Uncrowded Summer Destinations

Destinations To Avoid Crowds

Uncrowded Summer Destinations

July is arguably the month that people travel the most. People can get off work easily, kids don’t go to school and it’s summer! It is a convenient time that can make it very difficult to travel because of mass tourism, raised prices, and hard to get reservations. Don’t worry there are still places where you can enjoy your summer vacation without the crowds. Robo put together a list of uncrowded summer destinations for you to visit this July.

Kefalonia, Greece

If you insist on going to Greece this is a great option. Kefalonia is a lesser-known island that doesn’t have as much mass tourism yet, it still has everything you expect and want from a Greece vacation. You can still enjoy the clear turquoise waters and the delicious Greek food. Kefalonia also is known for its local vineyards and wines. “Robola” is the most famous one and is exported all around the world. Most beaches are only accessible by foot or through narrow windy roads. The area also has a lot of history to offer, you can learn more about its complicated history with a guided tour guide. Visit the traditional village of Fiskardo for an authentic experience and delicious seafood.

Vis Island, Croatia

Croatia has been getting more and more attention over the years, especially since Game Of Thrones was shot in Dubrovnik. Vis is the furthest island from the mainland and is located on the beautiful Adriatic waters. It’s famous for its dramatic cliffs and exotic beaches. The one downside is that it is harder to get to since there are no direct flights but it also comes with its advantages, less tourists. Even though it has gained more popularity in recent years, there are still many beaches untouched and coves undiscovered.
Vis has so much to offer from its turquoise waters to its secluded beaches and delicious vineyards. The most stunning sight to see is the Blue Cave, which is a natural wonder. When the sun is at its peak the cave is flooded with blue light, which is why it’s called Blue Cave. Overall Vis is a great option to avoid the crazy crowds as you explore new places, as you enjoy the sun, sea, and food. 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Although it tends to be rainier in the summer the hot weather makes up for it. Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun. There is still plenty to do like eat, shop, and visit popular sites like the Turtle Farm and the MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum. With the tourists gone you’ll get a chance to meet and live like the locals. Whale sharks also migrate during this time so if you are lucky you can even see a whale shark.

Himare, Albania

Albania is the cheaper sibling to Italy and Croatia. Expect similar culture, food, and landscape. Albania has stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches on its Mediterranean coast. The city also has a rich history where you can go sightseeing and see ancient Roman ruins and medieval castles. Dhermi Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Albania, the area also has lively nightlife. Himare is set on the Albanian Riviera with turquoise waters surrounded by hills. The area is great for a relaxing sun, beach, and sand getaway. The area is blessed with a historic old town that is great to wander around in, it has Mediterannean tavernas and delicious seafood. Like most Albanian cities and towns, Himare also has a castle that overlooks the sea. Learn about the history of the castle as you look at the beautiful landscape. 

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

If you want to have a remote vacation why not go to Alaska? Summer is a great time to visit Alaska because you get to experience and do things you wouldn’t be able to due to snow and freezing temperatures. Gates of the Arctic National Park and Reserve is located near Bettles, Alaska. It is one of the last truly wild places on earth. You’ll get to spot wildlife, float on rivers, enjoy the glacial valleys and watch the northern lights with no interruptions. It is very important to note that if you are going to camp here you need to be an experienced camper and have the knowledge to be self-sufficient. If you want to have a less “raw” experience you can opt to stay at a lodge in the Fairbanks area.