Places To See In Trabzon

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Places To See In Trabzon

The Black Sea coast of Turkey is one of the most magical places to visit. Its nature -valleys, lakes, the Black Sea- mixed with its history and cuisine really makes it a special experience. Once you are there be sure to drink Turkish Tea. This is the region that produces tea for the entire country. Be sure to eat Hamsi, a small fish special to this region that is really delicious and don’t forget to eat Pide, bread like dough filled with ground beef, cheese, and eggs. 

Search for cheap flights to Trabzon from Roboair and buy your airline ticket. This region is special and here are some of the places that prove it.

Uzungol (Long Lake)

Situated to the south of Trabzon this is a special and spectacular valley. The area is breathtaking for its natural beauty as the lake creates a valley between the glorious mountains. The lake was actually formed after a landslide. To enjoy the experience be sure to eat breakfast at a local spot, drink Turkish tea and go to a viewing point at the top of a hill to really take the view in. 

Ataturk Mansion

This mansion was built in 1890 and shows architectural influence from both the East and the West. The founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk, is said to have written his will in this house a year before his death. It is now used as a museum and some of the art from Ataturk’s personal collection is displayed on the walls here. 

Trabzon Castle

The shape of this castle is like a trapezius so they actually think that the city’s name, Trabzon, comes from the shape of the castle. It is situated on one of the highest points in the city and is the oldest building in the city. The oldest parts of the walls are thought to date back to the 4th century B.C. The view at the top of the climb is spectacular. 


Ortamahalle is a neighborhood that was formed during the Ottoman period and still stands strong today. It’s built on a hill and most of the houses get a view of the Black Sea. Its beauty and uniqueness come from the Ottoman historic mansions and the cobblestone streets that feel like you transported back in time.

Sumela Monastery

This is a Greek Orthodox monastery that was still active until 1923. This monastery really is a unique sight to see. It was built on a cliff 3,900 ft high in the Pontic Mountains, it feels like you are in a small town caved in the mountains- almost feels like a movie set. The frescoes that decorate the wall tell the story of Mother Mary. The stairs to the monastery are steep so keep that in mind before you go. The restoration of the old monastery is ongoing and is set to finish in May 2020, be sure to check and make sure they are open before you visit. 

Bayburt Road (D195)

If you like offroading and adrenaline, this road is just for you. It was chosen as one of the world’s most dangerous roads in the world and known for its 29 sharp turns. You are at all times driving on the edge of a cliff. The road was originally built by Russian soldiers in 1916. Important tips to know, make sure to go when the weather is nice, make sure you tell someone your route and give them a time to check up on you and make sure you have a map because you will lose cell service. Good luck, and be safe!