How To Get A Hes Code?

Everything You Need To Know About The Hes Code

How To Get A Hes Code?

After the transportation restrictions were repealed in Turkey, the new normalization process began to be implemented step by step and domestic flights are opened. According to the latest Ministry of Health announcement, it is now compulsory to get a HES code when purchasing airline tickets. Thanks to the HES code, the health status of the person traveling will be questioned, and if there are any coronavirus symptoms, the trip will not be confirmed. If the person comes across anyone with coronavirus symptoms during the trip, health and guidance services will be provided.


There are two methods to get the HES code, SMS and Hayat Eve Sigar app. You should get the HES code at least 7 days before your trip.

To receive the HES code via SMS,

You need to write HES (space) 11- digit TC ID number (space) the last 4 digits of the serial number of your ID (space) the period of validity and send it to 2023 as an SMS.

For example, HES 11111111111 1234 10

What is the Period of Validity?

The Period of Validity is the number of days that indicate how many days the HES code will be valid. The point you should be careful about here is that if your flight is 5 days from today, and the number of days you will stay is 4, you will need a code that is valid for 10 days in total. Do not forget to calculate the code validity date in this way. If you make this calculation wrong, you will need to get a new HES code.

To get the HES code with Hayat Eve Sigar Mobile App,

To get the HES code with Hayat Eve Sigar app, you must first download the app to your smartphone. You can download the Hayat Eve Sigar app from AppStore or Google Play.

After downloading and the app, click on HES Code on the main screen. Choose the Add New Code button at the bottom of the screen and select the period of validity. You can also choose an unlimited time from the app.

The point you need to know here is that you can only get a HES code for yourself from the Hayat Eve Sigar app. If you want to get more HES codes for other people you are traveling with, you should get them via SMS.

While buying the cheap airline tickets with Roboair, you should write the HES code on the passenger info page. You can only buy your air ticket by entering the HES code you received. Since traveling with a HES code is mandatory, you cannot complete the ticket buying process without entering a code. Don’t forget to save your HES code because you will need the same code again at the check-in desk at the airport.

Is It Necessary to Get a HES Code for Everyone?

It is mandatory to obtain a HES code for each passenger over the age of 2 years.

Is It Necessary to Get a HES Code for International Flights?

Check the latest information as there are always new developments in this regard.

Is A Travel Permit Document Required With the HES Code?

If you are 65 years old or older, you need to get a Travel Permit Document along with the HES code for your flight. You can get this document easily with the e-devlet app. If you are under the age of 65, just use the HES code. Remember, those between the ages of 0-18 can only travel with their parents.