What to Eat in Ankara

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What to Eat in Ankara

Ankara is not only known for being the capital and its history but also for the delicious food and unique experiences. If you are searching for places to visit to get a taste of authentic Turkish cuisine here are the places to see... 

Don’t let the looks of a place fool you in Turkey. The more local you get, the better the food will taste. Here is a round-up of all the local spots or foods you need to eat ASAP! 

Yıldız Aspava 

It’s a great cheap spot to eat authentic Turkish food. Locals usually come here after they go out to party as it’s the best hangover food. Locals also go here for fast service during their lunch break. Eat the durum and pide. The more traditional you go, the better it tastes. 

Nohut Pilavci Bekir Usta

This is locals go-to place for rice! People swear by it and say its the best rice they have ever had. Try the chicken rice, it’s a crowd favorite. Try eating with black pepper on it. That’s the local way.


Kitir is a local spot where people come to sip on a big variety of beer. You can say it’s the Turkish version of a pub. They also serve kokorec which makes it even more tempting. For anyone who doesn’t know, kokorec is lamb intestines slowly cooked on a spit then chopped into pieces with herbs and spices and made into a sandwich. We know, you are probably thinking ew, but you have to try it! This spot is popular among young people, great vibes, great tunes, and reasonable prices. 

Gramofon Cafe

This cafe is a blast from the past. As you probably guess from the name, this cafe has a gramophone and a big record collection that allows customers to listen to their choice of records as they sip their tea. The owner of the cafe is actually a gramophone master and has an impressive gramophone and record collection. 

Papaz’in Bagi

This small cafe is in a beautiful green garden. It’s a very casual spot that serves an amazing breakfast in the morning or you can go to sip tea and play cards or board games during the day. Be sure to try “gozleme” while you are there. It is a historic garden in the middle of the old city. It’s a great place to take a break from all the hectic around and it’s truly a special place. 

Ankara Simit

You can find simit anywhere in Turkey but the people of Ankara swear that they have the best one. The secret ingredient is tahini. If you see a simit stand on the streets be sure to try one and compare it with other cities. Let us know if you agree with them!

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