enoteca maria

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enoteca maria

27 Hyatt Street, Staten Island, New York
Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 noon, with last seating at 8:30 pm.

This charming restaurant, on New York’s Staten Island, is a creative, imaginative, and above all mouthwateringly tasty reimagination of what dinner “like your momma used to make” can be. It’s even been familiarly nicknamed the “Staten Island Grandma Restaurant.”

When the owner of Enoteca Maria, Staten Island’s other great Italian spot, Joe Scaravella, lost his mother in the early 2000s, he staffed his new kitchen with Italian grandmothers as a tribute, and to replicate the warm, comforting atmosphere of a traditional Italian home. The restaurant was such a hit that he decided to supplement the kitchen’s main menu and invited ‘nonnas’ from around the world to take over as guest chefs. The guest grandmothers now provide an ever-changing alternative menu of their secret recipes and traditional favorites, from around the world.

Every menu is the work of two ‘nonnas’ working in sync, which adds a delightful element of fusion cooking and eclectic creativity to this daring, yet deeply traditional program. At the time of writing, Nonnas of the World has featured the culinary talents of grandmothers from all corners of the globe, including Japan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Syria, France, Venezuela, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Liberia, Kazakhstan, the Dominican Republic, and Italy.

This is a wonderfully creative idea, and the restaurant genuinely feels like you’ve been welcomed into someone’s home. Jump on the Staten Island Ferry and have a taste of a menu where the secret ingredient, genuinely, is love.