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Welcome to Tromso, Norway!

The northern part of Norway may be a cold and desolate landscape, but Tromso has thrived in these conditions and has grown to become the largest city within the arctic circle. A multicultural hub and a bustling city, set in a winter wonderland in the upper reaches of the earth’s latitude. From its rich culture and history to a buzzing nightlife, Tromso provides a modern urban setting around breathtaking natural beauty. Feel at home as a worldwide local as this guide navigates you around the wonderful things to do in the city. 

Start with One of the Best Things to Do in Tromso

To the surprise of some, Norway’s demographic is a wonderful blend of people, spanning from the nomadic tribes in the north to the city dwellers in the south. The Sami are the local indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, and you can visit a small village just on the outskirts of the city that celebrates its vibrant culture, and even has its own language. Immerse yourself with the fascinating lifestyle of the Sami people, as you get the chance to pet reindeer while staying in a traditional lavvu tent. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Norwegian food has a notorious reputation for being bland and too basic, but promising chefs and local restaurants have transformed the country’s gastronomy into a burgeoning scene. Tromso has a great list of innovative restaurants that transform traditional recipes into a delicious gourmet experience. Head to Fiskekompaniet Tromso AS to sample fresh seafood made by talented chefs that incorporate complex flavors while keeping it simple. 

Tromso After Dark

For a city that experiences perpetual darkness during the winter months, Tromso possesses a great nightlife scene, with a myriad of trendy bars that offer welcoming hospitality. To experience the city’s history, while sipping on a wide selection of craft beers, head to the oldest and the most iconic pub in Tromso, Mack’s Ølhallen. A sanctuary for delicious locally brewed beers, and also holding Europe’s longest tap beer tower with over 70 types of beers on tap. During its younger years, it was filled with working townsfolk looking to relax after a long day’s work, chatting about the chances of the Tromso FC. Now, it is a haven for beer lovers looking to taste the best of Norway’s drops. 

Worldwide Local Tip: In Tromso, you are guaranteed to see the dazzling display of the Aurora Borealis during the darkness of the winter months. In Tromso, Northern Lights are easy to view, without having to venture out to the more extreme conditions of the rural lands, away from the city. It’s the perfect spot for the casual observer to access to the creature comforts and excellent local amenities within arms reach. 

Enjoy the Tromso Weather at the Northernmost Botanic Gardens

Learn about the Arctic’s flora for free in the northernmost Botanic Gardens, the Tromso Botaniske Hage. It holds an eclectic collection of plant species that grow locally or from the other Arctic and alpine regions of the world. You will find a gorgeous assortment of plants and flowers that are not able to grow in milder climates, making this botanical garden unlike any other garden in the world. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Surrounded by breathtaking natural views, explore Tromso beyond the city limits. Why not hire a car, and head to many Fjords around Tromso to see stunning vistas of rugged snow-capped mountains, proudly sitting on peaceful waters. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

Worldwide locals can revel in the buzzing urban metropolis, set on a backdrop of pristine natural landscapes. Not only is Tromso a gateway to the wonders of the Arctic, but the city also holds fascinating hidden gems that complete your travels to one of Norway’s most idyllic cities.