Echo Park Time Travel

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Echo Park Time Travel

1714 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 

To the casual passer-by, the Echo Park Time Travel Mart would come across as just another convenience store on Sunset Boulevard. Take a second look, and you’ll find a properly charming and eclectic location, selling everything you might need for a trip through time! As the Mart themselves put it, “Wherever you are, we’re already then.”

The store sells humorous novelties and curious oddities that might come in handy if your time machine breaks down and you are stuck in the past and/or the future. Think barbarian repellent, robot toupees, and wooly mammoth chunks, just to get an idea of what this experience has to offer.

The store is fully non-profit, with all proceeds from the sale of such necessities as primordial soup in a can going to fund the literacy tutoring program run by the owners, 826LA. Behind the storefront, 20-30 students a day are tutored in literacy and creative writing, and the shop itself doubles as an opportunity for the kids to sell their output. Every publication in the store is written by one of the students! 862LA & Echo Park Time Travel Mart are two great things LA has to offer.

This charming and delightful place is great fun to visit, and a truly worthwhile cause to contribute to. So, get down to Echo Park and stock up on robot emotions, as you never know when your next holiday might take you...