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Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival held in Munich. It is celebrated at the end of September and early October. It is arranged for the first time in 1810, for the Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese’s marriage ceremony. Theresienwiese (Therese Square) is the name of the festival area. The ceremonies that took place in the memory of the wedding ceremony have taken its present form by growing every year.

It is very fashionable to attend this festival with traditional clothes. Men’s wear is called Lederhosen, and women’s are called Dirndl.

The festival is held every year with the participation of approximately 6 million people. You can watch the parade of the officials who will open the tent on the first day before the opening time. This ceremony is called the Tent Owners and Breweries Parade. Then at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the Mayor of Munich puts a tap on a large wooden beer keg, shouts ‘Faucets are opened!’, and the festival begins.

A special Oktoberfest beer is fermented for these celebrations. This beer is a little dark and hard, available in special one-liter glasses.

There are huge tents here built for the festival. These tents also serve food as well as beer. Food can vary according to the tents. There are tents with snacks such as fried potatoes, as well as luxury tents serving roast duck. Tents can be booked in advance too. When the tent is full, it is closed and no one can enter until there is an empty space.

There is no age limitation at the festival, people also bring their children because there is also a sale of non-alcoholic beer. It is also possible to spend time at the amusement park.

It is a smarter move to choose weekdays to visit the festival because it is a little less crowded. The second weekend of the festival is known as the Italian Weekend because there are Italian tourists all over the place.