Unique Coffeeshops of San Francisco

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Unique Coffeeshops of San Francisco

San Francisco is a city filled with hidden gems. The more local you get the more it has to offer. One of its best offerings is the unique coffee shops that are scattered all around the city. We rounded up a few of them so you can experience the ray of possibilities. 

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Lady Falcon Coffee Club

The Lady Falcon is not your average static coffee shop, it is actually a 1948 model GMC bread truck that was modified into a coffee shop- on wheels. You can find it parked at Alamo Square from 9.30 am to 3 pm on Friday through Sunday. Head over to try their famous mochas with ganache or their signature drink “Pink Crush” made with dried coffee cherry skins steeped with hibiscus. Their truck makes for the perfect Instagram moment. 
Henry’s House of Coffee

Up and running since 1965, this father-son duo brings their Armenian heritage to the front lines. They are known for their darker roasts with smooth finishes and hand roast their coffee beans up to 6 times a day. If you are craving Armenian coffee or in the mood to try a new brew one-morning head to Henry’s House of Coffee. 
The Interval at Long Now 

The Interval is more than a cafe, it’s also a museum and the home to The Long Now Foundation. Here you can enjoy coffee, cocktails, or events that are curated for their community. The Interval hosts “Salon Talk’s” every Tuesday, discussions, or lectures about various topics including art, history, nature, and more. You can not only sip on your favorite coffee or drink but also get to know the community and socialize with locals. 
Vesuvio Cafe

Vesuvio Cafe was founded by Henri Lenoir in 1948 in the building designed by Italo Zanolini. It was popularized during the ’50-’60s with the rise of the Beat Movement. The most prominent writers of the generation such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti were regulars here. The walls are filled with art and it has a magical, nostalgic vibe from the moment you step in. If you are looking to get inspired or you just want to be in the same room where these brilliant writers were once in Vesuvio Cafe is the right spot for you. Did we mention they serve cocktails too?  
City Lights Bookstore

The Vesuvio Cafe neighbors this historical landmark located in North Beach right next to the Vesuvio Cafe. It was found in 1953 by acclaimed poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. It is not only an attraction but it is also an operating bookstore and publisher. Fun fact, it was the first paperback bookstore in the USA. The store is most known for being at the forefront of the Beat movement in the ’50s-’60s. The historical building and the atmosphere will give you a nostalgic feel.