International Beer Day

Best Beer in the World

International Beer Day

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. People have been enjoying it for thousands of years. The first signs of beer go back to Mesopotamia. People mixed grains with water and herbs and created a fermentation that resulted in beer. Now there are many different types of beer and it is loved by people all around the world. Every year on the first Friday of August we celebrate International Beer Day. Robo found the best beer breweries for you to go and taste test as you celebrate International Beer Day!   

Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the places that comes to mind when beer is mentioned. The main reason for this is the beer festival they have in October called Oktoberfest. During this festival people from all around the world come together to taste and celebrate beer. Some of the beers you should try during your time in Munich are Paulaner, Erdinger, Hacker-Pschorr.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague can also be introduced as beer heaven. Prague has been producing beer since the 17th century. The most famous bar in Prague, Sly Clancy is known for its wide variety of beer. Be sure to check it out when you are in town! It’s also a great plus that the beer is cheap!

Brussels, Belgium

You might think of chocolate when you think of Brussels but they are actually equally as good in beer! There are many beer producers and varieties of beer in the country. Head to some of the breweries to get a tour of the facilities and taste test the various beers. Be sure to try Duvell, Ale, Oude Kriek, and Augstin when you are there. 

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is no doubt one of the most known beer cities in the world. The world-famous Heineken is produced in Amsterdam. Go to the Heineken brewery and get a chance to see the behind-the-scenes of the Heineken beer in the making. Take a tour of the facilities and end the tour with a cold Heineken. After that, be sure to taste the local favorite Amsterdam and Grolsch beers too. 

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is the 2nd biggest beer producer in the world. This is a result of the high demand towards their beers. The most famous beers that come out of this region are Kilkenny, Mulligans, and Caffrey’s. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known for English, German and Hungarian beer. Borsodi is one of the most famous local beers that is worth a try. 

Portland, USA

People usually think of Europe when they think of beer but Portland has become the beer capital of America. There are many beer factories and various types of beers in the area. Robo’s favorites are Novare Res, Allagash, and Bunker. 

Mexico City, Mexico

If you visit Mexico don’t return without trying Mexican beer! Osadia, Babilonia, and Xochipilli are some of the local favorites. There is an annual beer festival in Puebla where you can try various beers and eat delicious Mexican food. 

Moscow, Russia

The first drink that comes to mind when thinking about Russia is, of course, vodka. Yet, as the population of the younger generation grows there is more and more demand for beer. Baltika and Stary Moscow beer have become local favorites. If you are interested to learn more about beer culture and history in Moscow you should visit the oldest beer factory, Hamovniki Venskoe. 

If you love beer we are sure you are excited to explore some of the places mentioned above. Once you decide, head to Roboair to book the cheapest flights for your next adventure!