Online Libraries

Traveling While Reading

Online Libraries

One of the best things to do while traveling is to read but carrying books isn’t always fun. Reading is one of the things we love to do while waiting for the plane to take off at the airport while flying or sunbathing on vacation. Through digital libraries, we can now access countless books, magazines, newspapers, and even historical documents. Buy your plane ticket, pack your suitcase, and plan your next read from some of the digital libraries below:

1) Ibiblio

Ibiblio is one of the world’s first digital libraries. You can access thousands of content varying in literature, science, art, music, culture, history, and politics for free. Moreover, the content of this library continues to grow day by day as users also share their archives!

2) Open Library

Open Library is one of the most prominent among other digital libraries because it aims to make all the works published throughout history digitally available. Moreover, it’s a collaborative platform, you can contribute to this library by adding books that are not in their archive. You can also download royalty-free books in Open Library for free.

3) Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, founded by Brewster Kahle in 1996, can be called the father of “Open Library”. The main purpose of the Internet Archive, as the name suggests, is to archive the internet! In this database, you can find audio recordings, software, videos, and even tv shows as well as books and texts!

4) Gallica

Gallica is the digital archive of the French National Library. It is one of the sources that should be consulted especially for historical documents and books. In addition to the books, the archive also contains high-resolution images, sound recordings, and movies.

5) Bibliotheques d’Orient

You should definitely check this library before traveling out to the East! Established under the leadership of the French National Library, the library of the East contains the cultural and historical richness of the eastern regions.

6) Europeana

Founded by the EU members, Europeana is your go-to place for information on Europe’s cultural heritage. Here you can access more than 50 million content in different languages so be sure to check it out before your next trip to Europe! 

7) Library of Congress

Library of Congress in Washington, USA also has an online library. You can find the historical information and documents of many countries, especially American history, in the largest and most extensive digital library in the world. You won’t notice how time has passed between books, photos, sound recordings, maps, and manuscripts.

8) Google Books

Google Books is a platform that has over 100,000 books in various languages. You can not only find rare and out of print books here but also search books that are not accessible from Google books. If you love the book and decide to purchase it you can do it through the website as well.