galco's soda pop stop

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galco's soda pop stop

5702 York Boulevard, Los Angeles
Open: Monday to Saturday 9 am-6:30 pm and Sunday 9 am-4 pm

It is easy to forget, in a world of fizzy drinks dominated by Coca Cola and PepsiCo, that once upon a time these brands were just two in a dazzling array of independent labels. One man who has not forgotten is John F. Nese, who’s dedication to uncovering obscure sodas, from across the US and around the world, has resulted in this curious, charming, and frankly amazing little store of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, Highland Park, CA.

A great place to browse and discover drinks that you have never heard of, Galco’s will take you back to a time when small towns across America brewed their own beverages as a matter of course. Browse over 700 different sodas, most of which are small-batch and hard to find independent brands, such as Jolt Cola, Jones Soda, Kickapoo Joy Juice, and Bubble Up. Galco’s also stocks old fashioned candy bars and American craft beers, and even has a Soda Creation Station, which allows customers to brew up their own original blends.

The owner is a fount of knowledge, and will happily discuss the intricacies of the history of soda-making with every customer. A trip to Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in LA is more than just a visit to the grocery store--it’s a dip into the history of America.