Top 5 Atlanta Restaurants

Where to Eat in Atlanta

Top 5 Atlanta Restaurants

Atlanta has something for everyone’s taste. Traditional local fare such as fried chicken, greens, and cornbread can be found at one of the soul food restaurants near Midtown. There are several upscale restaurants in downtown Atlanta and the Buckhead neighborhood where you can celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, or retirement. In addition to Italian, French, and Spanish cuisine, many of these restaurants specialize in modern local dishes. Stop by one of the hotel restaurants for Happy Hour after work. There are also a slew of cocktail lounges throughout the city where diners can mingle with the locals, listen to live music, and sip a trendy drink while nibbling on tapas or small dinner plates. Robo made a list of top 5 restaurants of Atlanta. Here we go!


The epic tasting menu at Bacchanalia, a two-decade-old fine-dining institution, is better than ever. The well-liked crab fritter, Maine lobster with caviar and brioche, and a changing selection of in-season entrees and desserts are still available on the menu. Reservations are required for a table at this restaurant, which is situated next to the market and cafe Star Provisions on Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard. Have no reservations? For a cocktail, a glass of wine, and the a la carte menu, go to the bar. The restaurant also provides a lavish, four-course takeout menu that features dishes like Maine lobster, New York strip, cheeses, and dessert for those who want to recreate the Bacchanalia experience at home. Reservations are necessary.


In 2016, a crafty little eatery appeared on the scene and defied all the norms. It was located in a remote area of Marietta Square, a place not exactly known for taking culinary risks, and was practically perched on top of the railroad tracks. Even though it was upscale, the dining room was extremely sparse (and not in an intentionally minimalist sort of way). The menu was also freakishly small, with only four starters and four main courses. How then is Spring still operating after three years and ranked among our top ten eateries? The answer is as obvious as the design: the cuisine of chef Brian So. A happy celebration of the dish that inspired the restaurant’s name is pappardelle with green garlic cream, morels, fava beans, and Parmesan. Our favorite fish dish in town can also be found here: pan-roasted halibut with squash, wax beans, asparagus, and beurre blanc. It may appear simple, but don’t be fooled: nothing about Spring is as simple as it appears.

Che Butter Jonez

In 2021, Che Butter Jonez, a popular food truck owned by Occupy the Hood activists Malik Rhasaan and Detric Fox-Quinlan, opened a permanent location as a restaurant. And they didn’t look back. The restaurant, which is situated on Cleveland Avenue next to a Chevron station, is still serving the That Sh!T Slambing burger, one of the food truck’s most well-liked menu items. The menu at this restaurant is constantly changing to keep things interesting, but past selections have included breakfast items à la bodega, tacos every Tuesday, lumpia and garlic noodles topped with steak, and a mouthwatering soft-shell crab sandwich in the spring.

Sushi Hayakawa

Sushi Hayakawa doesn’t require you to spend $185 to eat there, but you should if you can. The price includes front-row seats at Atsushi “Art” Hayakawa’s sushi counter in addition to admission to the restaurant’s 14-course, 2.5-hour honkaku (authentic) omakase (a Japanese feast in which the diner lets the chef steer). The most endearing character in Atlanta’s culinary scene is Hayakawa, a master chef equally adept at handling fish and rice as he is at enticing diners. Try to secure a seat at the sushi bar instead if you can’t afford the honkaku omakase, where you can select from a $135 or $95 tasting menu. The former will get you premium nigiri (fly-in from Japanese markets) that Hayakawa will gently brush with his housemade soy sauce—and, if you’re lucky, his signature dish of monkfish liver and scallops.

Lucian Books and Wine

At the bookshop and wine bar Lucian, owners Katie Barringer and Jordan Smelt combine their passions for reading, wine, food, and London. Nearly 250 wines by the bottle and 15 wines by the glass, selected by Smelt, are available at Lucian, a bookstore specializing in books about art, design, food, and culture. Lucian is located at Modera Buckhead. Here, food is treated with the same consideration and care that Barringer uses for books and Smelt uses for wine. Everything is carefully considered, even the sauces that are made for each dish. The gnudi, duck, and raw hamachi with seasonal fruits are the menu’s standout dishes. Make sure to order a bowl of the chef’s choice of aioli, such as horseradish or one that is spiced with chilies, to go with the crispy fries. Incorporate with a glass of champagne.

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