Hot Chocolate Bomb

A Popular Christmas Drink

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular drinks of the holiday season. To spruce up your hot chocolate this year try making your own hot chocolate bomb with all of your favorite treats hidden inside! Follow the recipe below to make your very own hot chocolate bomb and make it your favorite hot chocolate yet! 

What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

Hot chocolate bombs are small balls made out of chocolate that you put in your mug before you pour hot milk into it. Once the milk is poured on the chocolate bomb it will melt and the treats you put inside will come to the surface.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe

12 ounces of chocolate
Hot Chocolate mix
Half Sphere Silicone Molds (you can also use any other mold you have)
White Chocolate, optional
Treats to put in the bomb, Mini marshmallows, crushed Oreos, caramel bits, chocolate chips 


Step 1: Melt the chocolate. You can either use the microwave or a saucepan to melt the chocolate. Make sure everything is smooth. 

Step 2: Fill the molds. Pour some chocolate into the mold using a spoon or spatula. Make sure to put enough chocolate and create a thick layer. Put the mold in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, until solid. 

Step 3: Remove the chocolate from the molds. Once frozen solid, gently remove the chocolate from the molds just like you would remove ice from an ice tray. 

Step 4: Fill half of the chocolate balls. Add 1-2 tablespoons of hot chocolate( this can vary depending on the hot chocolate, please look at the packaging) and fill half of the ball with any little treats you like such as mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramel bits, or crushed Oreos. 

Step 5: Seal the Chocolate Bomb. The idea here is that the melted chocolate will create a glue effect. There are 2 ways to seal the bombs.1st way, you can put the empty shell of the ball on a saucepan and melt the edges and then close it on top of the other ball. 2nd way, you can microwave a plate for a minute, so it’s just hot enough to melt the chocolate, and you can place the chocolate on it. Take one of the empty shells, place it on top of a full one and wait until it melts and seals. If you are having difficulty sealing them you can always use a hot spoon to help. 

Step 6(optional): Decorate. Decorate your bomb with edible decorations. You can drizzle even more chocolate such as white chocolate over your chocolate bomb. You can even add sprinkles over it. 

Once you are done decorating your chocolate bombs place them in the freezer for 5 minutes. Store your ready chocolate bombs at cool room temperature. 

Ready to enjoy it?

Place a hot chocolate bomb in the bottom of your mug and pour hot milk over the top. Watch the milk melt the chocolate and your treats rise to the top. Stir the hot chocolate mix and it’s ready to drink!