Covid-free Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween

Covid-free Halloween Ideas

Halloween looks a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it! Costumes are still mandatory! 

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate Halloween safely this year...

- Carve and decorate pumpkins. Make your own Halloween costumes! 

- Bake scary Halloween themed cookies with family! Here's a recipe to try!


- Decorate your house and your backyard/garden to get into the holiday spirit! 

If you have a garden you can host a small halloween party outdoors! Make sure everyone is still wearing a mask and don’t forget about social distancing rules! 

- Go on a social distance walk in your neighborhood to check out other house decorations. 

If you do decide to trick or treat, CDC advises you put individually wrapped goodie bags in a designated area so trick or treaters can take their candy without any contact. 

- If you have access to a fire pit, invite some friends over and sit around the fire to tell each other spooky stories!

Don’t forget to make some smores! 

- Have a Halloween Movie Marathon! 

If you want to get really scared this Halloween, here is a list of the 200 best Scary Movies of all times. “American Psycho” is a must if you love serial killer horrors, and “The Others” should be your go-to if you are into ghosts. For everything else check out the list,

If you want a kid-friendly option, here is a list of the 36 essential kids Halloween movies. We highly recommend doing a marathon of all the “Hotel Transylvania” movies! The story follows Count Dracula’s hotel “Hotel Transylvania” where ghosts from all round the world can come to vacation to get some time off from the rest of human civilization. Dracula throws a big party for his daughter’s 18th birthday. The movie quickly became a kids movie favorite and there have been 2 more sequels released after it. They are all just the perfect amount of spook and fun for the entire family to enjoy! 

 If you have kids that are a little older and they can handle a little more spook, try The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is a Tim Burton classic that is a must-watch. Although Disney thought it would be too scary for kids to watch, we think it’s a great movie to enjoy- and get a little scared- as a family. The story follows the lead character Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington along his journey to find joy, self-discovery and love. The movie opened in theaters in 1993 and quickly became a cult classic. The movie is also unique because it has become a tradition for both Halloween and Christmas. Many don’t know that the movie is actually based on a poem that Tim Burton wrote in 1982.

If you’ve already seen them here are a bunch of options to pick from,

And here are Robo’s recommendations to watch with family on Halloween:

What We Do In The Shadows: If you don’t want to be scared but like mythical creatures (like vampires), this one comes for you. What we do in the shadows is a “mockumentary” comedy horror movie that follows the lift of vampire roommates. The movie follows the roommates as they interact with the modern world. WWDITS is directed and starred by Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi. It also has a 3 seasoned tv show so you can say it created a cult following in a short time.  And yes. Werewolves included.

Beetlejuice: The newlyweds Barbara and Adam were a happy couple until the day they died in a car accident. They find themselves in their home as ghosts and their lovely house were sold to an annoying family. Barbara and Adam decide to scare the family and drive them away, but they are not scary enough so they seek help from Beetlejuice, but they will regret the decision soon…

Ghostbusters: Three strange scientists start a business called Ghostbusters to catch ghosts and ghouls in an old fire station after they were expelled from a university in New York. An evil creature appears in the city and the Ghostbusters are on a mission to save the Big Apple!

Fun Fact! One quarter of the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween.