Best Foliage Around The World

8 Places To See Foliage Around The World

Best Foliage Around The World

Foliage is a natural process when the trees adjust to the changing weather. As the trees adjust to the changes in the length of daylight, their leaves stop their food-making process. As a result, their green color disappears and the golden colors become visible. The best fall foliage is a result of dry, warm, and sunny days followed by cool nights. While foliage happens all around the world there are some places that become even more spectacular with the sight of red and golden leaves. Here are 8 places around the world to go to see the foliage. 

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a great place to enjoy the foliage in the fall. There is even a Japanese word for red leaf hunting, “momijigari” and a word for autumn leaves “kouyou”. Foliage season in Kyoto is a little later than most places around the world, it starts October 15th and can go until December 15th. The ancient capital Nara, only a short train ride away from Kyoto, is a great place to see the vast forest with golden leaves. If you prefer to stay in the city visit the red Daigoji Temple surrounded by red leaves. It’s a sight to see. 

Aspen, Colorado, USA

The Rockys are beautiful and have something special to offer year-round. Aspen trees start to transition from green to gold in early September. The peak is usually mid to end of September. It can last until mid-October, it all depends on the temperatures. The trees at higher altitudes transition before the ones in lower altitudes. Trail Ridge Road is one of the most popular drives to see foliage in Colorado. 

Hallstätt, Austria

The Austrian Alps is always a good idea for foliage. Hallstatt dates back to prehistoric times and gives its name to the Hallstatt culture. The term Hallstatt is strongly associated with the arrival of Celtic tribes from southern Russia to central Europe during the early Iron Age. Where the town meets the lake Hallstäter, you can see the golden trees reflect on to the lake. It’s a beautiful and unique experience. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest comes alive in red and orange colors in fall. The time when leaves turn gold can vary every year but mid-September to mid-October is usually a safe bet. Autumn also happens to be when the temperature is perfect to take a walk and explore the city. The top of Gellert Hill is a great place to see a panoramic view of the city with the golden trees. The Danube to Margaret Island is a great island park where locals enjoy the outdoors whenever they get a chance. 

White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

New England is most famous for its foliage not only in the USA but around the world. Starting in September the red maple leaves are there until late October. New England is one of the best places because 75% of the state is reserved for wilderness and the area is famous for maple trees which have brilliant red and purple colors during foliage. The towns surrounding the mountains are rich with culture and history. 

Pitlochry, Scotland

Scotland offers breathtaking views and nature year-round. Pitlochry is a Victorian town in the county of Pertshire on the River Tummel in Scotland. It’s a great place to see the changing leaves in contrast to the river. Pitlochry hosts an Enchanted Forest night every year in October where they light up the trees in the woods along with the music. Fall also happens be the best time to spot wildlife such as grey seals, swans, and red deer. 

Agawa Canyon, Canada

Over 114 miles of untouched forest. Peak foliage season is from the end of September to the beginning of October. Agawa Canyon is not accessible by car. You will need to drive to Sault St Marie and then take the train, Algoma Central Railway. The train ride will let you see all the nature and the rugged scenery. Once you arrive in Agawa Canyon there is a 2.6-mile loop in Agawa Canyon park that is great for all levels. You can hike the loop and see the lake and the forest. 

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park is a wild 6 million acre landscape. Here you can see glaciers, ice caves, mountains, and lakes. Fall is a great time to visit the park so you can get to see it before it’s completely buried in snow. The leaves change color from late September to late October. Fall is also a great time to see wildlife as they emerge to enjoy the warm weather before the winter starts.