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Welcome to Toulouse, France!

The banks of the Garonne River are the picturesque backdrop for a progressive city that embraces its historic past. From historic landmarks, such as the largest Romanesque Basilica in all of Europe, to its modern aviation industry, Toulouse is one of France’s most important cities. Known as “La Ville Rose” or “The Pink City,” due to the pink hue of its buildings, Toulouse has a relaxed ambiance that represents a typical southern French vibe. Wander through its charming streets and discover the city’s colorful architecture. This is a worldwide local’s guide to the vibrant city of Toulouse.  

Start with Some of the Best Things to Do in Toulouse

Engross yourself in the local way of life by visiting the Marche Saint-Cyprien. While most tourists head to the bigger Marche Victor Hugo, Marche Saint-Cyprien has retained its local charm. Both traditional and historical, it is a cozy market that has a mixture of outdoor and indoor stalls selling seasonal produce from the rural heartlands of the Occitan region. A bustling marketplace where you can see locals assembling fresh ingredients to make rustic dishes.

Worldwide Local Tip: Go bargain hunting at the busy shopping street of Rue Saint Rome. A narrow street filled with shops from local boutiques to world famous brands. A gorgeous area with cobbled streets and quaint residential buildings combining both shopping and city living area into one place.   

For the Art Lover

For those who adore and enjoy art must not miss the Musee Des Augustins. It holds an eclectic collection of Occitan art from the Middle Ages up to more modern exhibits,  displaying the best of the regional culture. Opened in 1795, it is one of France’s oldest museums and also boasts a gorgeous Gothic architecture. Don’t forget to see its medieval cloisters and its elegant garden. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Try the regional fare at a former 18th-century inn. Le Colombier serves up scrumptious local food such as the renowned cassoulet and savory foie gras in a wonderful rustic setting. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity you receive.  

Enjoy the Outdoors at a UNESCO World Heritage Site

In the midst of the urban mazes of busy streets is a serene area that has seamlessly blended into the city landscape. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Canal du Midi is an engineering marvel. Built in the 17th-century, the canal opened up landlocked areas inland and granted access for trade and commerce. Now, it is an escape from the busy city, offering peaceful walkways with lush greenery by the slow-moving water, a perfect spot to enjoy the Toulouse weather. You can also take a slow cruise along the canal to different parts of the region.

Worldwide Local Tip: There are plenty of ways you can save money in Toulouse during your trip. Every first Sunday of every month, you can access museums and monuments for free. Also, if you visit from August 1 until August 15, free street parking is available as many businesses close for the summer.  

Have a Fantastic Time in Toulouse, France!

A dynamic and energetic city, Toulouse possesses a unique character that makes it a place that can’t be ignored. Boasting over 2,000 years of history, complete with a mix of modern culture and traditional heritage, the Pink City is a perfect place for worldwide locals to immerse themselves in undebatable allure.