Things To Celebrate In February

February Celebrations

Things To Celebrate In February

While February might feel like a transitional month there is still much to do and celebrate. Here is a list of everything you can celebrate to get you through February...

February 1, Black History Month

The start of Black History Month. Black History Month is a way of remembering and celebrating the people and learning the events in the history of the African diaspora. Read a book, watch a movie, go to a museum, make an extra effort this month to learn something or someone new that was a part of the movement, and share it with your community. 

February 5, Nutella Day

Nutella was invented in World War II when there was a shortage of cocoa. The founder of Nutella is Pietro Ferrero. He is also the founder of the Ferrero Rocher. Celebrate today by making Nutella crepes or hot chocolate! 

February 7, Super Bowl Sunday

Watch Super Bowl LV as the Kansas City Chiefs meet Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tampa for the win. The Buccaneers are making history in 2021 as they will be the first team to ever play at home stadium. 

February 9, National Pizza Day

Make your own pizza for a chance to celebrate National Pizza Day. If you don’t like cooking go to your favorite Pizza joint and celebrate. 

February 11, National Clean Out Your Computer Day

It feels like this should be a national day more often. Everyone needs to clean out their computer so make this day an excuse to do so. Plus, your computer is sure to work so much faster. You don’t have to stop at the computer, you can do fridge, closets, garage any space that needs some love.

February 12-13, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Watch the 12th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The 2-day event features more than 2,700 dogs competing to be the best. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was founded in 1877 and is the world’s largest canine competition. The competitors come from all over the country and the world. 

February 13-14, Chinese New Year

It’s the year of the ox! Oxes are hard workers, reliable and intelligent. It is believed that men born in the Ox year are reliable and trustworthy while women are gentle and calm. Join the celebrations that include parades, fireworks, and food! Celebrations last up to 16 days. 

February 14, Valentine’s Day

Celebrate the day with your loved ones or celebrate yourself! Today is the perfect day to put on your favorite movie and pamper. After all, self-love is more important than any other love. Learn more about the origins of Valentine’s Day and the different ways different cultures celebrate it at “ Valentines Day Around the World”.

February 18, National Wine Day

If you didn’t have enough wine on Valentine’s Day here is your excuse to drink some more. The day is actually meant to spread awareness of the health benefits of wine such as regulating blood sugar, rich in antioxidants, and lowers bad cholesterol to name a few. Take out that special wine you’ve been saving, gather some friends and celebrate Wine Day. 

February 20, National Love Your Pet Day

Every day is pet day but today is an excuse to pamper your pet even more. Try making homemade treats or going on an extra walk or maybe taking them to the dog park?

February 23, National Banana Bread Day

Make sure you have some brown bananas by the time this day comes. Try something new with Chrissy Teigen’s Famous Banana Bread recipe