Things To Do In Akyaka

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Things To Do In Akyaka

Akyaka is where the mountains of the Aegean meet the sea. Akyaka’s nature is untouched and it is slowly gaining more and more recognition and interest. There are beautiful forests you can go hiking and camping. The Aegean sea and its crystal clear blue waters are very inviting. Akyaka’s architecture is also one of the most unique things about it, the Ottoman style dwellings were restored and it is the only style of architecture that is permitted in the area. The once made out of timber now concrete architecture is in harmony with the nature and culture of the geography. It is truly a magical place to visit. Here are some things to do once you are there.

Kitesurfing Beach

Akyaka is one of the top places in the world to learn kitesurfing and ride. The shore is shallow for miles long which makes it an ideal place to learn. The wind gets strong enough to ride around 11/12 am, go a little early and prepare to get out at that time, it will be the least crowded time of the day. There are many kite-schools along the beach where you can get kitesurfing lessons, be warned; the first class is always on land and you learn how to use a kite first. Once you are comfortable with the kite on land you will move to the water. If you are not interested in the sport we highly suggest you go and watch all the people who are riding, if you are lucky you can even see professional kitesurfers practicing. After kite surfing around 6 pm, the music gets loud on the beach and everyone sticks around for a beer and some good music. 

Azmak River

This is an underwater reserve that pops up in different regions and Akyaka is one of them. The water is famous for being ice cold, visitors from all around dip their feet in to test it, most can’t keep their feet in for more than 5 seconds! You can do a lot of activities on the Azmak River. You can take a boat ride and explore, bring floats and a floating cooler, or- our favorite- you can go stand up paddleboarding, either in the morning or to watch the sunset! 


The town has a lot of cute boutiques and a lot of surf shops where you can buy kitesurfing gear and technical clothing. The town also has a lot of restaurants and bars, the crowds’ favorite seafood restaurant is Kordon, be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, especially if you want a table by the Azmak, as the tables book fast. Another crowd favorite is, Ayse Ana’nın Yeri, translates as “Mother Ayse’s Place”, here you can experience authentic Turkish food. Be sure to try the “gozleme”. 

The Surf Community’s favorite bar to go to is No 22 Riders Inn. All the surfers by day come here to hang out at night. The kite community is a very small yet welcoming community, everyone either knows each other or meets each other.


Padok is a boutique hotel that is a 5-minute drive from town. This boutique hotel has a stable where you can go horseback riding and take lessons! They also offer trail riding in the pine forests which is a magical experience.

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