Noontime Concerts

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Noontime Concerts

Old St Mary’s Cathedral, 660 California St, San Francisco
Open: Tuesdays, 12:30 pm

Wander through the beautiful doors of the picturesque Old St Mary’s Cathedral, in Chinatown, on a Tuesday afternoon and you’ll be greeted with captivating melodies and uplifting harmonies, courtesy of the Noontime Concerts program.

A truly magical way to spend a lunch break, the Noontime Concerts were the vision of internationally renowned vocalist Alexandra Ivanoff, and now present classical concerts featuring outstanding local and international musicians every week. The concerts, themselves, are completely free, although donations are encouraged to support the work of the non-profit organization.

St Mary’s is the perfect location for these events, and an evocative space that perfectly suits the recital program, as many of the pieces performed were originally composed as church music. St Mary’s was the first cathedral and the tallest building in California, when it was founded in 1853, and remains a beautiful and important San Francisco landmark.

So next Tuesday, during lunchtime, don’t just grab a snack at your desk, or head for yet another sandwich and coffee. Instead, head down to St Mary’s for a more sophisticated experience, and take in some of the best free classical music around, in a uniquely fitting setting.