bathtub gin

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bathtub gin

132 9th Avenue, New York
Open: Sunday 4 pm - 2 am, Monday to Wednesday 5 pm - 2 am, Thursday 5 pm - 3 am, Friday 5 pm - 4 am, and Saturday 4 pm - 4 am

Hidden in plain sight in the heart of Chelsea, Bathtub Gin is one of the finest speakeasy cocktail bars gracing the New York scene at the moment. Tucked away behind the fully functioning Stone Street Coffee Company, the only clue to its presence on the outside is an enticing red light, shining from within.

The vibe is Prohibition Era decadence, and the dark wood, leather-bound menus, and exposed brick walls speak of clandestine opulence and luxury, not to mention the giant golden bathtub sitting majestically in the middle of the bar. The devil is truly in the details, and the level of attention to taking this joint back to the 1920s makes a night at Bathtub Gin a truly immersive experience.

Aesthetics aside, the real draw of Bathtub Gin is its exquisite cocktail menu. As you might expect, there’s an emphasis on Mother’s Ruin, and the gin selection will delight fans and connoisseurs. What might surprise you about the Bathtub Gin NYC menu is that there’s plenty to interest those who aren’t so keen on gin, as well as an excellent array of sharing boards, mouthwatering grills, and tacos to fill you up.

Although there’s no official Bathtub Gin NYC dress code, there’s a definite fashion-forward, dress-to-impress atmosphere here, and looking the part will go a long way towards jumping the queues that can form outside. So slap on your dancing shoes and come join the Lost Generation, as they recreate the Jazz Age at Bathtub Gin Bar, NYC.