Things To Do In December

December Activities

Things To Do In December

Go Pick-your-own Christmas Tree

There are many farms you can go to pick your own Christmas tree. Go make a day out of it and enjoy picking out your own Christmas tree. Good luck bringing it back home! 

Put up Christmas Decorations

Put up and decorate your Christmas tree! Hang a wreath on your door and maybe add some Christmas lights! It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit. 

Make Custom Tree Decorations

Get crafty and make your own Christmas charms this year.

Visit a holiday light show 

There are a lot of light shows that you can enjoy! If you can’t find any light shows there are always trees you can visit.

Visit a Christmas tree

Visit a grandiose Christmas tree with beautiful decorations is always a fun activity to enjoy. 

Build an Igloo

Wait till the first snowstorm of the year and build an igloo! 

Build a snowman

You can’t go a winter without building your own snowman. Make sure you have a carrot, beanie and a scarf at hand! 

Go Sledding

With the first snowstorm find a hill to use your sleigh! Sledding down a hill is the perfect family fun! 

Ice Skating Outdoors

There are plenty of outdoor ice rinks that you can enjoy all winter long! If you are lucky you might even have a frozen lake near you that you can enjoy. 

Ice fishing

Do some research and see if you can go ice fishing near you! It’s a great way to be surrounded by nature and experience something new. You can add a new survival skill to your list of skills. 

Go snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is underrated and looks much easier than it really is! Find a trail near you and a shop to rent snowshoes and go enjoy the fresh air and the magic wonderland. Disclosure, your legs might be sore the next day. 

Winter Hike

Winter hikes are underrated. All you need to do is dress right for it. Wear layers and always pack extra layers in your backpack. Be sure to alert others of your trail and pack a pair of hiking spikes in case it ever gets too icy. 

Winter Bonfire

Get cozy with layers and a sip of Hot Toddy or Hot Chocolate. Make sure to have extra blankets on hand!

DIY Spa Day 

Create your own face masks. Bring the family all together and have a spa day.

Bake Ginger Cookies

Invite over some friends and have a ginger cookie party! Ginger cookies are such a great way to celebrate Christmas and have fun. Decorating is almost as fun as eating them! 

Decorate a gingerbread house

Decorating a gingerbread can be so much fun! Decorate it as crazy or as dreamy as you want. If you are an ambitious baker you can even make your own gingerbread! 

Make hot chocolate bombs

Make hot chocolate bombs to sip by the fire. Check out our hot chocolate bombs recipe! 

Winter Cleaning

It’s never too early to have your spring cleaning. Go through your clothes and household goods and see if you can donate some stuff this holiday season.