Vesuvio Cafe

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Vesuvio Cafe

255 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA
Open Monday - Friday 6 am - 2 am, Saturday - Sunday 8 am - 2 am

San Francisco is a pretty cool city. One of the things that make this place so cool is the cafes, where the locals love to hang out. The peculiarity of many of these cafes is that they make you feel at home.

Vesuvio Cafe was founded by Henri Lenoir in 1948 in the building designed by Italo Zanolini. It gets your attention when you enter the street. Don’t be surprised to see the artwork that you’ll see inside because you are in an art-lover zone (just like the rest of the city).

Vesuvio Cafe has an important role for the Beatnik Generation because it is known that the most significant writers of the period, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti were haunters here. This cafe is also the neighbor of the famous bookstore City Lights Bookstore, founded by Ferlinghetti.

This is a very comfortable, friendly and nostalgic place where you can come and sip your cocktail to relieve your tiredness. You can just walk right in, order a fresh hand-made cocktail (maybe the one named Jack Kerouac?), start socializing with the locals and chat with the bartender. This is the right place to do that.