Upright Citizens Brigade

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Upright Citizens Brigade

555 West 42nd Street, New York

The Upright Citizens Brigade first emerged from the Chicago ImprovOlympic in 1990. They were the innovators behind the popularity of long-form, Chicago-style comedy in New York City, in the late 90s. Founders and Upright Citizens Brigade alumni Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh are now some of the biggest names in American comedy. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has become one of the most inventive, innovative, and downright bonkers places to go, to laugh yourself silly, while in the city.

Today, the UCB is based out of a theater in Hell’s Kitchen and continues to provide a remarkable expression of the absurd, with chaos and hilarity merged expertly to make this one of the best comedy experiences in the city. The fact that most shows are shockingly cheap, or even free, just adds to the buzz of this energetic and exciting place. If you have extra time, take one of the Upright Citizens Brigade classes offered by the theater.

For lovers of sketch comedy and improv, or those just looking for a chance to see some of the best established and emerging comedy talent in the country, the Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC, is a truly special experience.