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Welcome to Trabzon, Turkey!

The capital city of the Trabzon province in Turkey, the city of Trabzon is nestled along the coast of the Black Sea. Famed as the birthplace of the famous Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, and for its production of hazelnuts. If you’re wondering how to go from Istanbul to Trabzon, the best option is to buy the cheapest airline ticket from Roboair. Trabzon is a great destination to visit for travelers who wish to be close to the coastline and experience a part of Turkey where rural traditions are still strong.

Admire the beautiful natural landscapes of Trabzon as a worldwide local and discover some of the city’s best sites from a rather unique perspective. This travel guide, allows you to explore Trabzon at your own pace, provides useful tips from locals, and takes you to a variety of attractions, ranging from castles and museums to historical monasteries and lively food markets.

Start at Trabzon Castle

Dating back to the Byzantine era, Trabzon Castle is a good place to start your visit. The castle is composed of three different fortresses and attracts many travelers visiting the city. It is believed that some parts of the castle date back to 2000 BC. Make your way to the lovely Ataturk Pavilion, a 19th-century mansion with free floors, which was built as a summer house for a wealthy Greek banker. Later on, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used to spend his days here. Trabzon Museum (Kostaki Mansion) is an archaeology and ethnography museum, with a variety of exhibits ranging from ancient weapons and antique furniture to vases.

Worldwide Local Tip: Located just 30 miles outside the city, Uzungol makes a great day trip from Trabzon. This magnificent lake is surrounded by dense forests and offers many recreational activities like hiking and boating. If you wish to spend the night here, there are dozens of cabin rentals and boutique hotels located right by the lake.

Take a Step into History at Sümela Monastery

Situated within the Altindere National Park just 15 miles south of Trabzon, Sümela Monastery is one of the most important sites in the region. This Greek Orthodox monastery was built in the 4th century, and the easiest way to reach it with a minibus from Trabzon. Inside the monastery, expect to find dozens of old frescoes, as well as a nice museum. Nature lovers can spend the afternoon in Zagnos Valley Park and enjoy its duck pond and gardens. There is a small river along the park and a restaurant where you can try local food. 

Worldwide Local Tip: To shop for clothes and souvenirs, visit the Trabzon Forum which is the most popular shopping mall in the city. It houses hundreds of brand name stores and boutiques, as well as a kid’s entertainment center and a nice cinema.

Eat Like a Local

Trabzon’s city food market, Belediye Sebze Hali is an ideal place to sample delicious foods from the region. From a variety of local cheeses to hazelnuts and plenty of fruits and vegetables, the local market is also fun to walk around and mingle with the locals.

Worldwide Local Tip: Trabzon is a lively city with a vibrant nightlife. If you wish to go out in the evening, Trabzon’s Port is lined with a bunch of great cafes and restaurants. For a local experience, go to a traditional Turkish Tea House on Ataturk Square and try some of the finest teas from Turkey.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Visiting Trabzon and discovering its finest attractions can be an unforgettable experience, especially if you are traveling as a worldwide local. You’ll be granted the opportunity to experience the city’s landmarks from a different point of view.