çin büfe

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çin büfe

When you visit a foreign city, you should get lost in the streets to feel like you belong there and you should blend in with the locals where they hang out, other than the touristic places. Living like the city’s locals gives you a worldwide local perspective and lets you live the city in a real sense instead of being someone who has come here for a few days.

Cin Bufe is a popular place for Istanbulites. The first shop was opened in 2005 in Beyoğlu and it has a branch in Besiktas now. The biggest feature of Cin Bufe is the lack of luxurious decoration and expensive food. It has average prices compared to other restaurants in Istanbul. If there was a Chinatown in Istanbul, Cin Bufe would be a mom and pop restaurant here. It is friendly, it is local but yet from Istanbul.

Far East Cuisine is a kitchen that has a fairly long history and brings interesting tastes together. That’s why most people love or hate this kitchen too. But Cin Bufe has a menu that even those who don’t like this kitchen can find something for themselves. You can choose between soup, chicken, red meat, seafood, and sushi from this extensive menu. You can also choose a set menu that contains 3 or 4 pieces of food. There are also set menus for sushi lovers and a section with vegan food on the menu.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you are a student, you can get a student discount here. And it doesn’t matter which country you are from.

Whether you want to have dinner or lunch, Cin Bufe is a restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious meal. After lunch, you can reward your stomach one more time with fried ice cream or you can enjoy the Chinese tea.