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Kadikoy: Caferaga, Muvakkithane St. No: 19, 34710 Kadikoy
Working Hours: Every day, 07.00-22.00

Bebek: Cevdet Pasa St. No: 52 D: 54, 34766 Besiktas
Working Hours: Every day, 07.00-00: 00

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In Old Istanbul, patisseries got an important part, the meeting place for lovers, the place where cultural talks are held with friends, delicacy stops for locals… Everything was produced daily in those patisseries and served to the customers fresh. Time passed, patisserie culture was replaced by crowded cafes. But Baylan's place has always remained the same in the heart of Istanbul. It remained as a must-visit delicacy in the list of places to go in Istanbul.

Baylan Patisserie was opened in 1923 by Albanian immigrant Filip Lenas under the name "Loryan". The patisserie changed its name to Baylan in the 1930s, and the chocolate factory was opened. The person who made Baylan exactly a brand is Filip Lenas' eldest son, Harry Lenas. Harry, who studied pastry and chocolate abroad, added flavors that identified the brand to the menu. He sold his Baylan brand to Altinmarka in 2009 because he had no heir.

If you want to visit Baylan in his nostalgic place, you should go to the Kadıköy branch. Famous names of Turkish Literature like Cemal Süreya, Orhan Kemal, and Haldun Taner were the regulars of this place. If you want to experience the same delicacies in a more modern environment with a sea view, the Bebek branch is the right address for you. At Bebek branch, you can also start with a delicious meal and then pass to dessert.

There are multiple flavors to try when you go to Baylan. Be sure, each of them will be one of the tastes you will never forget in your Istanbul trip. Chocolate truffle cake that melts in the mouth, Kup Griye, which is presented in European patisseries as "Coupe Baylan", Adisababa, that is a kind of parfait for fruit lovers, Moncheri, one of Baylan's specialties that you can offer as a treat besides coffee... The truffle chocolates bought from this patisserie do not contain any additives, so you need to consume them within 15 days.