baya-iyi

Metro Art Gallery in Stockholm

From murals to installations, there’s something for everyone at Stockholm''s subway system gallery! The Worldwide Local photo by Ivee''

Gumwall in Seattle

One of the most interesting things to see in Seattle is the famous gumwall. People start to stick their gums in the 1990s, and the wall cleaned off in 2015. But the people wanted it back so the tradition started again.

George The Autopilot

What we know as “autopilot” is actually “George” for pilots and aviation people. There are 2 theories about it. Theory 1, It was named after the first person who patented the autopilot in 1930, George DeBeeson. Theory 2, it was named after King George VI. During World  War 2 the Royal Air Force pilots used to say “I’m flying with George” which represented and belonged to the British Monarchy.

Bollenstreek in Amsterdam

When the spring comes to Amsterdam, you know its time to smell the flowers! Bollenstreek is at the west of the city and definitely should be in your "things to do in Amsterdam" list with a mesmerizing pasture of flower bulbs and sand dunes. The Worldwide Local photo by Jenneke Willems

Royal Mansour, Marrakech

The Royal Mansour is a dazzling hotel that has thought of every single detail for guests. There are 53 individual 3 story villas on the property. All villas have a mini courtyard, living room, bedroom and a private rooftop with a fireplace and hot tub. The Royal Mansour is not only known for its extraordinary decor but also its service. You will be taken care of here and will have to worry about nothing thanks to the 24/7 butler service. The Worldwide Local photo by @royalmansour

Gokayama, Japan

This UNESCO protected village in the Japanese Alps is famous for its unique farmhouses that are architecturally unique to the region. Definitely a must-see!

Tower of Saint Vincent in Lisbon

Time is changing so are the places too... Lisbon’s Tower of Saint Vincent was constructed during the Portuguese Renaissance to defend the city, but now, it is a beautiful sight and a landmark to see.

Elb Tunnel in Hamburg

Constructed in 1911, The St. Pauli Elb Tunnel measures 2,000 ft long! 
This pedestrian underground tunnel connects Hamburg’s city center to the south side. The Worldwide Local photo by Paul Evan Becker

Shoshone Falls National Park, Idaho

Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States. It has a 212 feet drop - that’s 36 feet higher that Niagara Falls! It is located on Snake River, the largest tributary to the Columbia River. The Snake river carves its way through the basalt canyons. The Worldwide Local photo by @outofthewoods

Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia is the divided city of Cyprus, it is a unique city that is the capital to both South and North Cyprus. It has become the cultural and economical center for Cyprus. The Worldwide Local photo by @antonisioa

Whelan''s Pub in Dublin

Dublin is brewing beer for over 5000 years! You can visit Whelan’s Pub to try different kinds of beer. While doing that, you can enjoy live music and dance too!

Times Square, New York

Times Square is one of the world''s busiest pedestrian areas in the world. Around 340,000 pedestrians pass through Times Square on a typical day!⁠⁠

Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

Umpqua National Forest is one of the most popular hot sprigs in Oregon. There are 3 hot springs, each increasing in temperature as you go.Enjoy the warmth of the hot springs as you marvel in the picturesque scenery. The hot spring also features a tub covered with a wooden structure. The Worldwide Local photo by @sunlight.of.the.spirit

Bishop Museum in Honolulu

Hawaii is not all about the sea, the sand, and the sun. It has a culture of nearly 1500 years. Visit the largest museum in Hawaii, The Bishop Museum in Honolulu, and see the royal family heirlooms and Hawaiian artifacts.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA. It’s an ideal destination for travelers who are interested in architecture, history, and sports. From world-class museums and picturesque neighborhoods to brewery tours, there are plenty of sights to discover in the capital of Massachusetts. Walk down the postcard-perfect narrow streets lined with brick sidewalks and visit the Museum of Afro-American History to admire the beauty of Louisburg Square. History-buffs and book lovers can check out the antiquarian Brattle Book Shop, which is located just a few steps from the Boston Opera House.

The Sphinx, Cairo

The Sphinx is a mythical creature with a body of a lion and the head of a human, falcon or ram. The Sphinx symbolizes multiple things. First, it is seen as a guardian figure, as the protector of the pyramids and the sun god, Re. Second, it can represents the pharaoh and it’s divine power. Sometimes the Sphinx would be painted so it resembled the pharaoh it was meant to represent. The Worldwide Local photo by @somethingwanderfull

Go-carting in Tokyo

Looking for different ways of transport in Tokyo? Hop into a go-kart then! You can see the landmarks while you’re racing with your friends in a go-cart car! The best part is, you can wear a costume while racing, just like in a video game.

Temples in Singapore

Singapore may be one of the most expensive cities in the world but not everything is about spending money in this city. You can see most of the temples for free!

Ming Artifacts in Beijing

If you are interested in world history, you should step into the tombs of the Ming Dynasty Emperors in Beijing, China. This place is full of history, during the Cultural Revolution, priceless Ming artifacts and even the skeletons of the Wanli Emperor and Empress were destroyed. But today, you can visit the impressive necropolis and see all that is still intact. The Worldwide Local photo by Dinorah Martinez Schulte

Notting Hill, United Kingdom

London is filled with charming houses. Notting Hill is famous for its colorful houses. The area became much more famous with the blue door from the rom-com Notting Hill staring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The Worldwide Local photo by @girlwiththeredbob

Maroon Bells, Colorado

The Maroon Bells are the most photographed mountains in North America! The area is called Maroon for reason, the mountains have a distinctive maroon coloring from the weathering of hematite, an iron bearing mineral. This basin was sculpted by Ice Age glaciers. The Worldwide Local photo by @ecemalcn

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Needle Number 8 in Taipei

Get a permanent souvenir on your Taipei trip! Needle Number 8 is a very popular tattoo studio, you should make an appointment at least a week before getting your tattoo.

Dusty Groove in Chicago

Chicago is an important place in music history. It''s known for its house, blues, hip hop, gospel, jazz, soul music. If you want to spend some local time in Chicago, you should visit the Dusty Groove music store. It''s an old record shop at the south of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, you can find vinyls of just about any genre of music here, from local legends to vintage classics! The Worldwide Local photo by Syndny with Jan Decent

Paramotoring in Dubai

Glide through the golden expanse of the deserts of Dubai with your very own paramotor. You won’t find any better views of the famous landscapes than from the sky. The Worldwide Local photo by Max Haim of Skydive Dream

Na Pali Coast State Park, Hawaii

If you love nature, waterfalls and cliffs that meet the ocean you need to go to Hawaii. Napali Coast State Wilderness Park is located in the northwest of Kauai Island. It is known for its beautiful nature with sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls and streams. The Worldwide Local photo by @claylokauai

Church of Cannabis in Denver

If you are looking for an instagrammable sight, or to elevate to a higher sense of self, check out Denver’s International Church of Cannabis. Founded on April 20th (of course). They frequently host colorful events for the public. The Worldwide Local photo by Lexi Schwartz

Hot Toddy

Favorite drink of December is Hot Toddy! A hot toddy is a tea-like drink that is made from lemon, honey and a touch of spirit (bourbon/scotch/whiskey) of your choice. Try at home for yourself!

The Spot in Riga

The Spot in Riga is Baltics’ largest skate park and it has a trampoline area, a climbing rock wall, a fitness room, and an acrobatics hall. Don’t worry if you’re not a good skater, you can practice your moves in the foam pit as well. The Worldwide Local video by Madars Apse

Holy Matcha in San Diego

Matcha may be a traditional Japanese drink, but you can try the best matcha in Holy Matcha, San Diego. Matcha Latte, Matcha Lemonade or any other matcha... Great place to take some shots for Instagram too. The Worldwide Local photo by Stephanie Ferra

White Paint... But Why?

Why are the planes painted white? There are several reasons. Firstly, it is more economic because of heat reflection. Secondly, white paint is less expensive. Other than those, white paint helps revealing the tiniest crack. And birds can see the reflection better coming from a white surface.

Lemurs in Madagascar

Turquoise waters, soft white sand, and bright sun. Nosy Be is a paradise in Madagascar. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing are some of the things you can do… Don’t forget to say hi to lemurs in Nosy Komba… The Worldwide Local photo by Gerda Pranskeviciute

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, also known as the blue pearl of Morocco. Chefchaouen is the blue city, filled with blue alleyways and blue washed buildings. The reason why the city is blue is still somewhat a mystery yet it is said to symbolize the sky, the sea and the heaven as a reminder of spiritual life.

Left Side of the Plane

It’s easier to align the plane door with the terminal for the captain pilot because she/he sits on the left-side of the cockpit. In addition, when you get on a plane, ground crew refuels the plane and loads your luggage into the hatch, without delaying the boarding of passengers.

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Reserve is located near Bettles, Alaska. It is one of the last truly wild places on earth. You’ll get to spot wildlife, float on rivers, enjoy the glacial valleys and watch the northern lights with no interruptions.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @amycjacqjohnson

Cocktails in New York

Bars in New York started selling to-go cocktails. The Worldwide Local photo by Adam Gray

Baby''s Allright in Brooklyn

Baby''s Allright is a venue for local artists like Twin Peaks but if you''re lucky, you can catch secret shows of important artists like St. Lucis and Beach House. The Worldwide Local photo by Liz Maney

St. Mark''s Square, Venice

The square where Venice Carnival is celebrated… St.Mark’s Square was constructed in the 9th century. To the front of it is Saint Mark’s Basilica and adjacent is Doge’s Palace. The Worldwide Local photo by @ini_globista

Alberta, Canada

Winter may be cold in Alberta, but with so many fun things to do, there’s no reason to sit inside. Here are top 3 activities to enjoy winter, in Alberta, Canada: Winter hiking, hiking doesn’t have to be limited to the summer months, especially in Alberta, where there are several beautiful winter routes. Fat Biking⁠, A fat bike is an off-road bicycle with large tires that can be a great way to explore the winter trails in Alberta. The bigger tires make riding on soft and slick terrain, such as snow and ice, much easier. Dog Sledding, Sled dogs provided mobility in rural areas of Canada before snowmobiles. Today, it’s more of a tourist attraction, with only a few organizations in Alberta offering dog sledding experiences. The Worldwide Local photo by @emogoatmom

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Sobrino de Botin in Madrid

The oldest restaurant in the world. Mentioned in a Hemingway novel. Specialized in roast suckling pig. A wine cellar that takes you back in time. Yeah, you need to go here. The Worldwide Local photo by Norman from Rock Your Shutter

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum was once called “Zama”. Zama means place of the dawning sun. The ancient Mayans gave Tulum this name as it was one of the first places to receive sunlight everyday. The Worldwide Local photo by @sabineandtanner

Airplane Doors

The weight of an average airplane door is about 220 lb (100 kg). When the aircraft is at flight altitude, the pressure difference seals the door and prevents it from being opened until the pressure equalizes.

Castle Combe, England

Welcome to England’s most beautiful village! Castle Combe has appeared in numerous films, including The Wolf Man, Stardust, and Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse. It was also featured in the first Dr. Doolittle movie.⁠ The village has a long history, and the houses are constructed of honey-colored Cotswold stone, which is typical of this region. The Worldwide Local photo by @wander_linaa

The Mystery Castle in Phoenix

A magical sandcastle built by a father for his daughter to live in... Mystery Castle was made with mountain rocks, boxcar siding, remnants of old phone poles, car rims, and railroad tracks... It has 18 rooms, a dungeon, and a wedding chapel! The Worldwide Local photo by Marinelle

Reine, Norway

The Lofoten Islands are a heaven for the outdoors. Activities that are most popular are hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing, skiing, kayaking and arctic surfing are just some of them! The Worldwide Local photo by @andyjohansenn

Lodhi Art District in New Delhi

Lodhi Art District is the first open-air public art district in all of India. You can see colorful murals that mix Western and Indian art here. The Worldwide Local photo by Swati Ahuja

Bar Nayuta in Osaka

There are plenty of speakeasy bars around Osaka, but none like Bar Nayuta. Don''t know what you want to drink? There''s no menu, just tell the bartender what you like and they''ll whip you up something. The Worldwide Local photo by Satish Mistry

Bucharest, Romania

BOB Coffee Lab is one of the most popular coffee shops in not only Bucharest but also one of the most renown in the world. Within 3 years of opening, BOB Coffee Lab won 3 awards. The coffee shop is located in an old Romanian-style villa in Charles de Gaulle square. It is also right near Herastrau Park which makes it a great place to grab your coffee and enjoy a walk at the park. The Worldwide Local photo by @le_numero_un

Sørenga in Oslo

Locals love to mingle at Sørenga, it''s a new neighborhood in Oslo. You can do shopping, eat at restaurants and have fun in the freshwater pool! Sunbathing is another option. The Worldwide Local photo by Jonathan Lovett and Frøya Grini Hovdenak

Delirio in Cali

Looking for salsa dancing + cirque de soleil? Look no further. Check out dancers from all over there world at Delirio! Cali’s famous salsa circus holds shows on the last weekend of each month, so plan accordingly. The Worldwide Local photo by Camilo Zamora

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

This national park doesn’t get as much attention as the others but it’s a locals favorite. The national park is a river valley located between Akron and Cleveland. There is a train from both cities that can take you to the valley. Cuyahoga Valley became a national park in 2000. “Cuyahoga” is the Native American word for “crooked” river, the river is 85 miles long and it feeds into Lake Erie. ⁠

Rome, Italy

Sant’Eustachio il Caffe is a classic Parisien cafe. It is located in Piazza Navona and has been operating since 1938. For Italians, espresso might be a quick burst of energy and a simple delight. You, as a tourist, on the other hand can take things a little slower and really enjoy this cafe and its offerings. The Worldwide local photo by @cerenmelisbilgic

Chester, England

Chester was founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century A.D. It is known for its Roman walls made out of red sandstone. There is even a Roman amphitheater. The Worldwide Local photo by @laurinetiphanie

Igloo Village in Ivalo

A winter wonderland 250 kilometers north of the arctic circle, Kakslauttanen is a tiny igloo village where you can even see the northern lights! The Worldwide Local photo by Basic Travel Hackers Dave and Lisa

Devil''s Den in Orlando

Orlando may be the capital of amusement parks but there’s more than that. Devil’s Den Spring is a prehistoric site which is just a short drive away. You can dive into a cave with 72°F water temperature all year round.

Banff National Park, Canada

One of the most magical national parks ever. Banff National Park is home to glacier lakes, year round snow capped mountains and thousands of hikes!

Dry Tortugas, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the most remote national parks in the world. It’s a 100 square mile park with seven small islands. The park is known for its magnificent Fort Jefferson, clear blue waters, color reefs, marine life and bird life. The Worldwide Local photo by @drpardini

Who Gets the Armrests?

Middle seat always gets the armrests. It’s not a strict rule though, just manners…

Palmenhaus in Vienna

Once a prominent greenhouse constructed in 1822, Palmenhaus in Vienna is now an upscale dining experience. Diners can visit a piece of history, immerse themselves in exotic plants, and satisfy their appetites all in one place. If you are planning on stopping by, be sure to make a reservation. However, if you want to stop by for a quick drink, the beer garden does not need a reservation. The Worldwide Local photo by Matteo Alabiso

Purcaraccia Canyon, Corsica

Purcaraccia Canyon is a secret treasure. Getting to this spot is not easy. The climb to the creek takes about an hour. The path to the pool is difficult, narrow, and often steep. It is necessary to have proper hiking shoes, if not you will most likely not be able to reach the pools. Once you are on your path, don’t stop at the first pool because thats just the beginning.⁠ The Worldwide Local photo by @riccardo__romagnoli

The Plaza Hotel, New York

The Plaza Hotel is one of the most known hotels around the world. It opened to the public in 1907 and has been a staple of New York City since then. It has hosted kings, presidents, actors from all around the world and has been granted as a National Historic Landmark in New York City. ⁠Fun Fact: During their first tour in the USA, the Beatles stayed at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. They even wrote the song Michelle at The Plaza Hotel. The Worldwide Local photo by @theplazahotel

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Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna is a charming Alaskan town. The town is used as the launch point for Denali mountain exhibitions. It is also a popular location for cruisers to start and end their Alaska exploration. ⁠The Denali is the 3rd most isolated and most prominent peak on Earth. The Denali Mountain is the highest mountain peak in North America. Many climbers from all around the world come here in hopes to summit Denali. The Worldwide Local photo by @kendal.strachan

Sand Boarding, Egypt

Sand Boarding might seem new to you but people have actually been doing it for thousands of years. Sand Boarding is believed to have originated in the time of the Pharaohs where they would slide down dunes on pieces of wood. Great Sand Sea is the third-largest sand accumulation in the world. It creates a natural border between Libya and Egypt. Sand boarding is believed to have been a sport for many centuries. There are a handful of places around the world that you can sand board. Some of the favorite locations are in Egypt, Japan, Nicaragua and Australia. Would you go sand boarding?

Kolbenova in Prague

The Kolbenova flea market is a shopping paradise in Prague. Wear your most comfortable shoes and get ready to dive in. You’ll find everything here.

Cappadocia Hot Air Baloons

Cappadocia is a special place. It was formed 60 million years ago and the human settlement at the area dates back to the Paleolithic era!! Hot Air Ballooning is just one of the things you can do at Cappadocia. The Hot Air Balloon rides usually take 45 to 65 minutes long. There are many hikes where you get to walk around the unique rock formations that are almost otherwordly. There are multiple open air museums, which include ancient cave paintings!, that have audio guides that teach you about the history of the region. If you love history or just traveling to new places there is something for everyone here. Find the cheapest flights to Cappadocia with Roboair. Book your flights to Kayseri Airport with Roboair today.

Le Mur des Je t''aime in Paris

"Le mur des je t’aime", or the “I Love You Wall”  in Paris’ Jehan-Rictus Square was created as a place lovers could meet and is seen as a tribute to total admiration. The wall is covered in 612 lava tiles and says “I love you” in over 300 languages. The artists knocked on the door of each embassy they could find and on every one of their neighbors'' doors to collect all of the phrases!

 The Worldwide Local photo by Gemma Wilson

Hsinbyume Pagoda, Myanmar

The Hsinbyume Pagoda represents Mount Meru. According to Hindu and Buddhist mythology Mount Meru is the center of the universe. The all white pagoda was built in 1816 by Prince Bagyjdaw. He dedicated the structure to his first wife, Princess Hsinbyume, which translates to “The White Elephant Princess”, who died during child birth. The Worldwide Local photo by @zayyarlin84

Aman, Venice

Have you ever vacationed in a 16th century palace? If not, you should add Aman Venice to your bucket list. Aman hotels are some of the best hotels in the world, Aman Venice is no exception. Aman Venice is located on the Grand Canal in a 16th-century palace. Aman Venice only has 24 rooms. The hotel has frescoed ceilings, romantic fireplaces and canal views. George and Amal Clooney are frequents at the hotel. The Worldwide Local photo by @whats_alexandra_up_to

Matadero Madrid in Madrid

You should visit that old slaughterhouse named Matadero Madrid. Don’t worry, it’s not a slaughterhouse anymore, it’s a vibrant community space full of art and good food! You also should watch the sunset while you’re here.

Skating in Barcelona

Barcelona’s MACBA is a local skate spot that is recognized globally by skateboarders across the planet. It has been featured in countless skate videos and a place where you can find skateboarders from all over the world in one place. The Worldwide Local photo by Marti Palazon

Paris, France

Do you know the purpose behind French balconies? French balconies were invented to provide the feeling of being outdoors without the expense or the upkeep. Balconies became popular in the 19th century. Balconies became symbols of modern metropolitan lifestyles. The Worldwide Local photo @raphaelmetivet

Milwaukee, USA

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was one of the most well-known and long-lasting clock manufacturers. Their items were always of a higher-than-average quality. Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut in 1785, began working for clockmaker Eli Terry in 1807, purchased Terry’s factory (together with Silas Hoadley) in 1810, and purchased Heman Clark’s clockmaking firm in Plymouth Hollow in December 1813. The Worldwide Local photo by @wistomsin

Borghetto sul Mincio, Verona

One of the most romantic and charming villages of Italy. Borghetto sul Mincio is a small village with around 200 residents. Its peaceful and charming with ancient houses. The village is so small that it doesn’t even have a pharmacy, so be sure to pack everything you need! The Worldwide Local photo by @wheremichelagoes