World Coffee Day

Where To Drink Coffee

World Coffee Day

Coffee has been a big part of our lives for centuries. While sources say coffee spread around the world from Ethiopia now it grows in all parts of the world. 

You may ask what are the benefits of coffee? Due to the caffeine, coffee speeds the metabolism, wakes up the mind and gives a rush of energy. Those aren’t the only benefits of coffee. Studies show that drinking coffee regularly can lower the chances of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Coffee beans are also full of antioxidants. Now that you know the benefits, do you know the non-beneficial sides of coffee? Just like anything else, too much coffee can be harmful. It can also lead to sleep problems as well as anger. 

October 1st is World Coffee Day! This day is celebrated all around the world. On this day coffee makers and coffee lovers come together to celebrate their love of coffee. This day started in 1963 in London after the International Coffee Association declared it to be the coffee day. If you are a coffee lover too, here are some of the best cafes where you can have coffee. 

Cafe Tortoni, Bueons Aires, Argentina

Cafe Tortoni is not only famous for its coffee but also for being the oldest cafe. Cafe Tortoni opened its doors in the 1800s and ever since it’s been the go-to cafe for politicians, artists and musicians alike. The cafe’s decor is also reminiscent of the past. A crowd favorite from the menu is “Cafe con Leche” and “Chocolate Con Churros.” 

Coutume, Paris, France

If you are a true coffee lover you must have coffee at Coutume. You can find any type of coffee at Coutume. Along with the classics like espresso and cappuccino you can also try the new coffee trends like Aeropress. If you are hesitant about what to try, the baristas are the best people to ask! The cafe also serves food. They focus on healthy organic products and vegetarian options. 

Sant’Eustachio il Caffe, Roma, Italy

Sant’Eustachio has been going strong since 1938. The cafe is located at Piazza Navona. For Italians, espresso is a quick burst of energy and delight. You on the other hand can enjoy the cafe a little longer. Be sure to order a “Gran caffee speciale” as well as their famous croissants. The special is very similar to an espresso just a little sweeter.  

Sightglass, San Francisco, USA

Sightglass has tall ceilings and an airy atmosphere. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular cafes in San Francisco. They now have 4 shops around the city you can choose from. Be sure to try the local favorite, Owl Howl. It’s made with a combination of Ethiopian, Colombian and Guatemalan coffee beans. The other crowd favorite is the Banner Dark. It’s made with dark chocolate, a touch of syrup and vanilla. If you are overwhelmed or confused by the options, asking the barista is always the best idea! 

Bob Coffee Lab, Bucharest, Romania

Within 3 years of opening, Bob Coffee Lab won 3 awards. The coffee shop is located in an old Romanian-style villa in Charles de Gaulle square. It is also right near Herastrau Park which makes it a great place to grab your coffee and enjoy a walk at the park. Bob Coffee Lab is a local favorite. It is known for its innovative techniques, young local crowd and award-winning baristas. 

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