Free Ticket Winners

Burcu Esmersoy

Free Ticket Winners

Here are the winners of Burcu Esmersoy:

1- Ozlem Oz (@ozivel)
2- Seyfo Peynirci (@seyfop)
3- B Tope (@bbbitope)
4- Melisa Melengic (@melisamelengic)
5- Nazlı Demircioglu (@nazlidemircioglu_)
6- Ecem Ozkan (@ec.ozkan)
7- Bengu Mis (@bengumis)
8- Batinalp Hamamci (@batinhmc)
9- @gkiilic
10- Firuze Temel (@firuzetemell)

Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM. You can use your free ticket

- for 1 person
- in 2020
- on the date you want
- to the direction you want for domestic flights.

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