morpeth arms

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morpeth arms

58 Millbank, London
Open: Monday to Saturday 10 am-11 pm, and Sunday 12 pm-10:30 pm.

London is full of old pubs with long, fascinating, and sometimes downright unnerving histories. On this list, the Morpeth Arms stands out as one of the creepiest old pubs around. 

The building started life as a detention center for the old Millbank Penitentiary and spent years temporarily holding prisoners who had been sentenced to transportation to Australia. These days it is a charming old fashioned London pub, with all real ale and wooden beams, but some of the unnatural atmosphere of the past lingers on.

Tunnels below ground (which are reputedly still open) used to ferry prisoners from Millbank to the cells at Morpeth. It is rumored that these tunnels where occasionally the site of prisoner suicides and staff and customers to this day report otherworldly occurrences - noises, movements, or just a general feeling of something out of kilter. There’s even a CCTV camera specifically for capturing ghostly happenings.

After work, when the crowds are in, the Morpeth is just a classic London pub, lively and a great place for a drink or a bite to eat. Hang around until closing time, and you might encounter something distinctly spookier behind the bar...