lot 45

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lot 45

411 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, New York
Open: Tuesday to Thursday 5 pm-12 am, Friday 5 pm-4 am, Saturday 3 pm-4 am, and Sunday 12 pm-10 pm.

Some nights out are all about hitting it hard until the sun comes up, while others require a more delicate touch, with comfort and a more relaxed vibe. Lot 45, Bushwick, Brooklyn, is a little bit of both and combines a host of influences to create one of the best places to kick back and party in Brooklyn. Plus, the Lot 45 events are varied and definitely worth checking out. 

Described as the “living room of Bushwick,” the decor is seriously cozy, and the daytime vibe is intimate and relaxed, perfect for a quiet hang out with a few friends. As the sun goes down and the mood shifts up; however, this warehouse space can really turn it up, with DJs, dance parties, and even secret live performances. The elegance and charm remain throughout. You’ll feel right at home, all hours of the day or night.

The cocktail list is distinctive and as tasteful as the chandeliers above the bar, while the French-Algerian menu adds a twist and another touch of class. This is a genuine diamond in Brooklyn and a far better bet than traipsing through Manhattan for a sophisticated night out.