Press Release

November 2023

Press Release

Roboair Inc. launches crowdfunding campaign, offering shares to investors

Roboair, Inc., the pioneering technology company at the forefront of reshaping the travel industry, is excited to announce its latest endeavor: a crowdfunding campaign allowing investors to become a part of the future of travel. By offering shares through crowdfunding, Roboair is inviting individuals to be a vital part of the innovative solutions they provide to travelers worldwide.

Roboair's revolutionary Traveler Distribution System (TDS) is set to disrupt the traditional travel distribution model, eliminating intermediaries and inefficiencies. With the travel industry's projected value reaching $9.5 trillion in 2023, Roboair's disruptive technology is a potent investment opportunity, set to play a significant role in the industry's growth.

"We are thrilled to invite investors to be part of our journey to transform the travel industry," said Fatih Akol, Founder and Chairman of Roboair, Inc. "By participating in this crowdfunding campaign, not only can you be part of the travel industry's future, but you'll also enjoy a lifetime of 10% discounts on flights, stays, and car rentals."

Roboair's crowdfunding campaign offers shares for $1.20 per share, with a minimum investment of $500 and a maximum offering amount of $5 million. To learn more about this exciting opportunity and become a part of Roboair's visionary journey, visit its investor page at

Join Roboair, invest in the future of travel, and experience the convenience of their smart travel solutions, while also supporting its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly travel practices. The future of travel is here, and anyone can be a part of it with Roboair, Inc.