Hip Hop Brunch

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Hip Hop Brunch

London, England
Open: Saturdays 12 pm-5 pm
A secret location

Brunch as a novelty concept might be long gone, but Londoners’ love of a good breakfast and an all-day party has given it a whole new lease on life. While the traditional concept of brunch might not include much dancing on tables, filthy beats or bottomless cocktails, Hip Hop Brunch reviews this standard and turns it on its head, bringing some serious party vibes to summertime Saturday mornings in England’s capital.

The Hip Hop Brunch takes place throughout the summer at a secret location that changes every week. The event kicks off midday with a bottomless cocktail hour, followed by the delicious three-course Hip Hop Brunch menu of genuinely rib-sticking, mouth-watering Southern soul food, all set to the very retro beats of the best of old school hip hop.

The vibe is always buzzing, lively, and changing, with added extras like Hip Hop Karaoke and Dim Sum Sessions thrown in to keep things fresh. If you want to get your Saturday off to a great start, need a boost to get you over the night before, or just really love hip hop, this is the place to be.