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Sincerity is what makes some places so beloved. When you’re in places like this, no matter where you are in the world, you feel at home.

Pandeli Restaurant is quite old and has an interesting story. Pandeli, the founder, came to Istanbul to work. After working in various jobs for a while, he opened his little shop where he cooked and sold meatballs. During this period, it slowly became famous. But when World War I started, he closed the shop and returned to his hometown. After the war, he came back to Istanbul, and in 1926 he opened a 3-story restaurant. But after the events of 1955, his restaurant was ransacked. He was so sorry that he quit his job. The president and prime minister of the time convinced him to open the restaurant again and assigned him the current place of the restaurant.

When you enter the Spice Bazaar from the seaside, turn left. You’ll see staircases with tiles, behind the unpretentious little door. These stairs will take you to the restaurant. On the walls, you can see the notes written by world famous names who eat here besides tile decorations. Ataturk, Queen Elizabeth, Audrey Hepburn, and Robert De Niro are some of the names that came to eat here. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The specialties you must try here are Hunkar Begendi, Bass cooked in a piece of paper, and eggplant patty. And try any of the desserts. By the way, when the food is finished, the restaurant closes. That’s why you have to book in advance and go before 7 pm.

Waiters of this restaurant, where you are greeted with a smile at the moment you enter, have been working here for a long time. That’s why they became friends with those who came here. But even if this is your first time here, they will act like you’ve been coming here for years. Eminonu view on one side, Egyptian Bazaar view on the other, great food and friendly atmosphere ... Time spent with joy ...