the den

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the den

2240 Mission Street, San Francisco
The Den Hours: Daily 7 pm-2 am

Sometimes, size does matter, and when it comes to the pint-sized Den, small really is beautiful. Barely bigger than a moderately sized elevator, the Den bar, right next door to WesBurger ‘N’ More, punches well above its weight.

The Den is standing room only, with a maximum capacity of 15, creating an intensely intimate feel to the place. Step inside for a sensory overload of garish color and unrestrained quirkiness. It feels like a tiki bar exploded inside a small cupboard… but in the best possible way. Lush plants and stuffed birds line the walls, while a plethora of jungle treasures hang from the ceiling.

The Den menu’s main event is its low ABV punches, made in-house, which complement the tiki theme perfectly. They serve a fascinating aged sake, craft beer, and a few carefully selected wines, as well. The overall atmosphere that’s a tiny, wild, yet an insanely exclusive cocktail party, and one that could easily blow your mind. Keep in mind that the Den prices fit its high-quality beverages. 

For the tiniest possible good time, this mad little joint really hits the spot. With a dash of wild charm, this pocket speakeasy provides a bigger night out than places ten times its size.