Magic Circle Museum

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Magic Circle Museum

12 Stephenson Way, London

The Magic Circle, London’s remarkable institution, is famous and revered across the world, yet extraordinarily secretive and hush-hush. It’s dedicated to maintaining the charm inherent in the magical world and keeping the veil fully pulled-to.

While you shouldn’t expect to learn the mystical arts of the Magic Circle Museum or find out the secrets behind the tricks. It is instead a wonderful collection of some of the most mysterious and fascinating artifacts from the long history of magic in Britain, as well as being the headquarters of the Magic Circle itself.

Props from Houdini’s escape acts, guns from Victorian bullet illusions, and even the cup and ball trick that Prince Charles used in his application to join are all on display. In addition, there are exhibitions exploring some of the fascinating histories of magic.

Joining the Magic Circle is no mean feat, with a two-year apprenticeship, and needing references from two existing members, just to be allowed to take a test. However, the museum itself is ever-so-slightly more accessible, with events, shows, presentations, and open days taking place throughout the year. Bear in mind, you must make an appointment in advance. The chance to sneak a peek behind the magic curtain, however, is well worth the wait.