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62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, New York

The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is a bafflingly underrated museum in the heart of Brooklyn. Dedicated to reinterpreting the culinary world, they aim to change the way people interact with, consume, and think about food and drink through their fascinating interactive exhibitions.

Just an idea in the mind of its founder until 2011, it wasn’t until a Kickstarter campaign allowed the purchase of a ‘cereal puffing machine’ in 2013 that the museum really took off. Now, with its own 5,000 square foot gallery space in Brooklyn, MOFAD is a hidden gem of the New York arts and culture scene. 

The museum takes a sideways look at the history and culture that surrounds food and aims to encourage appreciation of culinary history, inspire a new generation of chefs and food innovators, and help preserve cooking traditions and culinary arts that are in danger of being forgotten. 

If the idea of seeing how Cheerios (the cereal) is created, exploring the birth and evolution of Chinese restaurants in America, or sitting down to an immersive exhibition and Indian dining experience sounds like your cup of tea, then this remarkable museum could be just the place for you.