Places To Visit In November

Best Places To Visit

Places To Visit In November

November is the transitional month that takes you from spring to winter. Enjoy the last warm days by traveling and exploring new places. November is also a great time to travel because it’s not peak tourist season therefore you can find the cheapest flights and the best hotel rates. Here are some cities to visit in November. 

The best city in Europe to visit in November: Budapest, Hungary

November is a great time to visit Europe because it’s the least busy year for tourists therefore it is the time with the most affordable prices. Budapest is a great city to visit in November because it transforms into the perfect winter city. Budapest is home to the largest skating rink in Europe so be sure to pack your skates! Sites to see in Budapest are Budapest Parliament, Danube Bend, Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Pest and Buda. Some of the best hotels in Budapest are Golden Park Hotel, Hotel Budapest, Corinthia Hotel. 

A warm city to visit in November: Oracabessa, Jamaica

Oracabessa is home to the villa that the James Bond novels were written in. During WWII a British Intelligence officer, Ian Fleming, was introduced to and fell in love with Oracabessa. He returned to the island 15 years later to build his own property, The GoldenEye. On this 15 acre property, he wrote the 14 James Bond novels. The GoldenEye is now a resort that you can enjoy too. You can choose between the huts, cottages and villas. If you choose so you can even stay at Ian Fleming’s villa. GoldenEye offers authentic food, a relaxing environment, turquoise waters and delicious drinks. It’s a great home away from home getaway vacation you can take in November. 

The best nature to experience in November: Patagonia 

If Patagonia is on your bucket list, November is a great time to visit. If Patagonia is not on your list, it should be! It’s voted one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here you can experience all kinds of terrain, mountains, deserts, grasslands, rivers and pampas. Best places to visit are the Torres del Paine National Park and Perito Moreno. Some of the best hotels in Patagonia are Hotel Patagonia, Patagonia plaza and Patagonia House. 

The most family-friendly city to visit in November: New York City, USA

There is something for everyone in New York City. November is a great time for families to visit because the weather is warm enough to venture around the city but if it gets too cold there are still so many museums and activities to keep kids busy. The big Macy’s Day Parade is one of the most fabulous events your kids can partake in. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has 15 giant character balloons, 28 floats, 36 inflatables, 800 clowns and 10 marching bands. Museums to visit in NYC: Museum of Ice Cream, American Museum of Natural History, New York Hall of Science, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Museum of Illusions

The most unique place to visit in November: Antarctica

The visiting season for Antarctica starts in November. It is one of the most surreal places to visit in the world. On a trip to Antarctica, you will witness all kinds of wilderness. Some of the wildlife you will encounter are penguins, seals, mites and tardigrades. On your Antarctica trip, you should visit the Antarctic Peninsula, South Pole, Ross Island and Vinson Massif. There are no hotels to stay in Antarctica, the only way to visit the area is by boat.

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