5 Sustainable Hotels

Green Hotels Around The World

5 Sustainable Hotels

25% of global warming is attributed to the tourism industry. Therefore the tourism industry has noticed the need to change and evolve into more sustainable practices. May sound generic but we have only one world and we need to protect it. As Roboair, we believe in sustainability and have surrounded ourselves with sustainable practices. Robo put together a list of sustainable hotels around the world. 

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, Turkey

Mandarin Oriental is one of the global hotel chains that is a part of the sustainable LEED Gold certification. For their Bodrum project, every little detail was thought carefully to make the project sustainable and responsible. From a choice of windows to plants here are some of the details that differentiate Mandarin Oriental. Recycling starts from the beginning, the waste created from the construction site was recycled and reused for different aspects of the project. The windows for the structures were chosen so they reflect heat and sunlight which results in saving up to 30% on electricity by lowering AC consumption. The landscape was decorated with the climate and the plants were chosen with water consumption in mind. Plants that consume less water were preferred and water treatment systems that turn seawater into plant water were created. If you are looking to be responsible travelers Mandarin Oriental is a great place to vacation. 

Jumeirah Vittaveli, Maldives

Jumeirah Vittaveli is located on Bolifushi island in the Maldives. It is home to beach and lagoon villas that are built over the Indian Ocean. The guests can enjoy the crystal waters and explore marine life by diving or swimming from their private villas. Jumeirah Vittaveli appreciates the beauty of its surroundings and understands its duty to protect it. Jumeirah Vittaveli recently was able to obtain its Green Globe Certification (GGC) for its beautiful yet classy and sustainable resort. This certification is nothing to take lightly, in order to obtain it you need to prove that you are following all 349 of their clauses. One of the most impressive of all is the water treatment system they have built. The system turns salt water into drinkable water which later is recycled to bottle water. With this system, it is thought that they save upwards of 50,000 plastic bottles annually. 

Proximity Hotel, North Carolina, USA

Proximity Hotel is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The area is situated halfway between the mountains and the ocean. The hotel is proof that a hotel can be sustainable without compromising comfort. During the construction phase of Proximity Hotel, on average 40% less energy was consumed and 30% less water consumed. Therefore the hotel was the first ever to earn the LEED Platinum certificate in the USA. And that’s just the start. The solar panels at the roof of the hotel allow it to produce its own hot water. Moreover, the elevator can use and make electricity from a built system that allows it to recycle energy. 

Hi Hotel Nice, France

Hi Hotel is a contemporary hotel and spa located in Nice. It has a contemporary feel that focuses on eco-philosophy. Everything in the hotel is sustainably and responsibly sourced, the waste is recycled and its employees are treated ethically. The hotel aims to celebrate the uniqueness of each customer and the guests have the option to choose their room from the unique rooms that are all different from the other. Hi Hotel offers only sustainable products to its customers, the shampoos and soaps offered are vegan that are packaged without the use of plastics. The food made in the hotel is made from all organic products. The hotel also supports sustainable travels outside of their hotel and offers bicycles for their customers to use during their stay. 

Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya, Africa

Campi ya Kanzi is an eco-lodge located in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya. It’s a luxury safari lodge that is built on Maasai-owned 283,000 acres of wilderness. The lodge was built to prove to the Maasai landlords that wilderness and wildlife are worth protecting because it creates economic opportunity. The resort fee taken from customers upon stay is donated to the conservation of the Maasai wilderness, culture, and wildlife. Campi ya Kanzi has made it its principle to work with the community and create a prosperous environment for everyone involved. The hotel was built with the help of the Maasai tribe and no trees were cut during the construction. The trees that were used to build the lodges were gathered from the forest ground and using local materials. The hotel is the only one in East Africa that can produce its water needs entirely from rain cropping. The water used is filtered and later pumped out to ponds for wildlife. Renewable energy is used to produce electricity. If you want to go on a safari to watch animals in their natural habitat it’s important to support conservation efforts. This is a hotel where you get to experience wildlife while aiding in its conservation.