World Chocolate Day

The History of Chocolate

World Chocolate Day

July 7th is world chocolate day!  Chocolate is a dessert loved by young, old alike. There are so many varieties of chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk.. the list goes on and on! Robo created a list of all the amazing chocolate shops around the world. Before we dive in, here is a brief history of chocolate and its origins... 

As we all know, chocolate is made out of cacao. Ancient Mayans started experimenting with cacao seeds back in 1500 B.C. Ancient Mayans loved cacao, they even called it “Theobroma Cacao” meaning the food of the gods. As a matter of fact, cacao was so highly loved it was only available to the royal family. They planted seeds and tried to create different flavors by mixing them with different spices. The Aztecs named the food chocolate as a result of the sound it created during mortar and pestle.  “Choco” means noise and “atle” means water, creating chocolate. They mixed cacao, water, and spices and drank the mixture. 

Chocolate made its way to Europe after Christopher Columbus explored the USA. In the 16th century when Columbus and Cortes went to America, the Aztek king offered them a drink of “Xocolatl”, which was a cacao and spice mixture. It is during this time the Aztecs taught the Europeans how to make this drink. When the Spanish explorers came back, they started experimenting with the drink and started selling them. In England instead of selling in liquid form, like the Aztek and Spanish, they realized that it hardens after it cools down, this was the start of the chocolate bar we know today. Chocolate quickly took over Europe in the 17th century and became extremely popular. 

Now that you know chocolate’s story, time to explore the best chocolate shops in the world! Although chocolate is now available everywhere, there are still some places that make it better. Here are some of the chocolate shops you must visit if you love chocolate!  

Teuscher, Switzerland

Dolf Teuscher started making their own chocolate in a small village tucked away in the Swiss Alps over 70 years ago. Now it has become a Swiss staple. You can see the original store and try their delicious chocolates in Teuscher, Switzerland. 

House of Chocolate, Switzerland

Unlike others, House of Chocolate has chocolates from all around the world. You can try the different types of chocolate and be sure to try their “schiwerzli” macaroons.

Patrick Roger Chocolatier, Paris, France

Patrick Roger chocolates are made from organic ingredients. Aside from their taste, their delivery is also impressive. Patrick Roger has truly created an art form. Take a look at their chocolate sculptures, you’ll know what we are talking about. 

La Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, Broc, Switzerland

Another store from the chocolate capital Switzerland. Cailler is the oldest chocolate producer in Switzerland. They have been producing chocolate since 1819. It was bought by Nestle in 1929 yet it still continues to produce organic chocolate independently. 

Que Bo!, Mexico City, Mexico

This one is straight from the motherland of cacao. Que Bo! is owned by one of the most famous chefs of Mexico, Jose Ramon Castillo. Que Bo! produces all of its chocolate from local cacao farms. Their recipe is very similar to the Mayans’ as they use atypical spices such as red pepper. Their chocolates are a must-try. 

Puccini Bomboni, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After selling his chocolate in different stores, Shainael Shah decided to open his own chocolate shop. The chocolates are special because they are made with spices and ingredients that come from all around the world. The result is worldly tastes. 

Compartes, Los Angeles, USA

The once “Brentwood” has been producing chocolate since the 1950s. After taking over the family business, the owner Jonathan Graham changed the name to Compartes. While keeping some original recipes, he also is more adventurous and tries risky recipes. All of the chocolate produced is handmade and the packaging is equally intriguing.  

SOMA Chocolatemaker, Toronto, Canada

SOMA produces organic chocolate. They supply their cacao from the Dominican Republic. They are also known for their chocolate and whisky flavored ice cream which is a must-try. 

Now that you have a list of chocolate shops to choose from, buy the cheapest flight from Roboair and start exploring!