Top 10 Summer Sports

Summer Activities

Top 10 Summer Sports

It is proven that people who spend more time outdoors are happier. Exercising near or on the water and greenery has been shown to reduce depression and anger even further. Working out in the summer can really feel like a burden with the sunny weather outside but working out doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym. Robo found the top 10 summer sports you can do to stay active, get a dose of Vitamin D and enjoy your summer. 

Water Sports 


Surfing is not for everyone but those who love it say they feel a deep connection to the water and the sport. Surfing on a hot summer day is a great way to cool off and burn off some calories. The cold water is actually good for the body and can boost the immune system. Balance is a big part of surfing, improved balance is good for everyday functions such as using your core to stand straight. Embracing the surfing lifestyle will also encourage you to eat better and more nutritious meals because you will most likely be hungry after a tiring sesh! 


Swimming is the #1 summer sport of all times. You get to cool off while working out. Swimming is the ultimate full-body workout. It relaxes your mind while the water creates resistance for your body. It’s a great option for people who don’t want high impact. Swimming keeps your heart rate up while being low impact. It creates endurance, muscle strength and is great for cardiovascular fitness. Get to cool off, have a healthy heart and lungs and maintain a healthy weight? What’s better on a hot summer day?

Wakeboarding / Waterskiing

Water sports like wakeboarding and waterskiing are the best sports if you are by a body of water where you can have boats. Wakeboarding and waterskiing are actually great exercises and you don’t even feel like you are working out because it’s so fun! It strengthens your arms and legs. Improves flexibility in hands and feet. It’s great for kids because it improves hand-eye coordination and balance. It’s an overall great workout on the water. It’s also a social sport which makes it a great sport to enjoy as a family or with friends. 

Windsurfing / Kitesurfing

These sports are very communal sports where you get to travel and meet like-minded people. Therefore it is not only a great summer sport but it’s a great year-round sport as the community travels together to warm destinations around the world. People say these are one of the best sports because you really can’t think about anything else when you are doing it therefore it becomes very therapeutic and a great way to ease the mind. They are both great full-body exercises that focus on building core strength through balance and arm strength through holding and controlling the bar. 

Rowing / Canoeing

If you see your workouts as “me” time and you want to be alone canoeing is just for you. Canoeing is a great low-impact activity that is a great way to explore a new body of water while getting your morning workout in. It improves cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle strength, especially in the back, arms, shoulders, and chest. While the benefits are the same, rowing can be a much different experience than canoeing. If you decide to row you can choose to do so solo or social. Joining in with others can be a great way to build friendships and team building. Rowers who take part with others have to learn to trust each other and to move together. This is also a great sport because there is no age limit, you can enjoy it at any age. 

Beach / Land Sports


Paddleball is a great sport for all ages. You can make it as easy as you want or as hard as you want. It improves hand and eye coordination and keeps the heart rate up. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to play paddle while their feet are in the water?

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball originated on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. It’s been a part of the summer Olympics since 1996. Although it might look easy, it is very hard and a full-body workout. It builds strength, tones muscles, and increases your energy levels. Good thing you are next to the water because you will definitely sweat.

Spikeball is a new net game that is very similar to the concepts of volleyball. Spikeball was actually created in 1989 but it lost popularity in 1995 and later had a revival in 2008. It takes a minute to get used to it but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun! One of the best parts of it is that it’s very easy to assemble and very light to carry which makes it the perfect travel sport. If you want to get a taste of the game, youtube it. 


Frisbee might not seem like it but it actually is a full-body workout. In time you will have better agility as a result of quick turns, throws, and jumps. Frisbee is a great sport for the beach because it enhances social interaction. You can invite other people to join and grow the game. It also is an immediate mood booster! Who can be upset while tossing frisbees on the beach?


Canyoning is a great sport that is both on land and water. Canyoneering is the sport of traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques such as hiking, climbing, jumping, swimming, and repelling. Although you can do it year-round it’s great to do it in the summer as the water will be cooling and the sun will be there to dry it. Still, be sure to pack some layers in your dry pack as weather can drop in canyons fast.