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148 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011
Sunday - Thursday 12 pm-2 am, Friday - Saturday 12 pm-4 am

Do you like to staying at home and playing video games or going out and socializing? If the answer is both, then Barcade is the right place for you. You’ll feel like you’re home, and in a new place with new people at the same time. This place, which was originally opened as a concept pub, now has 8 branches. The first one opened in Brooklyn in 2005. New branches continue to be added to the chain.

You can think of it as a classic pub, just like in the old TV series “The Cheers”, but instead of participating in the darts tournament, you can play Street Fighter or pinball. You can use the arcade machines with coins you bought from the Barcade token machines. It is inevitable for you to have a great time with a lot of people you can socialize while drinking a local beer, old-school rock tunes playing in the background and playing arcade games with machines about 20-40 years old! Here is a perfect holiday experience you would never think of!

Barcade is also a member of the Green Restaurant Association. In other words, they are very sensitive to the environment in terms of electricity consumption, waste recycling, and water use.

You will spend hours in this vibrant place and you will never get bored. If you like it, who knows, maybe you decide to visit the other branches one by one?