dans le noir

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dans le noir

30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London
Open: Monday 6 pm-10 pm, Tuesday to Friday 6 pm-12 am, Saturday 12 pm-12 am, and Sunday 1 pm-12 am

It is commonly known that losing one sense heightens your others. However, have you ever thought of really testing this theory, when it comes to dining out? 

This is an intriguing and compelling concept behind Clerkenwell’s Dans Le Noir? London restaurant. It offers a dining experience that takes away customers' sight in order to encourage a greater appreciation of their other senses. At Dans Le Noir? Restaurant, you eat in total blackness, so everything you taste, touch, smell, and even hear is more important.

Blind guides lead you to your table, where you pick from a color-coded menu (meat, fish, vegetarian, etc). The experience is an incredible sensory journey, with some truly surprising results. You’ll find yourself noticing different flavor combinations and experiencing everyday tastes far more intensely. The pitch blackness also creates an intimate atmosphere that can lead to some remarkably open and unrestrained conversations!

It’s a unique yet oddly vulnerable atmosphere, but one that will leave you far more thoughtful about how you navigate your dining experiences, and far more curious about the flavor and texture combinations of the food you eat.