Beaches Of Bodrum

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Beaches Of Bodrum

Bodrum is one of those magical places that you will never forget. The city was once an ancient Greek City of Caria under the name Halicarnassus. It was known for the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Here is a list of places that are a must-see if you visit Bodrum. Enjoy!

Bodrum Center

If you love history you will love the Bodrum Castle. The castle was constructed in 1402 by the Knights of St John as the Castle of St.Peter. Once you go up the stairs towards the main entrance of the castle, the doors open up to a big garden with turquoise and amber-colored peacocks roaming free. This garden has almost every plant in the Mediterranean including the myrtle and the plane tree. The castle is not only a historical artifact but is also home to the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, the biggest of its kind devoted to underwater excavations. Discoveries from ancient shipwrecks salvaged from the Aegean Sea are displayed here, including ancient glass, bronze, and jewelry from the ancient Carian Princess- also known as Ada of Caria. Also on display are reconstructions of ancient ships which gives you an idea of the engineering and architecture the ancients once had.

Worldwide Local Tip: It gets very hot during the day so make sure to bring plenty of water and wear comfy shoes, you will be walking a lot. Go to the last 2 hours of the museum closing and then walk around the marina see gorgeous boats and finish the day at the famous “Sunger Pizza” for delicious pizza.


Yalikavak is home to the biggest high-end marina and many beach clubs. Xuma Yalikavak is a local favorite. The beach not only has amazing drinks, food, and beach but also has a beach volleyball area where you sweat the day away. You can create your own team or join a group and make new friends. Around 5 pm the “happy hour” starts with the music. People start to dance as they sip their cocktails by the sea and watch the amazing sunset.

Worldwide Local Tip: There is usually a line for the volleyball court, be sure to keep an eye on it and don’t be shy to ask if you can join a game.


Turkbuku is home to one of the most famous beaches and restaurants in Bodrum. Macakizi is a world-renowned establishment, it’s food, cocktails, service, atmosphere, music, everything is thought of to the last detail. The owner of Macakizi is a world traveler, he hires the mixologists he discovers around the world to come work for him during the summer. Their drinks, needless to say, are special. On Sundays they have an open buffet where they serve the crowd favorite Manti, Turkish ravioli, you have to try it.

Worldwide Local Tip: People like to dress up in their best swimwear when they visit here. If you enjoy dressing up for the beach this is your chance to.


Mimoza Restaurant is must-go if you are visiting Bodrum. Tucked at the end of a long beach, Mimoza, meaning orchid, is decorated with dreamy pink orchids and white tables. Watch the sunset and the sky turn into gold as you eat the best seafood. There are small boutiques known for their jewelry along the water as you make your way to Mimoza, you can find local gems along the way.

Worldwide Local Tip: Go to the store “Cadi”, translates as “Witch”, they are the most famous and oldest store there. Be sure to get an anklet if you want to fit in with the locals.


Bitez is known to have the cleanest shore out of all shores in Bodrum. There are plenty of beach clubs lined next to one another but the best and oldest one standing is Sarnic. Great food, good cocktails, and awesome music. They also have big bean bags you can lounge and tan on as well as water sports such as jet skis, tubing, and windsurfing to make it even more enticing, what else could you ask for?

Worldwide Local Tip: Go early as the beach gets very crowded. Make sure to try Manti, the Turkish ravioli.


This shore is known for its windsurfing and is home to many surf clubs yet, Sail Loft Surf Shack stands out with its great music and cool crowd. While they specialize in windsurfing you can also learn how to sail and rent small sailboats, catamarans. On the weekends starting at 4 pm the place is banging with cool music and is filled with cool people dancing along.

Worldwide Local Tip: Make sure to get there before Happy Hour starts, it can get very busy.

Keep in mind that Bodrum is so much more than beautiful beaches and a crystal clear sea. See for yourself, find cheap airline tickets from Roboair, and fly to Bodrum. You will never forget that experience.