Revamp Your Outdoor Space

Easy Backyard & Balcony Improvements

Revamp Your Outdoor Space

May is the last month before summer officially kicks off, it’s the month to start prepping for summer. If you have a garden or a patio now is the best time to improve it. Robo found the best ideas for you to revamp your outdoor space this may. 

If you have a garden you must have noticed all the weed growth, now is the perfect time to get rid of all of them. Once you clean the dirt from weed, give it some love with natural fertilizers and you’re ready to plant! 

May is also a critical time to buy outdoor furniture as they come on the market and sell fast! Upgrade your outdoor furniture or give it a fresh look by changing your cushions or adding some texture. If you already have furniture, show them some love so you can maintain them. For wood furniture, you can apply a coat of yacht varnish to protect it from the elements. It’ll provide a clear gloss finish and protect your furniture. Check your cushions, a long winter might mean some repairs for tears. 

While talking about outdoor furniture don’t only think about chairs and tables. Maybe you’ll want to add a hammock this year? Or a swing that hangs from a tree. Who can say no to reading a book from a hammock under the trees?

Gardening requires a bunch of tools such as watery, hose, and possibly empty planters. It might be best if you can create a little area for all this place to go so you avoid the crowded or unorganized look. Maybe create a little pantry in the garden? Or perhaps a storage bench where you can hide all the stuff. 

If you have space, what do you say for an inflatable pool? There are inflatable pools in all shapes and sizes, you can add one to your garden even if it means dipping your feet in it. If you have a patio be sure to look at weight restrictions as pools can get very heavy with all the water it holds. 

May is also the month when all the flowers start to blossom. If you have flowers that you planted last year they should start to flourish. If they haven’t yet it might mean you are out of luck… Don’t worry though there are still plenty of flowers you can plant this month. First, think of where you want to plant the flowers. If this area is exposed to direct sunlight you can plant scarlet sage, marigold, or begonia. If it’s a shaded area instead impatiens or hydrangeas and create a very colorful garden. Ivy grows fast in May so if you have some don’t forget to lead them the way. 

Lastly, if you have dry or dead plants be sure to clean and throw them out. This is also the time where fungi grow and you don’t want them to take over your healthy or newly planted plants. 

A colorful summer awaits you! Enjoy spending time in the fresh air in your personal oasis. Don’t forget your home and garden should be a reflection of you, so have fun with it! When you are ready to take a real vacation head to Roboair to find the cheapest flights.