about us

The Worldwide Local

Roboair is to provide the world its smartest travel search engine and travel assistant to end the soul-destroying travel planning process.

Roboair Inc., is an online American Travel Services Company and metasearch engine headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It was founded in 2018 to empower travelers making them feel like locals anywhere on the globe.

Roboair Inc. is a privately funded company. In December 2018, the first B2C travel search engine roboair.com was launched globally as the next generation travel search engine. Today, Roboair provides 500+ airlines and more than 200.000 hotels comparable cheapest fares with Roboair’s Global Price Matching Algorithm regardless of the location of the traveler. And this is just the beginning! With Roboair building its next generation travel search engine, travel industry commercial backbone and intelligent traveler assistant Robo, Roboair is to evolve and disrupt the current travel planning process globally.

Services accessible, affordable, comparable and tailor-made for every single traveler, ultimately accelerating the advent of a smart and harmonious journey. Compared flight fares and several services needed for traveler’s journey already exist independently, but when combined and localized, they serve the ultimate purpose – that’s the future we want.

Roboair is set to grow and provide next generation consumer solutions to travelers globally. Our leading growth drivers will be intelligent technologies, product innovation, customer loyalty and global expansion