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Welcome to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico!

Tuxtla Gutierrez stands out as a bit of an oddity in the state of Chiapas. The tourist trail tends to lead through the picturesque bohemian spot of San Cristobal de las Casas, and the remote Comitan surrounded by the beautiful Lagunas de Montebello, leading visitors to often pass through Tuxtla, quickly. However, it is a modern, bustling city which rewards the travelers arriving at the Tuxtla Gutierrez airport who are willing to put in a little extra effort, and is a far better example of authentic Mexico than its more well-known neighbors.

Tourists know the well-known attractions of Chiapas, but a worldwide local knows how to find the best experiences. This is an insider’s guide of some of Tuxtla’s finest spots.

Begin with Some of the Best Things to Do in Tuxtla Gutierrez

The top traveler attractions of Tuxtla, are in the historic colonial center, of the Plaza Civica, which is a great place to start. The adjacent Plaza San Marcos is a wonderful place to buy artisanal crafts from Chiapas. To get a slightly more alternative take on the city, take a short walk about eight blocks west where you’ll find the Jardin de la Marimba, a lovely spot to enjoy the Tuxtla Gutierrez weather. This lovely park plays host to traditional chiapaneco marimba bands every evening, where you can enjoy watching elderly couples dancing the night away. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you arrive before the music gets going, don’t miss the Museo de la Marimba, in the southwest corner of the park. This cute little place provides some excellent insight into the music scene which is the essence of the locals of Chiapas.

For the Coffee Addict

The highlands of Chiapas are perfectly suited for coffee plantations, and therefore, it’s no surprise that coffee, from Chiapas, is widely regarded as some of the best in Mexico. The locals in Tuxtla take their coffee pretty seriously, and one of the best ways to grasp the cultural importance of the region is to head to the Coffee Museum. As well as exhibitions and guided tours, there’s even a coffee tasting room and coffee bar!

Worldwide Local Tip: If coffee is for daytime, then pox (pronounced posh) is for nighttime. A corn and sugar cane liquor (translating as “cure”), traditionally used in Mayan religious ceremonies, is a must-try. Head to La Mocte on the Circunvalación Tapachula, in the center of town, to get a taste of ancient Mexico.

Don’t Miss Sumidero Canyon

Of course, it would be unthinkable to come to Chiapas, and not see some of the stunning natural beauty that the whole state is famous for. Luckily, Tuxtla is right on top of the Sumidero Canyon, which is one of the most spectacular and stunning natural wonders in all of Mexico. To experience it best, head to the nearby town of Chiapa de Corzo to take 2 hour boat trip up the canyon, where you’ll see birds, monkeys, and crocodiles.

Worldwide Local Tip: Chiapa de Corzo is a lovely little town in its own right, and it is well worth reserving time, before or after the canyon, for lunch by the river, then go for a stroll through the picturesque streets.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Tuxtla Gutierrez may not be the first choice for your holiday itinerary, but it is a wonderful place for travelers looking to get under the skin of southern Mexico and avoid the busier tourist traps. As a worldwide local you’ll have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of this buzzing and lively city.