dwit gol mok

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dwit gol mok

3275 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

Hidden gems and speakeasy joints are so popular these days that they are almost a cliche. In the vast majority of cases the hidden nature of these places is somewhat overblown, but DGM (Dwit Gol Mok), Los Angeles, CA, is one of the few that really is hard to find. Deep in Koreatown, in the back of a parking lot, this graffiti-covered two-story building might look like an indoor market but is actually a restaurant/bar...and Koreatown’s best kept secret. 

The food is serious, authentic Korean fare, with specialties like budae jjigae and haemul pajeon leading the way. Aficionados will wash this down with copper pots of soju, the potent Korean firewater. Eating and drinking, in this secret spot, is as close to a  genuine Korean experience as you are likely to find outside of Korea itself.

The clientele is young and mostly Korean, which adds a wicked buzz to the atmosphere. The wooden menu boards can be hard to navigate for those not fluent, but helpful waiting staff are on hand to assist. If you happen to mis-order, you are not likely to be disappointed with whatever ends up on your plate!

Finding a place like this is a rare event, especially if you are new to a city. So get down to DGM Koreatown, and show off your insider knowledge for a seriously delicious night out.