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Welcome to Vigo, Spain!

In the northwestern corner of the country is a rugged port city with its own unique culture. In Vigo, Spain, things to do run the gamut from sunbathing to shopping. Vigo offers a glimpse of the local lifestyle of a city that focuses on the maritime and manufacturing industry. Vigo may not have the grandeur of its fellow Spanish cities like Barcelona or Madrid, but it contains plenty of hidden charm deep within its walls and shares a fascinating story of what once was a small fishing city, now grown to one of the cultural hubs of the region. This is a worldwide local’s guide to the coastal city of Vigo.

Start at the Heart of the City

Exploring the O Berbes neighborhood is like discovering Vigo’s beating heart. Over 200 years old in age, the seaside neighborhood was an important area for the fishermen bringing back their catches to be sold. The lucrative industry of fishing made O Berbes thrive as a local neighborhood and to this day instills a hard-working character to the city. Head to the morning markets to purchase the catch of the day from fresh oysters and shrimps to several types of fish. An organized chaos that is fascinating to watch. Walk through its tight alleyways and pass buildings with cute balconies as you mingle with the locals and stop by a local cafe for a cheap refreshing drink and a chat about the chances of the popular Celta de Vigo (or just Celta Vigo) FC.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Vigo has the largest fishing fleet in all of Europe and it is no surprise that the city is brimming with local restaurants serving up hearty meals caught fresh from the sea. While there are a lot of great places to eat in the city, you should head to A Curuxa Taverna for great traditional food. Located in a stone-walled tavern in the city’s narrow streets, you will be treated to live music while you dine and you will have a chance to sample a great selection of regional wines. 

Learn about Galician Culture

The Galician region of Spain provides a colorful addition to an already vibrant country. Head to the stately Pazo of Quinones de Leon Museum to see the celebration of Galician art and traditions. The 17th-century manor house still exudes an atmosphere of an aristocratic residence with 29 permanent exhibition halls and lavishly decorated hallways. You can also walk around Castrelos Park on the museum grounds to enjoy a relaxed afternoon with lush greenery.

Worldwide Local Tip: Take a ferry to the gorgeous Islas Cies, which is a collection of islands just off the coast of the city. The islands have stretches of unspoiled beaches and nature trails that offer spectacular views and are the perfect answer if you’re wondering what to do in Vigo. Spain always has another stunning surprise waiting just around the corner.

Can’t-Miss Neighborhoods

Porta do Sol is the modern hub of Vigo, a bustling section of the city where you can see modern architecture mixed with rustic buildings. Just off the main street and into Rua do Principe is a vibrant shopping area where locals flock to during the weekends. Take a break from shopping and sit down in one of Plaza Princesa’s cafes and people watch.

Worldwide Local Tip: Vigo’s historical center is compact meaning that there are only a few places to stay within the area. To stay right in the heart of it all, check out NH Collection Vigo, which is a hotel in a gorgeous neo-classical building with elegant interior designs. 

Have an Incredible Time in Vigo, Spain!

An off-the-beaten-path destination in the far reaches of Spain, Vigo keeps its rugged charm and is a city that is proud of its heritage. From corrugated coastlines to the gritty beauty of the inner city, explore Vigo as worldwide local and its allure may just surprise you.